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February 2007 Newsletter

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Visioning the Dream Awake – February 2007

Firstly, apologies to anyone who visited my site on 14 January or the days following. It was hacked into along with a bunch of other sites hosted by my provider. Apparently there is someone out there who couldn’t find a better way to make use of the powerful Mars/Pluto/Galactic Core conjunction of the night before. This rare astrological alignment sent powerful waves of energy through all of us, calling us to connect to the depths of our soul, to what we are most passionate about and aligning us with the core of who we really are. The alignment asked us: Who are you? Why are you here? When we aren’t aligned with our core this tidal wave of energy can come out in a destructive form that we turn inward, or project onto others. I hope the hacker finds more creative and positive ways this year to use his obviously large intelligence and expertise. My deepest thanks goes to all the people who emailed me to alert me to the situation, and for your immense support during that time. Thank you. It showed me that no matter what life looks like on the outside, it is the energy within that counts and that people respond to. And that is something no hacker can touch. It aligned me perfectly to my core, ha!

Everyone I know agrees that January was one of the most intense months we have experienced energetically so far. The year started off with a bang and never let up. After the year that was 2006, marked by two steps forward and one step back, 2007 has launched us full throttle into our new realities. The days are being filled with external events and inner shifts combined that are moving us along at a rapid rate into our destined selves. For a fabulous sum-up of what’s going on read Aluna Joy’s article below “Pre-flections for 2007”.

During these turbulent times it is more important than ever to take time to rest, recharge, stay centered and breathe. If you feel like everything is a bit out of control, you are not alone. We are being forced to disengage from anything and everything that doesn’t serve us, and are being pulled into a new space that has been waiting for us for a long time. Plug out of any dramas and the old reality, and connect to the core of who you really are where deep peace and self-love resides. Your core and your passion will show you the way forward.

Have a fabulous February!

Love Danaxox

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Empower Yourself Energy Readings

My Email Readings are triggering amazing shifts and realizations for people. For those who are used to face to face sessions, email readings may seem like a less preferred alternative, but in fact I am finding they are rapidly becoming the more popular option. Not only are they easy to book no matter where you live around the world, but they provide a mass of thorough information that just doesn’t have time to come through in a regular hour session. There is something about typing away in silence for a good 90 min or so that allows the guidance to come through clearly and concisely with profound wisdom coming through from the guides and your own energy. Included in your reading is the feedback part of the session, when you get to reply with any comments or further questions triggered by the reading, offering an opportunity to go deeper into any issues. If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to email me. If you would like to book a reading please go to: For more information and testimonials:


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Visioning the Dream Awake

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