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11.11.11 by Lee Harris

This is an excellent overview of the current energies, written by my friend Lee Harris. It is time to dance, people!

Lee Harris

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The year of 2009 rolls on, and so do we, as humanity continues to go through its shakedown. It is significant to me that later this week the Hollywood movie 2012 is being released. The trailer alone terrified me when I saw it so I can only imagine that sitting through 2 hours of that would be an emotional colonic like no other! (Bear in mind here that this movie may be your perfect thrill ride while I have a way of travelling into the energy of things that isn’t always good for my nervous system!)

The drama and destruction portrayed in this movie is however no different to the current feeling spreading through people about not just our ecology, but many different facets of human living.
Never before has there been such a developed understanding of ourselves as a race or as a planet. And as a result, never have the emotions been felt or processed by our race in such a raw and magnified way, by an ever growing population. So the limits of the planetary levels of feeling are being tested as a result. This of course, affects every individual.

Intense acceleration energies have been hitting the planet at a higher rate, since late 2008 and an increase again occurred in early April 2009. As a result of this, there has been an enormous amount stirred up for people and change everywhere happening in both fast and dramatic or unexpected ways.

This has led to the release of a lot of emotion, especially fear. Hopelessness has been a strong energy for many who previously believed in ‘The system’ of society. Uncertainty has been circulating in all departments. Ecologically, the forecasts for planetary resources and the planets movement are often foretold with much doom and a sense that no one is listening or ‘waking up’ in time. This creates a sense of anxiety and urgency.

So 2009 has been a year of intensity like no other for many people.

This year the theme of suicide and death has been at an all time high. Both around us, and at times, within many as a feeling. This is all because the old lives we led are being released. Not just individually but collectively. Plus, the effects of the warnings around climate change are hitting many sensitives in a horrifying way. Visions of tsunamis and the end of time are currently common among lightworkers and psychics, which is part of a cleansing of fear within this group.
So, the movie 2012 is the perfect symbol of how a collective are feeling.

This fear and its effects are the storm before the calm.

The month of November is highly significant this year. It represents the final cleanse of 2009 and the last release of an energy wave of planetary release that began in mid 2008.

So what can you expect this month? A lot will move out of you if you choose to allow it to. For those of you who have already released a lot this year, either physically (illness), emotionally or within your external life (relationships, homes, jobs), by mid month a new arrival of the future should be very evident. If you have spent a great deal of time mourning the past this year (sometimes for no obvious reason), then know that you are literally standing on the launch pad in this month. Things are about to take off for you individuals and the new will start in your life will begin appearing to counterbalance all of the loss you have been feeling.

For those of you who are feeling confused and adrift, but not really having any reason for it, the final emotions that this confusion announces will release in the second half of November, and shock will be a factor for some of you to catalyse this experience. Some of you haven’t wanted to feel too much emotionally this year given the heaviness in the masses, so you will feel it easier to feel as the lifting occurs in people generally through November. Emotions this month will move faster and in a lighter way than previously.

Some of you will enter December feeling like you are in a death process, and that you cannot believe how dark or bleak things seem to you. If that is your story, know that by about December 15th you will be almost catapulted out of that state. You have simply been holding onto your final emotional anchors for the past few months, and they will clear fast for you on the way out. But they may feel very dense as they go. So if this is you, be GOOD and GENTLE to yourselves for the days or weeks it lasts. Know too that it will be the making of you when it is over, and this approach is the way to best move through it.

Many of us have experienced the end of time within ourselves and within our lives so far this year. And November marks a beginning and an ending. It is a magical month in ways that will surprise you.

This month is a propulsion and a casting forward into a new reality for you.
The 11th of the month heralds the beginning of an energetic opening that will last until the end of the month – the 29th being the next time we hit 11.11.11. in numerology terms.
So decide, now, how you want to feel and be this month. For those decisions will manifest strongly at this time. It is a time to start living like you have never lived.

The movie 2012 is believed by some to be a foretelling of what is to come, and they are living in daily fear of that reality.

Imagine if it were? Wouldn’t you then want to have a party these last few years? If things get tough or heavy for me, I remind myself it could all be over tomorrow, and really that is the only way to live as a human being.

It is time to live in the now, without fear.

It is time to dance, people...

by Lee Harris

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