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November 2011 Monthly Visions: The Last Day of the Circus

November 2011: The Last Day of the Circus

On the night of October 28, the date associated with the end of a 16 billion year Galactic cycle, we were having dinner with my sister and her partner when we noticed a fireworks display happening outside their lounge-room window. This wasn’t a few small sparklers being thrown about by neighbourhood kids. It was a major extravaganza in the night sky, similar to the display that happens in this same location every New Year’s Eve. The fireworks were coming from the park where a circus has been set up for a couple of months and I said ‘It must be the last day of the circus.”  As soon as those words came out of my mouth we all had a big chuckle, realising it was October 28, 2011 and indeed what a wonderful confirmation that we were indeed experiencing the last day of ‘the circus’ – complete with New Year’s Eve fireworks!
            The Earth didn’t stop turning and a fleet of starships are yet to land in a city near you, but we are touching down in the New Reality nonetheless. We didn’t experience a Pole Shift, but the world has definitely turned upside down, and may I say the right way up finally. This is being experienced in one of two ways. For those who have been living with a knowledge and/or embodiment of higher vibrational energies, we are starting to feel more and more ‘normal’ and right at home for perhaps the first time during our lifetime/s here. The higher frequency energy cascading onto the planet right now is a match to the vibration we have been living with for most of our lives. It’s like changing from living in a country for years where you don’t understand the language and no-one understands you, to suddenly waking up and starting to see shop signs in your language, crowds of people (as opposed to a small number of individuals) speaking your language, the odd newspaper heading in your language. It feels exciting and exhilarating. What has always felt murky and heavy is starting to feel clean and clear, as if the very air you are breathing contains more oxygen.
Definitely we are feeling less alone, as Unity Consciousness spreads across the globe at a rapid rate (hello the Occupy Movement.)  We are moving into a time where the rules of the game are changing. No longer will it be about ‘what’s good for me?’ rather we are moving into a time where decisions (personal and global) will revolve around ‘what is good for us all?’ Where we have felt like the minority, we are being swooped up in a tide of collective empowerment and solidarity as more and more people embody one of my favourite signs photographed at Occupy Wall Street “Dear 1%, We feel asleep for a while. Just woke up. Sincerely, the 99%.”  For those of us who have been aware of the truth of our greater reality and deception of our 3D reality, and working steadily to help others become aware of that truth, it is an emotional moment to have hundreds of thousands of people emerge from the mainstream as if to say “You don’t have to do this on your own anymore. We are here now.”
            For those who have been asleep until now, still are asleep, or those of us who haven’t yet aligned some aspect of our inner knowing with our outer doing, (ie staying in jobs and relationships out of fear even though we know in our hearts it isn’t the right path for us) it is as if someone has come along and tipped the entire contents of the box labelled ‘normal’ upside down, scattering everything everywhere.  Depending on where a person is at on one’s personal spectrum of awakening, this is being experienced as anything from complete freedom and liberation to total chaos, lack of control and anger that ‘all this is happening to me’. Trying to put that box the ‘wrong way up’ again just won’t work, no more than you can hold the bottom of a box to your ceiling, and hope it stays there. Sure it could if you spend the rest of your life holding it up, but you’d end up with pretty sore arms not to mention having to stay stuck to that same spot forever.
            So as the world turns itself upside down and right way up, our vision has to adjust with many people experiencing all sorts of issues with their eyes this past month. Others are feeling dizzy and off-balance, as we get our bearings in this new paradigm. Something I am loving is that our inner compass is on fire! If something is not right for you, boy will you feel it instantly. Even the thought of saying yes to something when your inner wants to say no, will result in feeling sick, nauseous, off-centre, heavy, out of your power, literally feeling energy draining from you like a battery leak. Conversely, if something is right for you (and the word No is suddenly right a lot of the time!), you immediately feel in your centre, empowered, focused, clear, full of energy running through you, happy and light.
            The last of old karmic ties really fell off us in a big way as we approached October 28. It became easier than ever to see right through our old patterns and sabotaging behaviours, with us feeling emotionally detached from the stories we were once so immersed in, influenced and limited by. We may also have found ourselves seeing the humour in the drama’s we were once engaged in, seeing clearly that truly it was all part of a big ‘circus’ act that frankly we don’t need to play in anymore.
            Big shifts are happening with family and friends as karmic relationships have well and truly served their purpose. You might be feeling zero emotional connection to family that are biologically close to you, but vibrationally may as well be on another planet. Meanwhile you are attracting more of your true Soul family and for many this includes finally uniting with their Divine Partner.  
            Right now we are in the bridge time between October 28 ‘the last day of the circus’ and November 11, the highly looked forward to date of 11/11/11 which offers a gateway of sorts to manifesting our new reality on a greater, more conscious, widespread level. Part of me was hesitant to write about 11/11/11 because there is so much hoopla revolving around so many dates right now, with so much associated expectation of what may or may not happen on those dates. This can serve as a distraction from the whole point of the Shift, with many feeling disappointed as each date comes and goes, and seemingly ‘nothing’ happens. In fact, a LOT is happening, some of it visible and some of it not yet visible.
