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July Monthly Visions: The Two Worlds are now like Oil and Water

July Monthly Visions: The Two Worlds are now like Oil and Water

There was a time when higher and lower energies somehow found a way to co-exist be it within an individual, a relationship or the world. It wasn’t necessarily comfortable, but in our old reality we were used to it. As a humanity, we tolerated our feelings of frustration or unfulfillment, we accepted relationships that were unhealthy, we looked out at the economic, corporate, media, environmental and other systems, saw their imbalances, and shrugged with a ‘that’s just the way it is’ kind of attitude. Simultaneously we’ve always had hope and higher desires. We’ve imagined ourselves happy and joyful, doing work we love, experiencing healthy relationships, and creating a world where the environment is respected and looked after, economic, political, social and corporate structures are more ethical and media more truthful and empowering. We lived in two parallel realities seeing one as the real world and the other as our dream world.

As the years progressed more and more people gave energy to this dream world and that’s when the miraculous started to happen. The dream world became more and more real, more and more possible. It started appearing in tangible ways with people awakening to a higher consciousness, using technology to spread information at ever-increasing speeds. As the dream world got stronger and stronger, the former real world got weaker and weaker. As one by one people plugged in to the new reality, the old reality plugs were being disconnected. At first it was slowly one by one, then hundreds at a time, then thousands. Right now it’s millions, all pulling out of a world that is like a sinking ship. Millions of people are setting up residence on a more safe shore. That which used to be our dream world is now our real world, and that which used to be our real world is crumbling before our eyes.

The vibrational gap between the two worlds is larger than ever and increasing by the day. It is becoming almost impossible to have a foot in both worlds. There was a time when you could be ‘spiritual’ on the weekend but put up with a dissatisfying 9-5 job during the week, or when you could invest your money in Wall St and increase its value on the back of other people’s suffering and losses. No more. Enough is enough. The realities are splitting. It is as if a Divine Order was trumpeted down to the planet. “All that which is aligned with authenticity, truth, love and light please stand to the left. All that which is aligned with fear, greed, corruption and abuse of power please stand to the right.” The water is being separated from the oil. The two don’t mix.

How is this playing out in our daily lives? Physically the gap between those in the old and new realities is loudly obvious. On the one hand there are groups of people who are positive, thinking abundant happy thoughts, always happy to help and give, seeing the good side of everything no matter how hard or difficult these times may be. It is not about sticking our heads in the sand or being ‘luckier’ than others. It is about seeing things with new reality eyes, for example seeing a job loss as an opportunity for a shift in priorities and direction. This group knows that they are the conscious creators of their own reality, and if they want a certain kind of reality they know they are the ones that need to take responsibility for creating it.

On the other hand there are groups of people who are insisting on digging themselves into the mud and staying there no matter how many shovels you might hand their way. Everything is ‘bad’ and they are always ‘broke’ and they aren’t into being happy. They feel like they are victims of circumstances outside their control. They resent the happiness of others. When two people from each of these respective groups collide now the results are not pleasant.

In the past week I was helping someone out and although initially I was more than happy to help, their one request turned into another and another until finally I felt like I was being used by someone who completely dropped the ball with a project that really was meant to be their own. They were coming from a disempowered place of feeling they couldn’t do it. In literally dumping it on me and another person, we then had to take the weight of that which they didn’t want to have to deal with. Within about half an hour of them basically saying ‘you guys can finish this’ I got a burn on a bit of my right arm from accidentally touching a hot pot and the other person ripped a coin sized chunk of skin off her right palm. We had been thrown some energy and in not handing it back immediately with a ‘No’ our bodies gave us a very clear ‘No I don’t want this’ message.

The next day someone close to me, halfway across the world, told me that they had just attended an event that attracted some drama. One of the guests were being very disrespectful to the hosts and other guests, coming from a place of resentment, making the ‘happy’ people feel guilty for being happy!! Being highly sensitive to energy, the person I know ended up fainting, grazing much of the right hand side of their body.

