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Dec 09 Monthly Visions: Farewell to 2009 and Wake up to 2012....

December 2009 Monthly Visions: Farewell to 2009 and Wake up to 2012...

As we edge toward the last days of 2009 the usual busy-ness of the festive season seems like a calm walk in the park compared to the last minute ‘zappings’ everyone seems to be getting right about now.

Have you dealt with your power issues? Zzzzzzap! Have you really? Zzzzzzap again just to be sure. Have you dealt with your inner child stuff? Your lack mentality? You’re ‘I’m not good enough/I’m not worthy/Who am I to be great and successful and loved’ beliefs? Zap! Zap! Zap! It’s like some crazy angel has got a hold of a police taser and is running wild with it, giggling with glee at the fun of it.

In defence of the crazy angel, enough is enough don’t you agree? Enough of allowing yourself not to be treated as you deserve to be. Enough of putting up with relationships or jobs that don’t make you happy. Enough of convincing yourself that ‘real life’ over-rides your dreams. Enough of people thinking they are the boss of your life, or as I like to say the driver behind the wheel of your car. Enough of using old-worn out excuses about why you can’t do this or are still doing that. Even you don’t believe yourself anymore when you say these things. Enough of pretending you are less than you are.

And that’s what it really comes down to: enough of pretending you are less than you are.

You see, for many lifetimes we have all been walking around wearing masks, donning layers of stuff (which we came to call issues) and dimming our light, all for the sake of a big evolutionary experiment. We thought it would be fabulous fun to come to this Planet Earth, and totally forget who we really are. We would get to experience all kinds of emotions: frustration, excitement, anger, betrayal, trust, love, hate, resentment, judgement, passion; it was a literal cornucopia of feelings heaven.

How many times would we have to be taken advantage of before we remembered our natural power and learned to stand up for ourselves? How many times would we have to face the disappointment of parental or societal expectations, and feel bad about it, before we remembered we aren’t here to live up to their expectations? How many times would we have to act like we really weren’t all that smart or talented or qualified or young or old or beautiful enough before we remembered we are divine, eternal, creator beings and are equipped with all we need to do and be all we want?

Clearly, many times!

The Universe has been generous with us. We’ve had plenty of lifetimes to have fun playing this little game. Even within this lifetime, we’ve had years of journeying through issues and themes we’ve wanted to explore. It’s been great. Meanwhile, a looming realisation has been coming over many of us. This ‘game’ was not meant to last forever. This game had a set end date, by which time the aim was to be fully awakened from our self-imposed ‘forgetting’. By which time we would have experimented with and experienced a myriad of issues and themes, and emerged out the other side as the divine souls we always were, yet with new wisdom. That time is nearly here, and one could say it is here.

The Mayans saw, and see, life as a series of cycles. A Mayan cycle of time lasts 5125 years. Five cycles equals a Grand Cycle. The end of a Grand Cycle is coming up at the end of 2012, which is why Dec 21 2012 has always been associated with the end of time. The Mayans did not, and do not, see this as the end of time, merely the end of time as we know it. It is the end of one way of being, and the beginning of another way of being. They foresaw that as one great cycle ended, and a new one began, humanity would experience a giant leap in consciousness – or self-destruction - as the Earth moved from the third dimensional vibration to a higher fifth dimensional vibration. Essentially, the Earth is shifting into a higher level of consciousness – with or without us. We either shift our vibration with her, or we shift out, to put it bluntly.

The end of each cycle also signifies the alignment of our Sun with the Great Central Sun of our Galaxy. When this happens, in non-scientific terms, light spurts out from the Centre affecting our sun, producing intense solar flares, explosions of energy, which affect the Earth’s magnetic fields. Disturbance of the magnetic fields can influence everything from airplane navigational equipment and communications systems to weather patterns and migraine headaches. NASA are predicting a powerful Solar Storm for, yep, 2012, with a potential scenario being all electric power being cut for months. This is not meant to scare, rather when a scientific prediction meets ancient prophecy meets astronomical data, one might want to take notice of that. Personally I find it much easier to deal with things when I know why it is happening. On an energy level, this light is said to trigger mass shifts of consciousness, helping us out from our ‘forgetting’ state and pushing us into our ‘remembering’ state.

So, here we are at the end of 2009 with three years to go. What does now have to do with the end of 2012 you may be thinking? Well, if you look at a 5125 year cycle as being shown on a big galactic clock, we are at 2 seconds to midnight. If we had such a thing as a Grand Cycle Galactic clock, we’re less than half a second to midnight! Just like childbirth doesn’t suddenly happen when the baby’s head emerges, our ‘shift’ won’t suddenly happen on the day of Dec 21 2012 (which is a controversial estimate anyway). Certainly something may or may not happen around then that is a big cosmic surprise, who knows, but essentially we are currently in the intense last stages of labour as the light coming from the Galactic Centre has already started to do its work.

We have already entered the energies associated with 2012, and are thus experiencing the consequences: anything that is vibrating at less than the new vibratory rate to which we are ‘ascending’ is getting pushed out and demolished. Old patterns and ‘issues’ that are still within us, but simply cannot exist in the new vibration (because they are based in fear or lack which doesn’t exist in the higher dimensions), are being ‘tasered’ out of us...zap, zap, zap! That which we have avoided or not wanted to confront is becoming so loud, ugly or huge that it is impossible to ignore it anymore....be it in your personal life, work life, with partners, family or friends, or on the global, political stage. I have never known so many people finding themselves in court to finally resolve an ongoing issue, leaving long-term careers or relationships to pursue something completely different, making major geographical moves, and undergoing what seems like an entire personality change. What used to fit just doesn’t anymore. We have outgrown our costumes, and it’s time to take them off.

What happens to those things (or people) who haven’t shifted by the end of this cycle? What happens to those who have shifted? I don’t know. I’ve asked Mayan priests and Native American medicine men. They all say the same thing: nobody knows what is going to happen. Going back to the childbirth analogy, I guess no-one really knows how the birth is going to go, what the baby is going to look and be like, and who he or she will become as the future unfolds. All I know is I’ve had this loud message inside me as long as I can remember: help as many people as possible wake up. There has been a sense of urgency attached to this message, as if there was a deadline, that they had to wake up by a certain time. I didn’t know until I was in my 20’s what this certain time was, but when I heard about the Mayan and Hopi prophecies, and as the events of the last 8 years have heated up since 9/11, I now know they were referring to these times that we are in now leading up to the end of this cycle.

What does it mean to ‘shift’? To ‘wake up’? It is about remembering our true natures, who we really are. It is about remembering that this thing we call reality is just part of a much greater reality where true reality surpasses our wildest dreams. It is about liberating ourselves, unplugging from ‘the game’, and moving forward as our authentic selves, connected to our Source energy, knowing we are divine, eternal, creator beings.

So, it looks like this crazy angel going around zapping us is actually a helper from this central galactic light. She’s doing it with love, with each zap acting like an alarm clock that won’t shut up until you open your eyes: Wake up wake up wake up! She doesn’t want you to be late for your new job.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2009

Dana Mrkich is an internationally known expert, leader and visionary in the field of Personal Transformation, Conscious Evolution and Vibrational/Energy Reality. She is a naturally gifted Energy Intuitive, Author of A New Chapter, Radio Host and Teacher. She offers her empowering Soul Sessions via email, phone and Skype to clients all around the world, and in-person in Sydney, Australia, containing the guidance and healing insights you most need as you step further into your true self and new reality. Ask Dana your general questions about these changing times, or share your stories, on her new message boards. Subscribe to Dana's Monthly Newsletter at: http://www.danamrkich.com/

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