Tuesday, February 05, 2008

A New Chapter: Being Released 2008!

A New Chapter by Dana Mrkich, Zeus Publications

Release Date: Early 2008

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Are you experiencing profound, intense shifts in your life and wondering what is going on as you look around at the major changes going on all around the world? Humanity is right now at a crossroads. Now is the time to remember who you really are and to do what you came here to do. A new chapter in our evolution lies before us. Each of us is a page in this new chapter. Each of us has a part to play in determining what this new chapter looks like. All you have to do to make your page the best it can be is: be your true self. A New Chapter is your own personal guidebook showing you the way.Dana merges spiritual insights with practical wisdom, gained from a lifetime of her own experiences and over a decade working with clients all around the world as a spiritual intuitive. You will be inspired and empowered to listen to your instincts, feel your feelings and speak your truth. One by one we can do this. The planet and humanity need you.

Endorsement: “There are more and more of us worldwide looking for books like this one. We are the ones looking for ways to come out with our own truth, our own inner knowing of what’s good, decent and right, and what we don’t want to put up with anymore in our society, in our humanity or in our selves. A New Chapter sets the stage to encourage us to live our own truth.” Barbara Harris Whitfield, RT Author and therapist, Author of Spiritual Awakenings, Co-Author of The Power of Humility

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