Friday, December 25, 2015

11 Days

From 25 Dec to 5 Jan we have the quite rare event of all planets being in forward motion. Technically they are all always going forward, but from Earth it sometimes looks like one or more planets are going backwards, known as retrograde motion.

As we know, it is our perspective that colours reality, so when a planet is in retrograde we can be influenced by that. When a planet is from our Earth perspective going forward, we get the positive flow on affect. When ALL are in direct motion, ooooh what then!

You can use these 11 days to play the magical "what if? game.

What would you dream for your life, or for the world if anything was possible?

What if all the lights to your desired dream were green?

What if all obstacles, be they material, financial, emotional, mental or otherwise, dissolved and disappeared?

You are probably starting to think about your New Year resolutions or are more clearly defining your 2016 goals. Use this 11 day window to give your intentions some extra-oomph.

Be open to messages that come at this time that nudge you toward certain directions or actions, ask for guidance or for whatever it is you most need.

Pay attention to your thoughts, feelings and mind movies. Are you in a habit of focusing on what doesn't feel good? Adjust your lens and see what other thoughts, feelings or mind movies feel better.

Use this time to ask yourself: How do I want to feel? What thoughts do I want to be thinking? What visuals do I want to be holding in my mind when it comes to my life, my family, or the world?

11 days. Imagine if we all did this for 11 days 🌟🌟🌟 Please share if you feel to x

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