Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Wednesday Wisdom Seeds #5: Love trumps Trump

This week I wanted to talk about the rise of Donald Trump in the US Presidential Election.

I’m not an American but our country as with so many other countries around the world, is influenced so heavily by the US, and by the leadership of the US. And so while an American might say it’s none of my business to comment on American politics, the fact is that American politics shapes our politics. The decisions of the US President, influence our government, which in turn affects our people, our environment, and our country.

And ultimately we live in one world. We all affect the world around us, and so when any one of us affects hundreds of millions of people, there is a ripple effect outward, and so in that case especially, a leader has a responsibility to be conscious of the kind of ripple effect he or she is sending out.

A lot of us are really saddened, sickened and shocked by the platform that Donald Trump seems to be riding on which is racism, sexism, inciting hatred, violence and fear. Even more bewildering is the amount of people following him, and the intensity of the energy they are responding with and expressing outward. It is really important to acknowledge that Trump could not be riding on a wave this big, without the huge number of people being that wave, carrying him forward.

This is not one lone, crazy man shouting at an empty forest.

This is an energy that is attracting millions of supporters. It is an energy, that has found a man to represent it. And so we have to ask ourselves: what is this all about?

What is this energy, and what meaning does energy like this have in a world that is supposedly meant to be evolving?

What has this energy done so far? It has ignited passion like nothing before it. Any division in the country in the Bush years feels like a schoolyard fight compared to this which has the potential to explode no matter the outcome. On the one hand Trump stands for everything we are evolving upward from, representing a very old, dense energy fighting to maintain control. This energy loves to feed on fear. This energy loves to dominate and have power over others.

Trumps rise has less to do with the man himself, and everything to do with the energy he is allowing to use him as a representative. This energy is responding to what it sees as threatening to its existence and that is the rise of consciousness, the rise of awake, aware humans, the rise of people doing good in the world who have had enough of the corruption and injustice running the world so far.

The energy of consciousness has done a lot to awaken people over the last few years, but isn’t it interesting how nothing awakens you faster than feeling like you are about to lose something. I can ask our 4 year old son repeatedly to please take some toys back to his room. On occasion, he might choose to ignore me, or say no, or say yes but not do it. If I say, ok, I’m going to give these toys away tomorrow, woah, watch him swing into action! The loungeroom is tidy in seconds! What a miracle!

And likewise, as destructive as the Trump movement appears to be, there is this other side to his ripple affect which is millions of people who are otherwise not particularly politically motivated standing up to say no way is this going to happen! And whether this means they are voting for the first time, or sending out love, or getting stronger and clearer than ever before within themselves about the kind of country and world they want to live in, and hand down to their children, it has certainly lit a fire underneath a lot of butts!

I think a lot of people are realising that our entire political system is corrupt and no longer working for us. This is true of nearly all the old world systems and structures. New ones are being thought of, worked on, created and implemented right now, and it is my heartfelt belief that we will end up living in a new world if only because the old one is no longer sustainable. We can’t keep blowing each other up and destroying the place and expect to have a surviving humanity and thriving planet.

So as you witness this crazy show, in your moments of thinking oh my god this world is going to turn into a nightmare, remember this: the talk we are seeing, the hatred, the calls for violence, have been simmering away for a long time.

These times were always going to be about revelations: lifting up the carpets and seeing the truth as it is. That includes the truths inside us, the truths in others, the truths in the systems running our planet, the greater truths of who we really are and where we really came from, and why we are here. The lifting up of carpets was always going to be a dusty, messy, ugly process, as well as being one teaching us about our own vulnerabilities, confronting us with choices, calling us to take a stand and choose the path that is aligned with our heart and soul. Not our ego.

We hear a lot that our evolution is about moving into a time of oneness and unity, but the stage before that is an intensification of our duality because in that place of oneness we can’t house the concept of ‘the other’. There is no ‘the other’. We recognise we are all of the same one energy. We can’t house lower dense energy because the very nature of lower dense energy - resentment, hatred, denial for example - can’t exist in a vibration based on unity and love. And so these things within us have to be highlighted in order to either be transformed or released. We have experienced this personally in our own lives, and we are seeing it now play out on the world stage.

Trump’s energy may be louder, but the numbers of those who are awake, aware and guided by love are stronger. Our strength lies in continuing to grow our light from within by all we think, say and do. Turning consciousness into a tangible, living, expression of itself, rather than being an ethereal concept. Our weakness lies in the fact that the more aggressive energy on this planet has always tended to win, to rule, to dominate. And when our innate energy is not aggressive we may have experienced ‘our light’ as taking a passive, ineffective, powerless role. But who says light has to be passive, ineffective or powerless?

You can express and embody that light in any way you choose. You can ask within that you be helped and guided to shine it in the most powerful, effective and positively passionate way possible.

Ultimately, this is not a gigantic tug of war between ‘us’ and ‘them’. It is a vivid display of the extremes of our lowest natures, fighting against our emerging higher natures. We all have some of both, to smaller and larger degrees. If nothing else, whenever you feel agitated by the state of affairs, say to yourself:

I choose love, I choose love, I choose love.

This will get you back into your clear centre, from where you can be who you are in the most effective, powerful way possible.

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