Monday, April 02, 2007

April Monthly Visions

What’s Happening this Month in your World Embracing Personal, Global and Cosmic events to Enhance your Reality, written by Dana Mrkich.

3 April – Full Moon Libra
The need for balance and justice will be strong this week. If a relationship, job, family, health or home issue has tipped too far to one extreme creating an imbalanced situation, you can be sure that emotions will surface to force a healthier playing field. Spending too much time at work? Listen to those feelings of irritation or restlessness that are asking you to get out and have some fun, play more or relax more. Giving too much, and not receiving your fair share? Your soul will tell you in some way it has had enough – start feeding yourself the same generous quantities you feed others.

“You can’t expect others to treat you better than you treat yourself.”
Lisa Nichols from The Secret, on The Oprah Winfrey Show

17 April – New Moon Aries
This is like another New Year! A New Moon always indicates fresh starts, and Aries is the first sign in the zodiac representing our independent, free spirit, our entrepreneurial, pioneering side, our need to be our own person and make our mark on the world. We are nearly one-third through the year! Time to get out those resolutions and to do lists you created at the beginning of 2007. What have you done? What haven’t you done? What do you need to do to make your dreams and goals happen?

1) If you haven't already seen it, watch The Secret - a great reminder that you create your reality. Your thoughts create your reality. Your energy creates your reality. Your fears create your reality. So - do an energetic/emotional/mental/spiritual/physical inventory. Aries New Moon is a good time for a spring clean. What are you holding in your energetic, mental and emotional cupboards? If you don't like it, chuck it or change it.

2) Choose something you keep procrastinating about and write yourself a step by step plan. Usually we know what we want to achieve, we just don’t know where to start – because we become overwhelmed by the enormity of the bigger picture. So, start with the small picture. One jigsaw puzzle piece at a time.

3) Make a collage of your ideal life and stick it up on the wall where you can see it every way. Visualise yourself having this life and most importantly FEEL yourself having this life. If there are any subconscious blocks stopping you from having the life you desire these will naturally be brought up for your attention the more you focus on what you DO want. So Pay Attention to the feelings, thoughts, people and situations that come up when you start doing this process, they have big loud messages for you about what it is within you that has been holding you back!

“You create your own reality. Not some of it. Not part of it. All of it.”
- Omni Speaks: The Four Principles of Creation, John L Payne

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