Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Keeping Up with the Humans

If there was a Galactic reality show airing in the Cosmos called Keeping up with the Humans, it would be a ratings winner right now. Something shifted on the weekend. I'm not sure what exactly in it's entirety, and I'm looking forward to writing the July Monthly Visions for more info, but the feeling is after 6 months of being dunked under the water over and over and over and over again (ever since THAT date), we finally got a small break. 

More than that, the energy of victory was in the air - as if we'd been doing round after round in the boxing ring, finally the bell went off, and exhausted but joyous we held up our arm to signal we'd won - that battle anyway. 

Yes, 'win/lose', 'light/dark' type thinking is old reality I know, but nevertheless something massive shifted, it felt good, and it felt very clear that humanity had turned a corner. Maybe we got past a point that those watching the reality show weren't quite sure we'd get past, but they were hoping and praying we would because they are cheering and high 5-ing all over the place. 

We're in a new week and it's back to the business of evolving at warp speed, but did anyone else notice this shift or have related dreams?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2013


  1. i have been fascinated by the mackelmore song "can't hold us" in particular the line: so we throw our hands up like the ceiling can't hold us. i've kept thinking i wanted to start a dialogue about why we do this when we are happy, when we're at a concert and the play our favourite song, when our team wins, why do we put our hands up like they said, like the ceiling can't hold us? and i kept forgetting to ask anyone. so last night in one of my many vivid and colour filled dreams, i was in a large group of people dancing happy and asking this very thing. why do we put our hands up? why do our arms fly in the air like the sky can't contain us? so great to see i'm not the only one with my hands in the air. xo

  2. Yup, big shift, big time! More of a 'locking it down into place' feeling however. Our HS. Final phase of integration. Full download commenced. No more backsliding, no turning back, full steam ahead. THAT kind of thing. . . .

  3. Yes, I definitely felt a shift. It was most apparent in my dreams. I've been struggling with masculine energy (I'm a woman) for a long time. In the form of actual men to how masculinity is represented inside of me.

    I normally have nightmares, or am chasing some man around in my dreams. However, for three nights in a row last weekend, I was having a fabulous time with an attractive man. I woke up feeling wonderful :)