Friday, April 03, 2009

Obama's Role in these Changing Times

Obama's Role in these Changing Times

Going by a few of the emails I've received, people are getting frustrated at Obama and his government for not fixing things fast enough, for not making our waters smooth again right now so we can get back to our normal lives. Well, as the movie says “We’re not in Kansas anymore Toto.” Enough of the masses collectively decided “We want change, we want a new reality. We are tired of how things have been.” So, the ship has sailed and I believe, is heading in the direction of creating a new reality for us all. But this isn’t going to happen overnight.

I don’t think it is Obama’s role to magically make the waves that are synonymous with great change disappear. Buckle your seats, because the sea IS going to get more stormy. This is how it always is as the Earth moves from one cycle to another. We can’t override nature and cyclic destiny, nor can Obama necessarily halt the process of labour (nor is it meant to halt). I do think it is his role to hold the ship as steady as possible, and while some of you reading this may not agree he is doing a good job, please remember this is a HUGE job! Also, I feel it is his destined job and when you are born to do something, you have inside you all you need to do it well.

I feel he can’t do this alone, and now more than ever we all have to play our part and sway in the direction in which we want to go to help the ship during its passage. Focus on the positive, focus on how you want your personal, and our collective, story to look in the years to come. Don’t try and hold on to what was – it is falling for a reason. Look ahead to the creation of something better.

Together we are birthing a new world, and birth is never an easy process – but it is one of the most amazing transformational experiences someone can go through. It is a blessing to be on Earth during these times of great change.

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