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April 2009: Visioning the Dream Awake Newsletter

April 2009
What's New this Month!

Soul Sessions: Do you want a Session face to face or by phone?
Now taking appointments for Sessions via Skype or Landline!

I am now taking appointments for Skype Video and Skype Phone Sessions! The first available is in June. When you book I will email you to schedule a suitable time. Skype is easy to download and free to use, just go to If you don’t have a computer at home, we can alternatively schedule a landline phone session (I will call you at our appointment time).

I am also still doing Email Sessions, where you get a huge download of written information, and of course the opportunity to ask follow up questions. The wait time is usually around 1-2 weeks.

Please note, Soul Sessions are not designed to tell you what’s going to happen in the future. You create your reality as you go. The purpose of Soul Sessions is to empower you with information about your energy, coming from your guides and higher self, guiding you to the creation of your best possible self and reality. It can reveal and thus give you the opportunity to clear subconscious blocks that have been preventing you from living the life of your dreams and give deep, practical insights into your health, relationships, work, finances and other aspects of your life path. Soul Sessions are for those who want to consciously create their best possible life in alignment with who they really are.

For bookings go here:

April 2009 Monthly Visions: This ‘Crisis’ can be a Good thing.

Did you know that the Chinese symbol for crisis also means opportunity, or a crucial point when something begins or changes?
When I went to write this month’s Monthly Visions I struggled for a few minutes, wondering how to approach the topic of this month in the most sensitive manner possible. I know many people are going through a hard time right now, yet I also know there is potential here for personal and global transformation unlike anything we have seen before...Read rest here:

Listen to your Inner-Tuition – My new article in the current issue of Empower Magazine

My article ‘Listen to your Inner-Tuition’ is in the April/May issue of Empower Magazine, now available in all Australian newsagencies. EM is also available online as an Emag (you have to subscribe) but it is worth every cent:

In this article I talk about my first humorous experience with a GPS, and joke how great it would be if we all had an inner GPS, telling us which way to go and which path to take. I realised that of course we do, only we call it our intuition. Read how to access this amazing navigational tool, the most accurate guidance system you will ever find and the only one you truly need.

My Current Thoughts On Obama’s role in these Changing Times

I know many of you don’t like to mix politics with spirituality, yet as our personal consciousness is creating the global consciousness, and as our global consciousness influences our personal, I feel we can no longer seperate the two. For those who want to dive in, read here:

Preview of May’s Newsletter: Walking the Rainbow Path is back as an Online Course!

I am very excited to let you know that in May I will be announcing my first Walking the Rainbow Path Online course! I taught this course many years ago in Sydney, using the chakras as a map for connecting to all of who we really are. Each week we will learn about one of the 7 main chakra’s, and I will provide you with exercises and meditations you can do in your own time during the week. The course will have a special emphasis on using the chakras to create your best self and life in all areas, and will cover health, finances, work, relationships, intuition, hearing your guides and higher self, and stepping into your power!

Start Date: June 8, 2009
Duration: 7 Weeks
Cost: $140 (AUD for Australia, USD for Rest of the World)

Mark your calendars, and be ready to book in May!

Have an amazing April!



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