Saturday, January 16, 2016

A New Year Thank You Message

A New Year message to say thank you for being here, and thank you for being you. There is a palpable energy in the air for 2016, it will be one of huge heart openings, growth and expansion as we prepare for a new 9 year cycle 2017-2025 - and so it may also be for some a year of letting go, closures, ending of chapters, and some discomfort where we find we have outgrown what no longer fits us. Ultimately though, it will be a liberating year as we start a new phase of flying free and forward.

I am so happy to continue doing the energy reports, messages, video's and courses, and look forward to creating even more this year to help keep you feeling inspired, strong, clear, supported and connected to your self, your soul, your truth and our greater non-physical reality that is the real power engine driving this whole show.

This site is here for you with lots of love and support, thank you for continuing your commenting and sharing as it helps so many.

Lots of love,
Dana x

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