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Star Knowledge Conference: June/July Change of Events + New Events

June/July: Change of Events + New Events

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15 June: Bodhi Tree Bookstore, 2 Hour Talk/Mini Workshop, Los Angeles, USA

9-11 July: Star Knowledge Conference, 3 Day Event, Dana will present a 50 min talk and 50 min workshop, Farmington, New Mexico, USA

16 July: Wake Up! Soul Sessions Talks, Sydney Australia

What an unexpected whirlwind of events these past few days! We left Taos last week and had a week or so to visit friends on the rez in South Dakota before we had to fly to LA this Saturday and back home to Sydney next week. While up there we also wanted to visit another friend who lived way on the other side of the state, and figured we could only stay a night in order to make our pretty tight schedule. All the while we were thinking how strange it was for us to have such a tight schedule as usually we like to be free to go with the flow, but I had talks to do in Brisbane at the end of June so that was that. So we get to our friend’s place on Sunday and there is a big hubub of activity, which is usual, yet there was something extra special about this hubub: the call had come to hold a gathering asap, July 9-11 to be exact; a Star Knowledge Conference and Star Family Reunion in the Four Corners area. Elders and wisdom keepers were coming from all over to share their messages, so that these messages can go out into the world and help people for the important times ahead. Every bone in my body wanted to be there, but my ‘schedule’ (haha) wouldn’t allow it. Staying would mean breaking my commitment to speak at the Brisbane Mind Body Spirit Festival, not to mention having to manifest the financial abundance to change airline tickets (and boy do the airlines know how to charge for that!) and spend another nearly one month in the U.S. I spoke to our friend, the one we were staying with and the one putting the conference together, Chief Golden Light Eagle, about how torn I felt. As is his way he said exactly what I knew he’d say “Follow your heart. You know what to do.”

So one night there turned into two, and we planned to leave on Tuesday morning. I was in some emotional and mental turmoil, knowing I wanted to go to that conference but at the same time I’d looked forward to speaking at a Mind Body Spirit festival for so long and felt awkward about cancelling my very first one! Not to mention the extra finances needed to change plans. I knew I was very emotionally attached to both options, so I decided surrendering it to the higher realms was the only way to get clarity. Christian and I prayed about it in the sweat lodge that Monday night asking that we be shown by the next day which path was for our highest good, and for the highest good of our highest intentions.

The next morning I was saying to people ‘we’re leaving this morning’ knowing that didn’t feel right or true at all, and they felt the same! As it turned out, Christian got a sudden migraine so I suggested he sleep it off. He said ‘okay just for half an hour, we have to go’. Half an hour came and went, as did another. His migraine wasn’t getting better, so he slept a little more. By this time it was 2pm and I thought we aren’t going anywhere today!

I was sitting at the dining table when Golden Eagle came in and said ‘Good news for you and Christian! We’ve just received a donation of $1111.11. You can change your airline tickets!” I said ‘Oh no, we can’t use any of that. You need that.” Immediately someone came up to me and said “You have to know, he does this, he gives everything away.” The thought of changing our airlines tickets with some of that donation money was mind-boggling to me, how could we accept that? I went and told Christian who said ‘Well we prayed that we be shown the right way to go, and we let go how that would happen. You can’t say ‘well I want abundance to come in one of these few ways, but we can’t accept this other way that’s come.” I was reminded of that story of the man who was caught in a flood, and boats and helicopters came to save him, meanwhile he refused saying ‘no no God will save me.’ Was this our helicopter? Apparently so.

So we went to Eagle, and accepted this wonderful gift and sign to stay. The moment we let go, and let it in, everything immediately started to flow. Leilei, the lady who organised where the donations went, called up our airline, changed our flights and hey presto, we are now flying home after the conference. Usually you have to go to the airport her to change these things and it can be quite an ordeal, and even Leilei was amazed how easily and quickly it all happened – and she reported it was actually cheaper than the change fee I was originally quoted. My dad and stepmum emailed to say they’d like to book our conference accommodation for us. We still had to get to LA for my Bodhi Tree talk next week, now we’d be driving all the way there, and Leilei offered a room at her place as a stopover as she happens to live on the way. So many miracles and so much magic, and more since, happening to help us stay – and it’s important to note that things really started flying when a) we surrendered to the highest good and b) accepted the answer when it came in the form that it came. As always, we are living on a wing and a prayer and total faith in the divine flow and our connection to Source Energy, because it is our wings, and those of the ones helping us from the higher and star realms, along with our prayers, that make everything and anything possible. One thing I know for sure: the helpers in the higher realms never move heaven and earth to make something possible, and then leave you hanging or stranded, so I just know everything will continue to unfold perfectly. Another lesson in, and opportunity to embody further, getting out of our own way!
I did have to cancel my commitment to the Brisbane Mind Body Spirit Festival, but in doing that I opened to a higher commitment: to be where I can do the most good for the most amount of people, and I know that by being at this special Star Knowledge Conference I will receive so much that I can then share with everyone in all my future talks and work – including future MBS Festivals. It is very exciting! To add to the excitement Golden Eagle has added me to the list of speakers and workshop presenters, which simultaneously feels so surreal yet so meant to be. I feel honoured to be able to do this, and I am looking forward to whatever I’m going to talk about, knowing it is already arranged on a higher level.

Time to open, open, more, and trust, trust, trust!

Many blessings and big love,


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  1. Just beautiful story!! Have a wonderful time. :-)

  2. Dear Dana,

    I am so happy to read your new blog post.

    I know there is a new "wave" of spirit flowing through us and through the planet as long
    as we ride it with the "highest good."

    These really are the "best of Times" if we have the eyes and the heart to see this real reality.

    From my Soul--
    To Your Soul,

    Barbara Whitfield

  3. Thanks Barb and Angela!

    TGibson..I'm curious about your comment - it's easier to get than keep what?