Currently, the process of any manifestation is: what you see before your eyes is the result of your thoughts/vibration over your yesterday’s. This is why it can be counter-productive to judge where you’re at, or where we’re at collectively, based on the reality you can see physically today.  Your emotions will fall, you think ‘it’ hasn’t worked (it being your visualisations or the energy potential of a certain date or whatever it may be), and then you end up in a time loop repeating that manifestation again and again into your tomorrow’s.  This applies whether we are talking about your bank account, love life or the state of the world. Even though we are at the cusp/entry point of our new reality, where manifestation will become more and more instantaneous, we are still dealing with the ripple effects of the old reality including everything we collectively manifested in that old reality with our old thoughts, old systems, old beliefs etc. Keep your focus on how you wish the new to be, how you know on a deep inner level it will be, and that is the world you will wake up to eventually. We are already seeing glimpses of that world as the veil reveals more and more of the new each and every day. Simultaneously there is less and less available energy supporting the old, hence all the crumbling systems we are witnessing around us. The 11/11/11 gateway ushers in a time where for the first time ever, there is more new and higher energy influencing the planet than old/denser energy.  Thus this feeling that everything has turned upside down - it has, only upside down is right way up! This transition period just requires some patience and regular renewals of our belief that things are shifting, especially when looking out at the greater world. Look for evidence of whatever you believe, and you will find it.
The Shift has never been about one date or even series of dates, and it has never been about one event that will indicate ‘it’s happened’. This Shift is a process. It has always been a window of time during which one cycle is ending and a new one beginning, offering us the opportunity to make a quantum leap in our evolution and consciousness and thus offering us the opportunity to step into and create a new paradigm for Earth and Humanity.  
Ironically, the Shift signals the end of ‘time’ – not as in the end of the world, but as in the end of time as we know it, the beginning of a more “Now” way of living, being, creating and manifesting. How funny then that the end of ‘time’ is so fixated on a whole bunch of dates, (hopefully not) keeping us locked into a constant state of limbo as we’re always looking forward to some future time, wondering what will happen on the next so called auspicious date!
If we are collectively choosing to give special meaning to 11/11/11 and this results in millions of people worldwide focusing on love, unity, a new reality and opening of a major Stargate, then might it be true that it is our collective intention that creates those very things? And if our collective intention and collective focus can create those things on that day, can we not create them every day? If the answer is no, then this would indicate we are bound and limited by a man-made concept (linear dates/time) when it comes to creating, which makes no sense when we are leaping forward as conscious co-creators into the limitless field of limitless potential.  Thus if we truly believe in the Shift, we would have to say that the answer is yes, we can create ANY thing on ANY day, with no day having more or less power than the other, other than the power we give it.
There is no question that the number 11 is magical. Who doesn’t love seeing 11:11 on their clock/phone, knowing it’s a little sign from the Universe that you’re on the right track! However, from my perspective 11/11/11 is an opportunity to remember and realise our own power, power we can use each and every day. If it is the combination of those magical numbers that trigger people to gather together, to pray, to focus, to vision a new reality when otherwise they wouldn’t, then those numbers have served their purpose – but we have to know that the power is not in the numbers, or the date, it is in us. It is in that which is being awakened within us.  
Our job is not to sit passively back waiting for dates to usher in our new reality. These dates are signposts, guiding our way much like the guys on the airport tarmac directing the incoming planes with their special high beam lights.  The gateway we are moving through now holds rare, divine, cosmic potential supporting and urging us to move into the next stage of our personal soul path, and play our part in the creation of a new reality for the whole. Our job is to open up to that potential and allow it to flood every cell of our being, our every thought, word and action. Now is the time to walk your talk, to embody what you know, to live and speak your truth, to follow your heart, to do what you feel to do. Never before have we had so much universal support to do so, and never before has it been so important to do so.
            On another note, we are now awaiting the arrival any time now of our little one, due 11/11/11. I am sure he or she will be sliding down their favourite stargate portal to get here, and we will share the news when little one lands! Thank you to everyone who has emailed with well wishes for a beautiful birth, am looking forward to it!

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  1. Colleen Janik12:49 am GMT+11

    I so totally and completely relate to all you say Dana. I am a full time intuitive reiki master and reader/channeler, and get the message you talk here about, daily. This article is excellent information. I love your simplistic way of explaining our world today. Please keep up your wonderful sharing. It is so curcial we get this message out to 'critical mass'! Namaste sister

  2. Sabriena van Rijn8:53 am GMT+11

    Wow Dana, what a beautiful post, as ever. I love what you bring through! Party atmosphere and the preparations and anticipation being part of the FUN is what comes up for me when I consider the time we're in. Have a wonderful time with your baby coming and much love from one mom to another. Love is for sharing, Aloha.