Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mid-Month Monthly Visions: September 2009 - Hold on to your Hat!

Mid-Month September 2009 Monthly Visions: The Tide has Shifted

Wow! When I wrote the September monthly visions (was that just over a week ago!!??) – click here to read - I had no idea that the tide was about to shift so strongly with a multitude of planetary forces culminating in a surge of spectacular energy. It is literally knocking us over like a king tidal wave of light and love. For a few days now I have been laughing and being silly feeling like I’m tipsy happy drunk – which I guess I am, however no alcohol was involved. It is quite literally the incoming wave of Source Energy that has barrelled its way toward us and into us that is making us feel this way, and it feels good!

It never ceases to amaze me that supposedly different astrological calendars and numerology patterns often synchronize at the same time. This week we have the energy of 09/09/09 representing endings, occurring on the same day as 1 IMIX, the first day of a new 260 day cycle in the Mayan Calendar representing new beginnings. If you are feeling like a flurry of no longer needed ‘stuff’ is flying out of you, while woooshka an abundance of ‘what is this fabulous feeling’ good stuff is flying into you, and it’s making you feel kinda dizzy in a good way, I hope this random mid-month Monthly Visions helps explain why.

On top of that Pluto, the planet of transformation, death and rebirth goes direct on Friday after spending about 5 months retrograde. Pluto has the reputation of being the hardcore ‘show no mercy’ planet of the zodiac. If there is something in your life that has to go he bowls it over with as much sympathy as a wrecking ball knocking down an old out of date building. However, he is also associated with the Phoenix that rises out of the ashes. Pluto looks like he has no mercy, but he is like the foreman holding in his hands a blueprint for a new, better, more modern building. It is not his job to explain to you why something has to be knocked down, his job is simply to clear the space for the new structure. Your job is to get with the program, the sooner the better (for your own good).

Pluto turning direct is a sign that any buildings that had to be demolished during that 5 month period have been and we are now good to go with the new. (Of course if you have Pluto moving over a personal planet in the coming months you’re in for some errr, interesting times. As is anyone whenever Pluto pays us a personal visit. You can visit to see if you have any planets around 0 degrees Capricorn, which is where Pluto is now, and if so, if you’re going through a hard time, consulting a professional astrologer or asking for an Astro-oriented Soul Session with me might be helpful.

To add to the theme of the week I was so excited to find out that tomorrow in Santa Fe, New Mexico, just an hour up the road from where I am right now, is the annual Burning of Will Shuster’s Zozobra festival. I’ve never heard of this but it involves setting alight the 49 feet tall Zozobra man. People are encouraged to throw whatever they want to let go of into the fire. Suggested items include hand written notes, diaries, letters, divorce/marriage papers, photos and other flammable momentoes. I thought how amazing is that, that this festival coincides with a week that is completely about out with the old and in with the new!

What a great week to really get clear on what it is you want, and be just as clear with what you absolutely no longer need. For myself, I have experienced such a wonderful opening of connection to the Creator, and to who I really am. I have had yet another level of letting go of indulging in any kind of doubts or worries. Surrendering to a higher source of You, to a higher source of Energy, to a higher plan for yourself than you can ever imagine, requires so much less energy than resisting or doubting. Ultimately in doing so we create space for so much more Source energy to flow into us, resulting in this happy, giddy feeling.

If you aren’t quite feeling it, know that we all go through these phases in our own unique ways, and we don’t all experience the same phase at the same time. All in perfect order and timing.
My guides tell me that the recent ‘tide gone out’ was by no means the last of that kind of energy, nor is this amazing king tide energy a sign that yes we have made it, it’s all happy days from here on in! Rather, we are on a kind of rollercoaster ride with natural ups and downs. Enjoy the ups, and use the exhilarating energy to help you get through the downs. Remember what the ups feel like, they are your natural state of being, and in time, they will become your natural state of being more and more of the time.

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What can I say about September? Hold on to your hat!

Many blessings,


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  1. Thank you Dana for a mid-month visions. I needed to read what you wrote to finally believe what I was hoping I was feeling -- starting with the giggles for no reason other than the pure joy of the moment after what felt like a desert. And, I was glad you mentioned surrender. That single word has been my prayer during this dry spell. It makes things so much easier because "surrender" takes the energy out of any struggle that has me fooled into a tug of war.
    From my Soul
    To your Soul,
    Barbara Whitfield