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February 2009 - The Physical Allowance of Higher Energies

February 2009: The Physical (Dis) Allowance of Higher Energies

I am loving how I get to physically live out all the messages and insights of these Monthly Visions before I get to share them with you. Rather than receive a download of information, it seems that lately I’m thrust in the middle of an action-packed movie scene just to get the full throttle experience of whatever it is I’m about to write about. I’m reminded of that movie Enchanted where the fairytale character comes to life and finds herself in the streets of New York. The contents of her storybook – all about jumping into the unknown, trusting that she will always be safe and provided for, following her heart, making magic happen, continuing to be her true self and believing in happily ever after – spill out from the pages into real life. The question within the movie is: can the two realities truly overlap?

Can the world of fairytales and ideals still exist in the ‘real’ world where money and jobs and bushfires and the economy and love and feelings and fears and dreams and health all exist too? Can the law of attraction and trusting in the unknown and manifesting all you need truly exist outside the pages of self-help books and workshops and vision boards? Can these things become a part of our daily life, and not just temporary inspirational sparks to get us through a tough time? A lot of people are asking these questions now. We are in such an intense time with two extremes of realities overlapping. On the one hand the economy is going through a nervous breakdown and the weather has gone completely crazy. To those observing with only their 3D eyes it would seem that the world is on the brink of collapse. On the other hand we have never before (in our lifetime) been exposed to so much information that insists we are the creators of our reality, and that we have the choice, the power, to decide the future direction of our personal and global world. Total empowerment is butting heads with total helplessness. It’s an interesting crossroads. To those observing with multi-dimensional ‘fairytale’ eyes, it would seem that the world is on the brink of transformation.

The key to this transformation has to lie in the merging of our two realities. We cannot any longer live in the old 3D world. Our economic foundation turns out to have rotting floorboards. Our Mother Earth is sick and tired of our abuse of her body. Unplugged from our Source energy we cannot last too much longer. So, Source energy has been calling us home to re-connect to our higher energies via this influx of spiritual and conscious information we have been receiving. Yet we cannot rely on information alone for our sustenance. To do so would be to spend life with our head in a book, our body in a workshop, our mind in meditation. The words on the page would be perfect, but a separation would remain between our ‘fairytale’ life and our ‘real’ life. And so, for those most comfortable in the fairytale realms, it is time to come out and bring this energy into your daily life. Walk your talk. BELIEVE in what you believe, not as theory but as truths that you live by. For those accustomed to the daily grind of the 3D, don’t be scared to follow the yellow brick road when it opens up before you and promises to lead you to a much more colourful landscape.

This Month the guides wanted me to talk about the Physical Allowance (or Dis-Allowance) of our Higher Energies. The energies are there, but we are the ones that have to let them in, and we are the ones that keep them out. To be more accurate, they showed me that we are either facing Source (and thus letting it all in) or turning away from Source with our fear, worry and doubt (and thus blocking ourselves from Source energy/our higher energies). To bring the point home, (thanks guides – not) I found myself in Bolivia at an altitude of 5000m unable to breathe properly. After a few days of this happening on and off, then culminating in an intense moment where I thought my chest was about to explode, the room was spinning around me, my heart rate was going a thousand miles an hour and I thought I was about to die, I asked my guides “What is this about? What are you trying to show me” They said: “This is what happens when people cut themselves off from Source energy. It is like cutting off your very life source. You are in a higher altitude now and you feel like you can’t breathe because you think there is less oxygen available to you. Likewise, when getting closer to the higher energies people start thinking that there is only so much available to them (abundance, love, success, joy). Their beliefs around lack and limitations move them into fear and doubt and worry, and bang, one minute they were heading for Source energy where all that they need is available to them, the next they have turned away from it. Their thoughts cut them off from that which they desire and just like you now feel you can’t breathe, they feel they can’t access all that they desire. And in that moment it is true. They cannot. You cannot access what you desire while turned away from Source energy, which happens when you think thoughts of lack and limitation. Yet if you refuse the thoughts of lack and limitation, if you believe that YES there is enough in the higher energies for me and for all of us (enough oxygen, enough abundance, enough love, enough everything), then straight away you are turned toward it again and can breathe it in, let it in, allow it to come to you. It is as simple as that.

So, there I was in my bed in La Paz thinking “You couldn’t have just told me this??” But no, they wanted to show me, as they are wanting to show me these days all things, what our thoughts do to us physically: be it our jobs, relationships, bank accounts, health or anything else. In any given moment we are either letting Source energy in and expanding into more of who we are, or turning our back to Source and restricting ourselves, literally right down to our cellular physiological level.

I am in Peru now and happy to say am back to being able to breathe properly, but what an intense experience that was. So, this month, face Source and your higher energies. Let them in, breathe them in. Take a moment to literally feel the physical sensation of restriction in your body (and you will feel it) anytime you think thoughts that are lack or limitation oriented. Re-orient your compass toward Source and your higher energies by visualising eternal limitlessness in front of you, knowing there is enough of all you need, and you can let it in.

Have an oxygen full February!



(c) Dana Mrkich 2009

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