Monday, March 04, 2013

Gods and Guns

This week we have a Guest Blog by Susan Birden. Susan emailed me with this last month and I loved it! The style reminded me of the Dr Seuss-like Rhyming Stories that came through me some years ago (check out here and scroll down to 2007).  This is Susan's first poem, and she will be reading your comments here so please let her know what you think!

Gods and Guns
Gods and Guns
Liars and Lizzys
Old powers that be (were)
It's all making me dizzy!

What do you want?
What will you do?

Settle go back to buckle your shoe?
Choose fear? Choose hate?
Fall dead on the floor?
Keep taking it and asking for more?

You can read a new book
You can open your heart
 It's never, never too late to start

New ways to assemble
New ways gain notice
New ways of BE-ing
Now coming into focus

Tired of control?
Tired of banksters?
Let's be who we are
Lightworkers not gangsters!

It's all win, win
It's all us, us
It's 5D, 6D, 7D or bust!

Get what I'm saying?
Get where I'm going?
Want to come with me or stay in Unknowing?

It's just up to you
It's really your choice
No pushing or shoving or screaming loud voice
Will make you change, it's only YOU
Only if you're ready to

So "do it" or "screw it"
And see what comes next
Have you a " blessing" or is it a "hex"?

No one knows better, only you have the key
To sit on a bench or go climb a tree!
(Are you in prison or are you free?)

So do your own show and continue to grow
Shine your own light and send out your glow
You may affect millions and not even know!

Remember (most)
BS (belief systems)
BS (bull shit)
Just let it go!

So what do you think?Are you ready to roll?
Are you ready to stand up and take back control?
To listen to your heart and speak from your soul?
Let's choose to Unite and refuse to go fight
Let's all come together in Peace, Love and Light!

The time is NOW.

(c) Susan Birden 2013

Note from Susan: Hi Dana, I just read your most recent post on the Golden Age of Gaia website. Thank you so very much for your insight and ongoing support of all Lightworkers.  I too felt the heaviness of January but on the morning of the 31st I woke up with a message in my head and started to write a poem. I have not written poems in the past, this sort of just came through me.  I would like to share it with you because I feel it touches on so many points you made in your post.  In part I think it is also a response to Arch Angel Michael's request for all Lightworkers to declare themselves.  My intention is not to be preachy but to make people think and grin and challenge themselves to discover their own truths. I want to do my part to help with the shift in anyway I can. I have been quiet up until now, so to me it is proof positive that the energies are shifting by sending you this poem. You are welcome to use my story and or poem if you like. Peace and Love, Susan

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