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Visioning the Dream Awake - May 2009

May 2009
What's New this Month!

- May Monthly Visions: Mexico & Media Madness or Turn off the News and Tune in to your 'Higher Self' Channel
- Your New Chapter:
- Chakra Series on Diva Village
- Phone and Skype Sessions still available for June
- A Suitcase Full of Faith Special Offer

May Monthly Visions: Mexico & Media Madness or Turn off the News and Tune in to your 'Higher Self' Channel

I'm in Playa del Carmen, Mexico (on the Caribbean side) where we've been for the last 6 weeks enjoying the wonderful energy here....we've been loving feeling like we're in our own little Paradise on Earth, until we started getting worried emails from home. "Are you guys okay? Mexico is all over the news!" .....Read more:


Okay, so I sat down to tweak the Walking the Rainbow Path course and an entirely new and different course emerged, much more in alignment with where we are all today. Inspired by my book A New Chapter, and also by the many things I've learned about being who you came here to be and creating your dream reality, the course that I'm offering now is Your New Chapter. It will cover all the important areas of your life including Money & Abundance, Work & Living your Dreams, Love & Relationships, Connecting with your Higher Self & Intuition and more.

It will have a special emphasis on introducing you to your Vibrational Reality, which the Law of Attraction is constantly responding to. The course will help you discover what's going on in your Vibrational Reality - and help explain why you've got the reality you've got and how to get the reality you want. We will still do some work with the chakras as they so perfectly provide a map to follow.

The 7 week course commences June 8, and is easy to do in your own time. You will receive course materials to read each week along with guided meditations to do. I feel it is going to be very powerful as I am going to channel the content organically, so that it matches the higher intentions of course participants and will be totally guided by the VERY powerful flow of energies happening right now.

To read all about it or book yourself in, go here now:

Chakra Series on Diva Village

Diva Village contacted me to write a 7 part Chakra Series for them, and the first one on the Red Base Chakra is now up. Very good timing, because it's all about abundance and I know nearly everyone could use a dose of inspiration in that department! Read it here:

Phone and Skype Sessions still available for June

I'll be back in the US in June and thus back to a daily internet connection I can count on! So....if you prefer a more in person style of session I have times available for phone and Skype sessions. Just make your booking and I'll email you to schedule a good time. Alternatively email sessions are as always available right now!

For more info and to make a booking:

A Suitcase Full of Faith Special Offer

I receive almost daily requests to promote upcoming book releases (and they are all fantastic, wonderful, inspiring books), but in order to stay in integrity with myself (and not flood your inboxes with a new promotion every day!) I can only say yes to those people whose work I know personally, or whose work on some level deeply resonates with me. Saskia Roell's book A Suitcase Full of Faith falls into the latter category. Christian and I have been living with our own Suitcases Full of Faith for the past 10 months (nearly 11, wow!), allowing our inner guidance to guide us from country to country and I can honestly say that her introduction to the book below is not a fairytale concept, they are words to live by:
In her brand new book A Suitcase Full of Faith- How One Woman Found her Dream Trusting the Compass of Her Soul, Saskia Roell, Author, Transformational Life Coach and
mother of five, will inspire you that miracles Do happen. Saskia teaches how trust and faith will carry you through the best and the worst of times and lead you to live the extraordinary life.

A Suitcase Full of Faith is a captivating story of adventure, suspense, wild romance, wisdom and extraordinary miracles. Saskia invites the reader as a fellow companion in her breath taking encounters around the world, showing us by living in the Now, listening to the message of the heart to allow our inner truth to shine.

A Suitcase Full of Faith Is guaranteed to ignite your courage, follow your heart's lead and put your faith into action to achieve a remarkable life! Saskia shows you HOW by living inside her story.

Come to the special offer today!

A Suitcase Full of Faith
is the story of how one woman lost it all ..

her home
her dearest friend
her marriage
her country club life
the job she loved
her country
and her heart

. . . then found the life of her deepest dreams
by following the compass of her soul!

Come to the special offer today!

Have a wonderful May everyone!



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