Wednesday, February 28, 2007

March Monthly Vision

What’s Happening this Month in your World
Embracing Personal, Global and Cosmic events to Enhance your Reality,
written by Dana Mrkich.

4 March – Lunar Eclipse & Full Moon in Virgo
Lunar Eclipses often trigger inner shifts related to emotional closure, or the letting go of a person, relationship, habit, behaviour, attitude, or way of being that is no longer serving you. It isn’t always what you expect – if you have been single for a long time, it might be time to let your walls go so that someone can find a way to your heart. If you aren’t living the kind of life you want to be living, or earning the income you feel you deserve, it may be time to release any fears or beliefs around what you are worth, or around what you have a right to achieve, so that you can attract what you really want. To find out if you’ll be affected, go to to get a free copy of your chart. If you have any planets around 13 degrees Virgo or Pisces, this weekend may be a watershed moment in your life, ultimately offering an opportunity for much healing and renewal. One chapter ends, so that a new one may begin.

8 March – International Women’s Day
International Women’s Day celebrates women’s achievements, and attitudinal shifts in the way we think about and treat women. The day is now an official holiday in Armenia, Russia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia, Moldova, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Vietnam. The tradition sees men honouring their mothers, wives, girlfriends, colleagues, etc with flowers and small gifts. In some countries IWD has the equivalent status of Mother's Day where children give small presents to their mothers and grandmothers. Read more:

8 March - Mercury Direct Aquarius
Finally, the havoc being played out around our electrical appliances, computers, cars and communication devices can calm down. If you have had a strange few weeks where nothing seemed to be going right, and everything seemed to either break down or be delayed the light at the end of the tunnel is here. The lines of communication will be clear once again, repairs you have been waiting on will finally be completed, replies you have been waiting for will finally arrive, and deals you have wanted to strike can now safely be signed on the dotted line. If possible wait a few days to allow Mercury to get back into full direct motion for optimum results.

19 March – Solar Eclipse & New Moon in Pisces
If a Solar Eclipse hits your chart you’ll know about it. Something completely unexpected and unanticipated will arrive to turn your world around. From sublimely positive to devastatingly painful, Solar Eclipses have one purpose: to propel you in a fast forward kind of way into a reality that you need to be in. Without events like these we would plod along and perhaps never get to the spaces of consciousness and awareness, or places of achievement and greatness, that our soul is destined for. Accept what comes as something your soul needs for the unfolding of its highest potential. Those most affected will be people with planets around 28 degrees Pisces or Virgo.

21 March – Autumn Equinox (Southern Hemisphere), Spring Equinox (Northern Hemisphere)
Day and night are the same length of time (12 hours) on both sides of the globe today. It is an ideal time to think about balance and harmony, and what you are doing to create these things in your inner and outer worlds.

31 March – Earth Hour
At 7.30pm on 31 March, WWF Australia and The Sydney Morning Herald are inviting Sydney to turn off its lights for one hour, to show that it’s possible to take action on global warming. Earth Hour is the launch of a 12 month campaign to reduce Sydney’s greenhouse gas emissions by 5%. This could happen if all businesses and households turned off unused lights and appliances on standby (switch off and unplug appliances if they are not being used). Read more:

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