Friday, October 06, 2006

Wellbeing Manifesto

Politics has had a bad rap over the years. Anyone involved in this game is immediately distrusted and seen as a bad guy. Is it the game or the way it is generally played that is askew?

Is a new political system possible, one that is genuinely working for the people, in harmony with the needs of society, country and our environment? I believe it is, and so do the people at The Australia Institute who have come up with the Wellbeing Manifesto.

Here's an excerpt from their site: Many Australians feel that the political system has let them down, and that governments are not responding to their real concerns. We seem to have lost sight of a vision for a better society and to have entrusted our future to wherever the market takes us.

This website presents a new manifesto, one that takes as its starting point the belief that governments in Australia should be devoted to improving our individual and social wellbeing.

If you are interested in reading more or signing your name to this worthy ideal, visit them here:

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