Saturday, December 02, 2006

Energy Readings & Soul Guidance - Moving to the Next Level

Many readers, channels and mediums are expressing similar viewpoints right now about a change in the way readings are unfolding. We are in changing times and TIME itself is changing. The future is no longer there to be read, if indeed it ever was. We are now moving into a time where more of us are becoming conscious of the fact that the present is what is real, all else is either illusion or irrelevant. The present is the space from which we create our reality. The present contains our greatest power and potential. The question is no longer: what’s going to happen in my future? The more important question to be asking is: What kind of future do I want? The second question is: How do I make it happen? This is the kind of reading that I believe more readers will start offering, and more clients will start requesting. It is empowering and hands back responsibility to you.

There are those, including myself, whose work it is to be a channel or medium accessing information from the energetic and higher realms. Know that this is information you always have access to yourself. However there are times for all of us when confusion, doubt and fear overwhelms us, clouding our clarity, making it so that we can’t hear our own inner guidance or feel our own intuition, or access the information we need to access. That’s where a reader can help, to help you see your true self when you can’t see it, to remind you who you are when you have forgotten, to bring through the words from your guides that you aren’t hearing. The information is always exactly what you most need to hear at the time. What you do with the information is up to you.

Don’t ever become dependent on readers for guidance, or think that is the only way you can get guidance from the higher realms. You are your own best source of information. If you have a problem or an issue that is on your mind or in your heart, take 5 minutes to sit in a quiet space. Breathe deeply in and out a few times. Ask that you be connected to your highest truth, love and light. Ask your higher self, guides and angels to be with you. Quiet your mind, think about your issue or question, and see what comes. Get out your journal. Start writing. See what comes. If you are doing this and still there is a sense that you aren’t getting the whole picture or message, you have a choice. Let some time go by and see if the situation resolves itself or you might feel that it’s a good time to get a soul reading as a gift to yourself. Some people get one once a year, others every few months, whatever works for you. Let yourself be guided to a reader who looks like they themselves are living their truth, who is aligned to a vibration that feels compatible with yours. There are readers who tune in to your fears, doubts or desires and present that to you as their reading of your truth, or worse project their own issues into the reading blurring their perspective. That is not helpful and never makes you feel good in the long-term! For example, a client was told by a reader she briefly encountered that a business venture she was thinking of wasn't a good idea. After tuning in I saw that my client had some deep yet natural fears about starting her own business. The fears needed to be addressed and acknowledged which allowed her to understand her hesitation in moving forward. This freed her to start planning her business with renewed excitement, knowing her fears were making sure she moved into it as prepared as possible. Her fears had a purpose, they were not in this case a wrong way sign!

Ask your guides or a trusted friend to recommend someone who will channel information directly from your highest truth and authentic self. A reading should always feel ‘right’ in the pit of your stomach. Sometimes truth can be challenging to hear but we are all naturally attuned to our deepest truth so when you hear it or read it there should be a sense of ‘yes, this feels right and true’.

May you always be guided to the guidance that is right for you. If you have any questions about readings at all, please feel free to email me or visit my site:

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