Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Your New Chapter Starts June 8!

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Here is a reminder that my new 7 week online course Your New Chapter starts June 8.

Your New Chapter will introduce you to your Vibrational Reality (which the Law of Attraction is constantly responding to) as the key to creating the reality you want. Weekly information, empowering exercises and guided meditations will be emailed to you every Monday, making it easy to do in your time. We'll also do some work with the chakras, providing a map to follow as you make your way into your new chapter.

Topics covered will include: Limitless and Eternal Abundance, Following your Dreams (or figuring out what they are), Creating Healthy, Conscious Relationships, Healing your Inner Child, Connecting with your Higher Self and Inner-Tuition (your very own personal GPS), Getting Back in your Driver's Seat (own your power!), Expressing your Truth and True Self, Changing your Mind into a positive space of clarity and creation, and More!

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Why do a course like this now when the economy is in the state it's in? Aren't my dreams less likely to come true now?

The old reality is falling away - it was always meant to.

Everything right now is in a major state of 'cleaning house' in preparation for a new chapter in our evolution. You can see this as you look around at what's happening with Mother Earth, the economy and your own life.

It is now time to create a new reality - for yourself and the world.

The foundation stones of our new reality are rising up now: consciousness, truth, love and an awareness of our true nature. Anything which is not in alignment with this is 'collapsing' or profoundly changing and being replaced by something better. This is exactly what happens when one building is demolished in order to make way for a new, more modern building. What looks like chaos is actually positive, divinely planned transformation.

You have the power to create the life of your choosing.

You are the creator of your reality. During these changing times now more than ever is the time to remember that. Don't be distracted by the demolition dust, focus your attention on the blueprint within you that is ready to start creating your new chapter.

Remember who you really are. Be who you came here to be. Do what you came here to do. Remember that your essence - who you really are - is connected at all times to the Great Source giving you limitless abundance and guidance to create a life and reality of your choosing. We are here at this momentous time to remember our true nature as creator beings with access to the most magnificent pool of creation possibilities!

Invest in yourself and start consciously creating Your New Chapter!
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