Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Delays and Divine Timing

Christian and I have been trying to conceive our second little one for nearly 18 months now. We got everything physical checked out, all good, and from there let it go to divine timing - until the timing we 'expected' didn't happen as we expected it to. 

I'm sure many of you can relate to the myriad of emotions that you go through when you want something that isn't happening, if not in this particular area then perhaps with love or work or a home situation. Trust turns to frustration, anticipation strolls into despair, you talk yourself back up to trust again and basically repeat that cycle a lot! 

Living in that cycle is not fun, so I did what I encourage everyone to do: I asked my energy, and our little soul yet-to-come, to show me what I needed to know. During this time, I've realised things I needed to see more clearly on multiple levels, cleared things I thought were long cleared and released things I didn't even know were there! 

The other day I found myself feeling such gratitude that the conception didn't happen when we thought it would, because the not-conceiving triggered the opportunity for so much physical, emotional and energetic healing and clearing. It feels like we have been on a full circle journey. We are back now at the beginning of letting it go to divine timing if it is meant to be, but we are much transformed by the journey of this past year and a half. 

So if you are waiting for something, or someone, ask: what do I need to know? Ask that question in your journal, get a healing session with a practitioner you trust, pay attention if a few people mention the same thing to you, (I kept seeing the name of a specific vitamin everywhere and it was one of the things my body needed). 

Our energy has a wisdom beyond our conscious awareness. Our energy knows so much about where we are going, what we are ready for, and what more we need to know or experience before we are ready where we are not yet. A wise man on the street in India (true story!) once said to me: "If we got everything we wanted when we thought we needed it, life would have no magic, no mystery, no meaning, no purpose."

Take some time tonight to give thanks for what is. It is all a precious part of your experience, taking you to wherever you are going.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014


  1. Hi Dana,

    It is probably a multi-mineral deficiency as we are even more deficient in minerals than we are in vitamins. I have heard Dr. Joel Wallach has gotten more women pregnant than any other doctor--by recommending a vitamin mineral essential nutrient protocol.

    Listen to the following radio show by Dr. Glidden (who uses Wallach's protocols). Glidden explains why it's best one hasn't gotten pregnant yet, and what it takes to get pregnant.

    Also explains why it’s best not to get invitro-fertilization, shows human body has wisdom in not getting pregnant. April 1, 2014 1st hour, around minute 46. First part of hour also very good summary of medical nutrition. Also, very powerful 2nd hour (why you should not listen to an MD for nutrition advice). Link:

    Let me know if you want more info!


  2. Dear Dana,

    Thank you for your beautiful post. You are a special soul who shares your experiences and in the process helping so many others. It's a roller coaster of emotions when you're trying to conceive and it doesn't happen. I had a miscarriage before having both of my daughters. It wasn't easy emotionally but looking back my body was preparing me for both of those pregnancies. I wish you and your family all the best and know in my heart you will have another.
    Sending you love and light, Sarah

  3. Hi Christine, Thank you very much for this info :) We have been seeing a brilliant intuitive kinesiologist and just last week she suggested specific minerals. I so agree that the body protects us with these kind of delays, and have received several messages from 'upstairs' for myself along these lines.

    RE MD's and nutrition - 12 years ago my mum was diagnosed out of the blue with stage 4 cancer. We asked the diagnosing oncologist what he could recommend regarding nutrition for healing, as she wanted to address it holistically (his diagnosis was 'there's nothing we can do, go home, you have 6 weeks'). He responded with "I don't know..we don't get trained in nutrition."

    Thank you for taking the time to write:)

    Love Dana

  4. Dear Sarah,

    Thank you for writing in, and sharing your experience. I love hearing fertility journey and birth stories, every story is special.

    I really appreciate your words and thoughts, thank you.

    Love Dana x

  5. Hi again Dana,

    Thanks for your note! I would suggest a complete vitamin and mineral supplement across the board, including extra Ca and Mg and EFAs. According to Dr. Wallach (who has done more research on animals and deficiencies than any other physician) ALL birth defects are caused by nutrient deficiencies.

    Dana I have learned not too long ago that the life force is ALWAYS trying to heal the body and to express itself fully but it cannot do so without the proper raw materials (vitamins, minerals, EFAs, etc.). There are so many people in the spiritual community who want to "activate" their healing by turning on some secret healing code, but the healing code is always already on, your body is always trying to heal you. For example you get a cut on your finger and you do not have to activate a healing code, you don't have to tell it what to do, your body knows what to do, it has innate intelligence always operating. But when it doesn't have the proper raw materials it can't function very effectively. So the point is... your body needs the proper raw materials in order for your soul to be able to express itself fully. This is why nutrition is SO important.

    Anyway, your kinisiologist may suggest a few minerals (fractionated nutrition approach) but I would suggest getting ALL the nutrients you need (holistic nutrition approach, as recommended by Dr. Wallach) as basically our bodies are deficient in all of the micro-nutrients. The only thing we get enough of is the macro-nutrients such as carbs, certain fats.