Tuesday, April 19, 2016

When you know you came here to be more

Growth and change always require stepping out of our comfort zones, letting go of what is safe and familiar, and usually moving into the unknown.

I remember getting my first job after graduating and leaving a few months into it with the dramatic words "I'm rotting here!"

I moved on into the seemingly glamorous world of hotels but found myself crying "I don't belong here!" I started to get closer to my true path with work at a health & wellbeing magazine but even after a wonderful time there
I knew I was meant to be doing more with my life.

I had no idea how it would happen but I just kept moving toward what felt more true for me, and that always meant letting go of what wasn't. It has meant my life and career path has been a zig-zaggy road but there is nothing like the feeling of doing what you know you are here to do.

With each uncertain transition from one chapter to the next your faith muscles build, the fear lessens, because you realise that the day to day reality of change is more do-able and manage-able than your fears make it out to be.

It takes strength and determination to keep growing, letting go, trusting, growing, letting go, trusting.
We don't do it because it is easy. We do it because the alternative is stagnation. We do it because some stubborn voice in us, our Soul perhaps, keeps nudging us forward "C'mon, you came here to be more."

You will think you can't do it, but you can. Not overnight, and it will likely be a zig-zaggy path. But step by step when you keep letting go of who you are not, you will move closer and closer to who you came here to be.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2016

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