Thursday, November 27, 2008

A New Chapter Promo - Receive Free Inspirational Gifts!

Hi Everyone,

Today is an exciting day! I am launching a promotion for A New Chapter to help get it out there in the world. As a special thank you for everyone who purchases the book today you will RECEIVE INSTANTLY over $3000 worth of empowering gifts for FREE from over 20 Best Selling Inspirational Authors, Motivational Speakers, Life Coaches and Intuitives! The gifts include a 20% discount off one of my Soul Session’s, and an audio download I have recorded to help you meet and connect with who you really are.

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If you have already purchased the book, thank you for your support! You can still benefit from this offer by purchasing the book as a gift for a friend or family member who needs it (great Christmas present!) and give yourself the gift of all these inspirational bonuses.

So many of us are experiencing profound, intense shifts in our lives and wondering what is going on as we look around at the major changes going on all around the world. Humanity is right now at a crossroads. A new chapter in our evolution lies before us. Every one of us is a page in this new chapter. Each of us has a part to play in determining what this new chapter looks like. All you have to do to make your page the best it can be is: be your true self! A New Chapter is your own personal guidebook showing you the way. It will inspire and empower you to listen to your instincts, feel your feelings and speak your truth. One by one we can do this. The planet and humanity need you!

“A New Chapter is a vision of hope in a world gone mad.” – David Rippe, Co-Author of The Flip, Turn your World Around

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Please forward this offer to those in your circle who you feel would appreciate it!
Many thanks for your support!


Dana Mrkich
Author A New Chapter
Spiritual Intuitive, Writer, New Reality Visionary
BA Communications (Social Inquiry/Media)

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