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Visioning the Dream Awake - September 2007 Newsletter

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Visioning the Dream Awake – September 2007

What’s New this Month!

- Soul Sessions: In Person or via Email
- September Monthly Visions/Astro
- New Articles & September’s Rhyming Story
- Urth TV: The World Future Council Series


Soul Sessions with Dana available in Sydney and via Email!

What happens in a Soul Session? It’s like I take a phone call from your higher self, guides, chakras, energy, or any other part of you that has a message for you right now, offering you the clarity, guidance, support and healing you most need at this time. Each session takes its own unique direction depending on what your soul most needs right now. Sessions are empowering and transformative so if you are ready to step into your true self and create your best possible future reality, please make an appointment!

Namaste: 1st Floor Warringah Mall, Brookvale, 20 min north of the City, Sydney Australia:
Wednesdays and Fridays - To make an appointment, please call (02) 9939 1993

Secrets for the Soul: Shop 7 Bungan Court, 13 Waratah Street, Mona Vale on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Australia:
Thursdays - To make an appointment, please call (02) 9979 9910

Email: How does it work via Email? Well, I work with your energy and the higher realms so the information gets downloaded to me just the same whether you are halfway across the world or sitting right in front of me. The main difference is obviously instead of getting your info in spoken form, it comes through in pages of written text that you then receive in a word document. Once received you are welcome to respond with your comments and further questions! For more info:

Dana, Just wanted to pass on that the reading you just gave me was the best one I've ever had. It resonated with me on a host of levels and while driving home I felt a whole new outlook/outcome was possible after the hole I had dug for myself. Kind regards, Keith. In person session, Sydney, Australia.


September Monthly Visions/Astro
What’s Happening this Month: As we enter September buckle up, hold on and get ready for a particularly stomach churning part of the rollercoaster ride that is life these days! Bit of a pre-warning – this part of the ride might make you feel a little giddy and queasy as it hurtles you at rapid speed through dark, scary tunnels.
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New Articles

Deepen Your Relationship: Start a Communication Journal: Pathways Within Fall Issue (US)

Peace on Earth – We All Play a Part: Pathways Within Autumn Fall Issue (US)

How’s your Rainbow Doing?: Namaste Newsletter Spring Issue (Email to subscribe)

Rhyming Stories Series – Old Man Pete: PlanetLightworker – September 2007
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Non Subscribers:


Urth.TV New Clips

Introducing the World Future Council Series! Each week Urth.TV will feature new clips from this series on the Dana Mrkich channel.

The World Future Council was born from an idea held by founder Jakob von Uexkull for a global council made up of wise elders, thinkers, pioneers and young leaders. Officially launched in May 2007, 50 Council Members came together to address key issues including environment, peace and human rights, and specifically to bridge the gap between ideas and action. The World Future Council Series is a collection of clips that will appear on Urth.TV over the coming months, each introducing a Council Member. Each Councillor was asked three questions: 1. What is the most important issue that the WFC must deal with? 2. What one action can the WFC do to generate change most effectively? 3. How can you personally contribute to the WFC’s goals? The series appears with great thanks to the interviewer and producer Marcus Morrell, the featured Councillors and all at the World Future Council.

To watch these clips on Urth TV, please register to become a member of Urth (registration is free): then go to Dana’s channel:

Member benefits include access to all of Urth’s empowering and inspiring media channels including: Green Living, Environment, Consciousness, Health & Wellness, Global Events, Music Videos, Art & Culture and more!



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Dana Mrkich
Freelance Writer, Author, Spiritual Intuitive
Content Editor, Urth.TV
Visioning the Dream Awake

Dana Mrkich is a spiritual intuitive, writer, author and visionary. Her first book “A New Chapter” is being released later this year. A passionate advocate for empowering, inspiring media, and the merging of consciousness with action in the social and political arenas, Dana is a Content Editor for Urth.TV. To subscribe to Dana’s newsletter please email:

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