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May Monthly Visions: Mexico & Media Madness or Turn off the News and Tune in to your own ‘Higher Self’ Channel!

May Monthly Visions: Mexico & Media Madness or Turn off the News and Tune in to your own ‘Higher Self’ Channel!

I’m in Playa del Carmen, Mexico (on the Caribbean side) where we’ve been for the last 6 weeks enjoying the wonderful energy here. As the fastest growing city in Mexico there is a real feeling of growth, expansion and entrepreneurship. Mexican people have a great attitude toward life, valuing family, food and fun above all else. They work with a smile on their face and don’t apologise for taking a siesta in the afternoon. They have the life-work balance thing sorted out! So we’ve been loving feeling like we’re in our own little Paradise on Earth, until.....

We started getting worried emails from home (Sydney, Australia). “Are you guys okay? Mexico is all over the news!” We turned on the news here to see what could be so huge as to be causing so much concern halfway across the world. The national Mexican news was reporting that a new flu virus had broken out. It was being called Swine Flu even though they were saying it could not be transferred by eating pork products. At this stage there was not a sense of panic, merely a warning to take the usual precautions eg if you are sick, stay home so you don’t spread your flu.
We received more emails, this time from friends in the US and UK “Are you okay? People are dying in Mexico!!” We turned on the US Cable News channel and sure enough they were reporting this situation in the most dramatic, (in my opinion) misinformed, panic-creating, fear-fuelling way possible.

As the days progressed it got worse with the global media going into full hysteria mode and Egypt announcing it wanted to order a culling of all pigs. Anyone with a cough or runny nose was suddenly under ‘swine flu suspicion’ and the US were reporting a death toll of 150+. To put things into perspective 250 000-500 000 people die annually from the seasonal flu or related illnesses, yet it was the rare media indeed that thought to mention that.

While I had no fear around the flu itself, the fear bombarding the country from the world really knocked my energy over for a couple of days. It was like this heavy, thick, nauseating feeling settling over the country like a blanket of smog. I was really mad at the media for their sensational inaccurate reporting and having seemingly zero care factor for the chaos they were generating. To help clear myself of all this energy I dove into the beautiful ocean here and splashed around in the water feeling like a dolphin and decided no matter what to stay in the vibration of love and joy. I had to take my own advice: the old reality is collapsing and as it does a lot of fear (and fear-fuelled situations) will come up – don’t get caught up in the demolition dust and don’t breathe it in! We have so much light on the planet now that any dust that comes up will soon settle, and when it does truth will be revealed.

Sure enough, at the time of writing the latest news from Mexican health officials is that only half of all suspected cases were actually swine flu (now called H1N1). Original death tolls ‘may have been inflated’ with official numbers at around 20. The World Health Organisation has asked for it to stop being called swine flu to save the poor pigs, and reporting that this flu may not be as serious as first thought and could even turn out to be similar to the common flu.

In the meantime, Mexico City shut down all bars, restaurants, cafe’s, gyms and movie theatres with some businesses in other cities following their lead. Every school in the country is closed. Planes are arriving empty and leaving full. The hotel industry in Cancun are claiming that they may lose $150 million as tourists are cancelling rooms and re-thinking their travel plans.

I’m not saying for one minute that we shouldn’t be informed, or that precautions shouldn’t be taken to protect our health and wellbeing. I just feel that the media handled this in a very irresponsible way, reporting with inaccurate facts and a completely imbalanced perspective, and in the meantime created more health, economic and social issues overnight than the flu itself!
Brace yourselves, because I think more situations like this are coming our way – and it is important to know why because it’s not for the reasons you may think. The pandemic wasn’t about flu, it was about fear.

Right now we have more Light on the planet than ever before. People are awakening, consciousness is increasing, truth is coming out. Anything not in alignment with our new reality is either collapsing or having to undergo rapid transformation. You can see this as you watch the finance, banking and auto industries scramble to meet higher standards of accountability and ethics. You have seen it I’m sure in your own lives as relationships, jobs and geographical locations are not what they were only a short time ago.

Together as a humanity we are making a giant leap from one way of being to another, from the old reality to the new. However the new reality exists on an entirely different vibration with an entirely different set of rules. We can’t take everything with us, and one of the things we definitely can’t take is Fear.

You may have found it quite frustrating and confusing when finally deciding to take your own quantum leap – be it committing to a new way of thinking or wanting to attract a new level of success, abundance or love, or trying to create some kind of change in your life – that every single doubt, fear or issue you have ever had related to that subject comes up. And not in a small way. No, they come up in large, flashing neon-lights, waving a banner so you can’t miss them. If this is happening to you, don’t take it as a sign to give up. Take it as the best sign ever that you are about to make the biggest quantum leap ever and every single thing in your vibratory field that isn’t aligned with that is jumping up and down to get your attention – because you can’t take them with you, and you have to let them go.

On a global level millions of people will look back at this past week and think that the media has a lot to answer for. More people will decide next time to seek alternative sources of news and better still, listen to their own good instincts about a situation. We are being trained to listen to our intuition and to trust that voice inside that says “This doesn’t sound like it’s true”, regardless of what some loud external voice is shouting at you. We will need that voice increasingly in the years ahead, because the process that is happening to us all personally is also happening globally. As the planet takes its quantum leap, any fears that we have held as a collective will come up. Any old reality groups, industries or organizations that flourish in climates of fear will have a few more last attempts at their old tactics I’m sure, but fewer people are buying what they’re selling – literally and energetically.

When you are tuned in to your own ‘higher self’ channel, you get a very strong signal inside when something you hear or read or watch is aligned with truth and when it is not. It’s not possible to be fully informed on every single issue out there right now, but it is possible to align with who you really are, and truly that is the best source of guidance you could have during this time.

Take time every day to connect with your higher self (aka your greater self, inner being, who you really are) either via journaling, meditating, playing, frolicking in the ocean like a dolphin, dancing, doing something you love to do or being creative, and your own higher self will soon be the first ‘news channel’ you turn to in any situation.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2009

Dana Mrkich is a spiritual intuitive, inspirational writer, radio host, author of A New Chapter (Zeus Publications), and creator/teacher of online course Your New Chapter. She offers Soul Sessions via email, phone and Skype to clients all around the world, containing the guidance and healing insights you most need at this time as you step further into your true self and new reality. Subscribe to Dana's Monthly Newsletter Visioning the Dream Awake for Monthly Visions, articles, interviews, courses and more or please visit:

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  1. Dana,

    Awesome post. I haven't watched the news in 3 years and don't ever plan to again. It helped to program many of the limiting beliefs which I am now releasing.

    Our higher self doesn't know lack, limitation, disease, poverty. It is without limits, and the more that we tap into our higher self the closer we get to living a dream life.

    Thanks for sharing your excellent insight.