Monday, February 04, 2008

February Energies

What’s Happening this Month : February 2008

Understanding Global and Cosmic events to help Create your Reality,

written by Dana Mrkich.

The Calling

“Roll up, Roll up, come inside for the Greatest Show on Earth!” From the distance you can hear the ringmaster as he calls everybody inside the tent. Your heart starts to pound with excitement, your body has adrenalin coarsing through it. You start to run, not knowing exactly where you are going, only following the sound of this booming, alluring voice that is calling you toward it. You make a turn left, oops no, the voice just faded. You turn right, ahhh, there it is again, “This way, this way, this way,” it says.

You find yourself leaving behind people, jobs, relationships and perhaps even locations that were once dear to you, all in the name of following this call. You may not even know what the call is, only knowing that something is calling you. People might even be calling you crazy for following a something that has yet to show itself, prove itself or even reveal itself. Yet still you must go. Still you must follow the calling.

With Mars turned direct on Jan 30, and every day picking up pace, we are feeling a relentless surge forward. Onward and upward we are being carried, like surfers on a wave. Some are moving too fast for their liking, others too slow, yet we are all moving at the most perfect right pace for our individual, and collective, reality.

The Solar Eclipse hits us on February 7 (17 degrees Aquarius), or February 6 for those in the US. Like a bucket of water being splashed on our face, we will be awakened, invigorated and revived by the events of the coming days. Any course corrections in your path will happen naturally, with very little of your conscious doing. If the eclipse is hitting your chart you’ll find the coming few months life-changing. Even if not much happens on the day, you’ll usually find in hindsight that the seeds for whatever ends up happening were being planted this week so pay attention to whatever is happening around you right now – it’s very significant!!

The Solar Eclipse this year coincides with the Chinese New Year, marking the start of the Year of the Rat. Rats are known for being hardworking, ambitious and shrewd. They are also very clever and sociable. It is the first animal in the 12 year cycle so Rat years are also associated with fresh starts and new beginnings. Seeing as 2008 is a 1 Year in numerology, it seems there’s no getting away from the fact that this year is all about heading in new directions, starting new projects, thinking and acting in new ways, and leaving the old and the past behind!

The more emotionally inclined Lunar Eclipse is on 21 February (1 Degree Virgo) or the 20th in the US. Prepare to let go of any emotion, habit, belief, pattern or behaviour that is born of rigidly holding on to something that no longer serves you or suits you – the new you that is, or rather the True You.

Which brings me to a message I received this week during meditation from my guides, the ones I call my Star Elders. They have been talking a lot lately about the authentic or true self. With regards to the desires we all have about moving as quickly and as easefully into our destinies, they had this to say about why we often don’t head where we want to go, or take unnecessary detours: “It is often about the mis-alignment between what you say you want, and the thoughts you think and actions you take on a day to day basis. If you are saying you want to head in one direction, but all your thoughts and actions are supporting another direction, then of course you aren’t going to end up at the desired destination! Now this conflict may be sabotaging you, under orders from the Ego. Or it may be serving you under orders of your True Self, guiding you away from desires that you think you want but actually aren’t in your best interests.”

So, if there is something you are wanting but not getting sit down and have a think about it. Is this something an ego desire, something that deep down you actually don’t really want? If so, what’s beneath that desire? If you are desiring a Ferrari but not getting one, and in reality probably don’t really, really want one, what is it that this Ferrari dream represents to you? Success? Financial Freedom? Those are the things to be desiring.

If the something is a True Self desire, which of your thoughts and actions are holding you back? Why are you letting them? Are you trying to protect yourself from something by holding yourself back? Fear of failure? Fear of success? Fear of ridicule? Fear of putting yourself out there in case you are rejected?

This month make things easy for yourself and just make a declaration to the Universe: I now align my thoughts, words and actions with my true self and deepest, true desires, for the highest good. Please guide my body, mind, heart and soul to the direction, work, relationships, location and life that is my best possible path. As a result of continually affirming this, all that is not in alignment will naturally leave or it will be made very clear to you that it needs to. Likewise all that is in alignment will come to you, or you will magnetically feel called toward it. Such is the way of energy.

Onward and upward! Have a fabulous February!

Many blessings,


© Dana Mrkich 2008

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