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October 2009 Newsletter

October 2009
What's New this Month!

- October Monthly Visions: Money, Giving and High Voltage Everything
- Soul Sessions: DIY or Appointments and Christmas Gift Certificates available
- The Natural Soul: Near Death Experiences

October Monthly Visions: Money, Giving and High Voltage Everything

If you’ve ever had an intense healing session, or committed to a major change/pattern break you’ll know that everything related to the issue you want to clear will come up in your face in a big way. It is the moment you finally commit to choosing healthy relationships, that every ex from relationships past, or people like them, knock on your door. It is the moment that you commit to a healthy diet or workout routine, that a reason for skipping your morning gym class comes up. These things are not necessarily a test from the Universe, or cause to get disheartened about your level of commitment or a sign that deep down we all love to sabotage ourselves. They are more of a natural response to your commitment, and a sign that you are committed. Read more:

Soul Sessions: Appointments and Christmas Gift Certificates available

Soul Sessions offer an hour of empowering information, downloaded from the parts of your energy you most need to hear from. They provide a higher perspective helping you to understand why you have the reality you have, and show you how to create the reality you want, focusing on the issues you most need guidance on right now. Live the life your Soul came here to live.

Sessions are available via Email (written downloads approx 7 pages), Phone or Skype. With phone sessions the call charge is free, as I call you. Skype is free for both parties.

· Christmas Gift certificates are available. A great way to inspire a friend or family member as we move out of 2009 and into 2010!

For more info and to make a booking:

The Natural Soul: Near Death Experiences

Everyone is fascinated by the topic of Near Death Experiences. What happens when we pass? My friend Barbara Whitfield, an expert, therapist and near-death experiencer, has appeared on Oprah talking about this subject. Barbara is about to release her new book The Natural Soul, containing a wealth of research and real life experiences. The predominant message is that we are eternally alive: our Souls have life before, during and after this incarnation. While our physical bodies may have an expiration date, we, the WE that we really are, don’t ever die. I was honoured to write an endorsement for the book, as follows:

The soul is limitless Life and Love Being, and the stories shared in The Natural Soul left me with a profound understanding of this truth. Barbara writes that our Soul is who we are right now - not some kind of Spiritual concept or higher part of us ‘out there’. It is who we really are if we only take a moment to look at and feel our real self. It is who we are before life, during life, and after life. Indeed, our soul is life itself; eternal, unbreakable, and in every moment connected to all those we love regardless of distance or on which side of the veil we or they reside. - Dana Mrkich, Author of A New Chapter, Sydney, Australia.

To find out more about the book or place a pre-order go here:
To watch a short beautiful trailer about it go here:



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