Three incidents, all on the right side, all involved in similar energy scenarios. The right side is our masculine side, which in its old form was very connected to the old reality. Of course masculine energy is not old reality energy, but in its old ego state it was. It is now moving into a new kind of supportive masculine energy aligned with the new reality empowered feminine energy. So, when we find ourselves in old energy situations, and for whatever reason we are not able to walk away, we are experiencing everything from extremely uncomfortable physical and emotional feelings to literally a ‘smack’ on the right side of our body indicating ‘Enough is enough, get me out of here!’ The body is saying ‘No’ loud and clear to old energy. Likewise the world is saying ‘No’ loud and clear to old energy, as you can see with the rapid demise of old reality systems.

This ‘oil and water’ situation can even be occurring within you, with old reality thoughts and ways of being trying to play tug o war with your new reality thoughts and ways of being. The good thing is that if this is happening it will be brought to your attention very quickly via some kind of physical or emotional symptom. We don’t have to attract some health issue ten years from now that has been slowly developing in response to unhealthy thoughts. No, now we will know it pretty much straight away if we are swaying in the direction of unhealthy thoughts because it will just feel so definitely uncomfortable.

If you find yourself in these kinds of situations where the polarity of energy is just so huge try to take on a detached ‘observer’ role as much as possible. If you can walk away, walk away. However if it is not immediately possible to do so then this is an opportunity to learn how not to take on other people’s stuff. Don’t let other people make you feel bad for feeling good. Let others feel what they feel, even if you don’t understand or agree with them. The more you try to play tug o war, getting them to be more positive or more conscious, the more they will resist. There is no judgement here, everyone is in the perfect position for their personal path and purpose. Yet in all this positioning, it is important to stay centred within your own position otherwise you may find yourself being ‘smacked’ back into it if you veer too far into the energy of others, or allow their energy to veer too far into yours. The masculine energy is good at saying No (while the feminine is good at saying Yes – sometimes too good), so if you need help verbally or energetically saying No ask your new reality masculine energy to help you (so that you don’t have to attract pain or injury!!!)

A long time ago I learned something that I’ve needed to remember this week. If someone is in a hole you can drop down a rope to help them climb up it, but you aren’t doing anyone any favours by climbing down into the hole to try and push them up it. You may well hurt yourself, and they will resist; as well they should because one of the purposes of soul evolution is to remember our power and get out of our self created holes. The best way you can help someone sometimes is for you to remember their power on their behalf when they are having trouble. Rather than climbing down into the hole with them, or letting their despair or other negative energy envelop you in so great a way that your masculine energy is forced to ‘smack’ it off, you are of greater service standing up the top saying ‘You can do it!’. You are also of greater service when you simply get on with the business of living happily, providing a role model of encouragement, showing others what is possible.

It’s a time to not take things personally. Staying happy in the face of others who insist on unhappiness is our great challenge now, yet to dim our light to make others feel better is serving no-one. I am not saying to ignore those in trouble, rather suggesting there is a constructive way to help, and a fairly destructive way to help. It’s a balancing act to be of service, to be compassionate and caring, while also continuing to ensure you are compassionate and caring toward yourself. If you are giving a lot, make sure you are also receiving. If you can’t help but hand out shovels and ropes to help others, let go of your expectations as to how and when they will use those shovels and ropes. Do all you can and allow others to do all they can in their own way.

Most importantly, keep your light on and keep it high!



(c) Dana Mrkich 2009

Dana Mrkich is a spiritual intuitive, inspirational writer, radio host, author of A New Chapter (Zeus Publications), and creator/teacher of online course Your New Chapter. She offers Soul Sessions via email, phone and Skype to clients all around the world, containing the guidance and healing insights you most need at this time as you step further into your true self and new reality. Subscribe to Dana's Monthly Newsletter Visioning the Dream Awake for Monthly Visions, articles, interviews, courses and more or please visit: www.danamrkich.com

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  1. Hello Dana, love this post. Exactly how I'm feeling, but it's nice to have confirmation that what I'm feeling is 'what's out there...' I'm very aware of the big divide going on between realities, yet as someone who is here as a wayshower, I need to figure out how to help those trying to awaken without being pulled down.

    So what was particularly helpful to me was the exact phrase about helping someone by 'remembering their power on their behalf.' Just beautiful! So simple and yet so powerful!

    Thanks so much,
    Carmel (your chocolate-loving friend from Aluna's group in Guatemala!) :o) Say hello to Christian for me.