Thursday, January 17, 2008

2008 Energies: Let it all In!

2008 Energies: Let it all In!

Are you ready to live the life of your greatest imaginings? Well ready or not, here it comes, rushing toward you with the full force of a high powered steam train! All those years of putting out intentions and affirmations, writing lists, clearing and healing issues, waiting, waiting, waiting for the right timing, right person, right opportunity, finally the time is here where all that we have been dreaming about and desiring starts coming together as if by magic!

Yet as much as we will feel in awe at the wonder of it, this state of manifesting ‘as if by magic’ is our natural state of being! The fairy tales we were told as children all held grains of truth. If you look inside each of them, you will find great wisdom in mythical disguise. Inside Aladdin’s lamp lived a genie, who fulfilled his every wish. Peter Pan asked children to call out ‘I believe in fairies!’ so that Tinkerbell could live. To those who don’t believe in dreams, fairy tales are just stories someone with a good imagination made up. Yet to those who do believe, fairy tales are Hansel and Gretel like crumbs, leading us to that which is possible. Imagination is images from a source higher than our conscious knowing, showing us what is real on some other level of existence. And if it is real on some other level of existence, then surely it can be real on this one too.

Yes we are all magical co-creators of our life story, writers of our own special fairy tale. Deep down we always have been, but it is only now that we are ready to accept the great responsibility that comes with this amazing power. Can you imagine what would have happened if we got everything we asked for without the consciousness to match our requests? Can you imagine the chaos we would have created if every thought we sent out resulted in an immediate physical outcome?

We have been protected by a delayed reaction system. In previous years, only that which we focused on over and over and over again manifested, sometimes years and years down the track. You may have noticed though that the manifesting process is changing. These days, for better or worse, no sooner have you thought something then bang, you get some sort of physical outcome as a result. Thinking a thought that doesn’t serve you? Ouch, the body tenses up, a knot in the stomach appears, it gets harder to breath, owwwwww it feels like you’ve dropped into a thick cloud of density. Well, technically and energetically you have. The New Reality exists on a whole other vibration than that Old Reality we are now emerging from. It is going to feel clearer and more obvious to you which reality you are residing in, in any given moment.

Do you feel all heavy and tight? Are you in some resistance or fear? Are you trying to make things happen or control certain outcomes? You have dropped back in to the Old Reality my friend. Can you let go and trust? Can you get yourself in the present now moment, knowing that the past and future are completely irrelevant to your current state of peace? Are you feeling good? Do you know that 100% for sure you deserve to have good things come to you? Are you ready to let love and joy in? Are you excited beyond belief about the adventure and possibilities that lie before you? Welcome to the New Reality!

Now, letting the New Reality in doesn’t always feel like a picnic. Like I said, we are now living in times where more and more of it is going to start rushing toward you, ready or not. So, all that you’ve dreamt of might suddenly show up at your door tomorrow! Hey, it might even be there right now. So, what’s so bad about that you may ask? Well, the New Reality is doing its bit by showing up to your door. Your part in the story is to let it in!

No problems, you may be thinking. If my soulmate/dream job/abundant money/all I ever wanted shows up at my door I’ll gladly let them in! Really? Well guess what? When joy and love and happiness show up on your doorstep, guess who’s going to suddenly appear in your loungeroom, holding on to your shirttail as you desperately try to run to the door? Doubt. Fear. Unworthiness. The wounded inner child. That’s right – any little issue, aspect and archetype you’ve ever had that’s still hanging around, even in miniscule, barely there form, is going to suddenly appear.

If you are feeling like your dream life is almost right in front of you, but remains slightly just beyond your grasp, if you are feeling like you are living your dream life, but keep feeling scared it won’t be forever like that, or that it’s too good to be true, or that you don’t deserve it, or you can’t trust it, then there is still a door between you and the New Reality. You haven’t let it, and all the amazing feelings associated with it, all the way in. It may be a very thin door, it may even be barely a puff of smoke, but if it’s there it’s time to knock it down and blow it away!

Turn around and deal with the last remnants of your Old Reality already. Face those issues, aspects and archetypes and do what you need to do with them. Love them, hug them, embrace them, release them. Tell Doubt you are now aligning with Trust. Tell Fear you are now joining hands with Love. Tell Guilt you are done with unworthiness and that you Deserve what is divinely and rightfully yours. Hold your inner child and take her or him with you, assuring them they’ll be safe always with you.

As you turn back around to face the door, and open it fully, whooshka, the house you used to reside in comes tumbling down. As the dust clears, you open your eyes to find a whole new world around you. The ghosts of fear and doubt may still come from time to time, but they don’t hold much power here in this new place. You have new friends now – Love, Trust, Joy, Worthiness, Gratitude. Ask them to help you find your way in this new place and space; it’s a whole new ballgame in the New Reality.

© Dana Mrkich 2008

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