Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dana's Talk at Wake Up! Sydney evening

SOUL SESSIONS EVENTS hosted by Eloise King
Friday 16 July: Wake Up! Featuring Dana Mrkich, Jono Fisher and Amir Zoghi
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People are freaking out about 2012 and fear-mongers are causing unnecessary panic when we are going through a natural process that is not about just one day or even one year! Just like labour is natural for a mother about to give birth so too humanity are in a kind of labour process, and like labour yes these times can be challenging. Knowing what's going on can help it be more easeful, knowing it is for the purpose of a wonderful new life and way of being.

Visionary Dana Mrkich will be fresh off the plane from The Star Conference in New Mexico when she joins us at Soul Sessions tomorrow night for Wake Up! and Smell 2012. Soul Sessions is a series of social and enlightening evening events hosted by journalist, Eloise King, that promise to deliver more than just a hangover from your next night out. In New Mexico, Dana gathered with Native American, Mayan and Hawaiian elders to talk about 2012 and the new evolutionary cycle. Soul Sessions has invited her to speak about 2012 as it is a topic which has become quite confused in wider circles. Her knowledge and insight is as up to the minute as humanly possible.

In fabulous company, kindness revolutionary Jono Fisher joins in the fun at Soul Sessions. As the founder of Wake Up! Sydney and one of our new breed of entrepreneurs, Jono will answer questions about the challenges he has faced and courage it takes to step into your true purpose and reap the rewards of living the life you were born to live.

Also on board the Soul Sessions juggernaut is Modern philosopher Amir Zoghi, who is a key speaker in the film, The Leap! with Dan Millman, Joe Vitale and Robert Scheinfield. Amir will discuss how to live your true meaning and purpose in this lifetime. The time to step up, get honest and be true to yourself is now.

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