Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Soulmate Reunions

I feel we have many many soulmates, all of whom we connect with on this life journey to help each other awaken and remember who we really are and why we are here. We teach and learn from each other, share our paths for a minute, month or lifetime, and move on forever changed. These soulmates come in the form of friends, lovers, partners, family members and workmates, always remaining connected even when the physical connection may end.

As we move into the energies of our next evolutionary cycle many are re-uniting now with their twin souls, or divine complements, with whom they are destined to create a conscious relationship; one that usually has a planetary purpose for connecting as well as a personal purpose. It is a sacred union for a higher purpose, and is taking us into a new paradigm of relationships.

I would like you all to know about a new book just released written by the wonderful Ariadne Green, shaman and good soul friend, that offers much enlightening information about these soulmate unions.

The book, "Divine Complement: The Spiritual Terrain of Soulmate Relationships" is available on Amazon. For more info please visit:

Quite timely, yesterday and today the Sun, Moon, Mars and Venus all moved into the same space in the sky in Scorpio. (It's very rare to have a quadruple conjunction like this.) Mars and Venus together represent the masculine and feminine, as do the Sun and the Moon. With them all joining together like this in the sign of Scorpio ruling transformational relationships, something big is happening in the Cosmos to create/support the space for our new paradigm of relating. How exciting!

Thank you to all my soulmates that I've connected with so far. You all play a part in my awakening/remembering journey, I feel very blessed to have that and to be aware of it. Much love always xox

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