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January 2009 Message: So Who do you Think You are?

January 2009 Message: So Who do you Think You are?

Welcome to the first message and newsletter of 2009! I am only just now writing it as I’m in Chile and have spent the beginning of the New Year re-charging my inner batteries. We spent the first week of the year camping in beautiful Pucon, and last week we camped out in a remote place in the mountains with no access to internet, computers or electricity surrounded by forest and hot springs. I mentioned to the owner of the site that it was great to be switched off for a while, and he quite accurately corrected me saying “I think being here makes you more switched on: to nature and to who you really are.” Too true.

Which brings me to what is shaping up to be the theme of the year: being switched on to who you really are. I was wondering the other night what would be the topic for this month’s Monthly Visions as usually I don’t get to find out until I start typing. I suddenly got the message that it would be called “So who do you think you are?” That’s quite an abrupt question, isn’t it? I thought. Then I looked at what they meant by that. This is the year of truly knowing we are the creators of our own reality. It is the year of really getting that our thoughts create our reality.

So, who we think we are (or aren’t) is totally and completely influencing the life we find ourselves living. What we believe is possible, will be possible, and what we believe is not, will not, until we change our thoughts around it. It is the year to ask yourself: Does who you think you are match who you really are, or is it making you live a self and life that is less than who you are?

Henry Ford was once quoted as saying: “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you will always be right.” That pretty much sums it up, and is proving true daily on this travelling adventure we are on. The swiftness of the physical manifestation to our thoughts is increasing rapidly. So much so that it is becoming a literal health hazard to start worrying about anything because I instantly get the same uncomfortable physical symptom. Whenever I go into resistance about anything I get another particular symptom. Tension on the mental plane creates tension on the physical plane, and the more conscious you are of this, the faster it manifests!! It is like you start squeezing a hose tightly, the hose that contains the flow from you to your greater self, to your own Source energy. No wonder so many symptoms feel like literal tension and restriction: headaches, neck pain, digestive issues etc. These symptoms are our friends because they are alerting us to the fact that we have been thinking thoughts that are not in alignment with who we really are, and that we need to shift gears immediately. It is showing us that this ‘thoughts create your reality’ concept is as real as can be, and if the same kind of thoughts produce the same kind of physical symptoms over and over again, then those thoughts are ALSO producing the same kind of results and manifestations in our physical life too.

I have to admit that it can be really challenging to have this instant manifestation at times, because it doesn’t seem to matter if 99% of the time we are thinking in alignment, if we drop to worry or fear even for a few minutes it seems to create some physical issue straight away! I feel like shouting to the universe, give us a break!!! I sometimes feel like we are on a very strict training program, and they won’t let us get away with anything except pure high vibrational thought even for a moment. Well I guess we are on a training program– we all are. This is new territory for us, to be living like this 100% of the time, and going into something new takes you out of your old comfort zones which is always challenging!

On a more wonderful note, positive instant manifestation is happening constantly. Whenever we manage to keep our thoughts aligned, and thus our vibration high (simply, our hose connection is flowing easily and so we feel our connection to our higher self and Source energy more) everything works out well. We receive abundance when we need it, we feel safe and protected, we are guided to our next destination easily. Yet, I have realised that being aligned is really not about the receiving of these things, because truly we are all looked after and at the end of the day we will all always receive at least the basics of that we truly need regardless of our degree of alignment. It is about feeling good. It is about feeling good on the way there, instead of feeling stressed, or worried, or working yourself up into a frenzy for nothing. It is about allowing things to come to you more easefully, rather than feeling like you have to offer some mammoth Herculean effort in order to get things to happen. It can sometimes even feel like constantly being in alignment is a Herculean effort, but that in itself is just an indicator of how much we are used to thinking out of alignment. We are so used to worrying and stressing out that not to feels ‘hard’ sometimes. It is like when you are used to slouching on the couch. Your stomach muscles have convinced you that they feel better all loose and relaxed. Starting to do 100 sit ups a day feels hard and at first it hurts. But, eventually, you start to feel your inner core get stronger. Your back feels straighter, and your breathing improves along with your posture. Slouching on the couch and never exercising in theory feels like a good idea, but actually doing it no longer feels good once you have moved into a fitter, healthier lifestyle.

So it is with a life more in alignment with who you are. Once you start moving into it, you can’t go back. Nor would you want to really. Yes it takes constant 'vibrational' effort, just like going to the gym. But in time it gets easier and just like that wonderful feeling you get from working out that lasts the whole day, so it is with thinking thoughts aligned with who you really are. It feels good, it physically feels better, it feels just like the rush of endorphins you get from working out. And just like going to the gym creates a better feeling, better looking, healthier body, being aligned creates a better feeling, better looking, healthier life, on every level.

So, what you look like and what your life looks like, totally depends on what you think. Who you are (and who you become) depends on who you think you are. Now the great thing is, you can change your thoughts about who you think you are at any time, even right now, and it will start shifting you straight away. Who you think you are is not written in stone, and even if you’ve been thinking that way your whole life, you now don’t need months or years to ‘undo’ that thinking. You can undo it right now. Yes it’s a process, yes you’ll keep wanting to revert to the old thoughts. Oh yes it can frustrate you no end, but just keep persevering.

Your life looks the way it looks because of your thoughts. If something isn’t as you want it to be, change your thoughts. Don’t blame life’s circumstances, your childhood, your parents, your ex-partner, your current partner, your age, your financial situation, the economy or anything or anyone outside of you. Don’t give excuses or justify how or why you got where you got. Don’t tell me ‘but I can’t because...’ because I am going to tell you ‘oh but you can’. You can do it, whatever it is. You can be it, whatever it is. You can have it, whatever it is. There is nothing ever stopping you except your own thoughts. Likewise there is nothing ever creating your life except your own thoughts. So how wonderful and liberating is that! You are the creator of your life and your world. What are you creating? What are you going to create for yourself in 2009? Think better feeling thoughts and you will live a better feeling life. You can do it.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2009

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