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Visioning the Dream Awake: December 2009

December 2009

What's New this Month!

- New Message Boards!!: Shifting into your New Reality - Ask Dana and Share your Stories and Insights

- December Monthly Visions: Farewell to 2009 and Wake up to 2012...

- Soul Sessions: Phone, Skype and Email Sessions also In-Person + Christmas Gift Certificates

- The Natural Soul: Near Death Experiences

New Message Boards: Shifting into your New Reality -Ask Dana and Share your Stories and Insights

I often receive emails from people who have general questions about the various aspects of conscious evolution and this new reality we are all shifting into personally and collectively: manifesting, how to tune in to your higher self and intuition, meditation, soulmates, feeling lost and confused etc. These questions are universally asked, and when shared they can help others who are feeling the same way. I thought it would be great to have all these questions in one space, and I've wanted to add a message boards function for a long time, so today I went ahead and did that! I'll be popping in regularly to respond to posts, yet more importantly I wanted to create a community Q&A space that anyone can visit anytime they need to seek support, receive inspiration, have a bit of a release or share an experience or some wisdom. As well as posting questions, I invite everyone to share your thoughts, stories and time, as we all have unique and insightful perspectives and contributions to make. What is easy or obvious to you, might be the lightbulb moment, healing balm or piece of inspiration someone else needs that day. Likewise, there is no such thing as a silly question, so don't feel your question is probably not worth asking. If you're having a hard time with something, you can be sure millions of other people in the world are too. Now is the time for us to step up and help each other, so go have a browse, ask a question, share some love and I hope you enjoy this new addition! Message Boards: http://www.danamrkich.proboards.com

December Monthly Visions: Farewell to 2009 and Wake up to 2012...

As we edge toward the last days of 2009 the usual busy-ness of the festive season seems like a calm walk in the park compared to the last minute 'zappings' everyone seems to be getting right about now. Have you dealt with your power issues? Zzzzzzap! Have you really? Zzzzzzap again just to be sure. Have you dealt with your inner child stuff? Your lack mentality? You're 'I'm not good enough/I'm not worthy/Who am I to be great and successful and loved' beliefs? Zap! Zap! Zap! It's like some crazy angel has got a hold of a police taser and is running wild with it, giggling with glee at the fun of it. Read more: http://danamrkich.blogspot.com/2009/12/dec-09-monthly-visions-farewell-to-2009.html

Soul Sessions: Appointments and Christmas Gift Certificates available

Soul Sessions offer an hour of empowering information, downloaded from the parts of your energy you most need to hear from. They provide a higher perspective helping you to understand why you have the reality you have, and show you how to create the reality you want, focusing on the issues you most need guidance on right now. In these times of profound change, Sessions can also ease the way through any life transitions you are experiencing.

"I was pretty much flabbergasted by not only the soul session information, but how beautifully and lovingly it was described and written. What I felt most was ocean depths of sheer relief because I finally found someone who really understood what was happening. Thank you for being so upfront! It takes courage and spirit to speak from the heart and be willing to share real truth. You are truly gifted and have obviously done much work to get here to this place." Linda, QLD, Australia

"The clarity and insight you have provided is astounding. You seem to have hit the nail on the head on so many things, that I forget we don't actually know each other!" Mandie, Mullumbimby, Australia

Sessions are available via Email (written downloads approx 7 pages), Phone or Skype. With phone sessions the call charge is free, as I call you (landlines only). Skype is free for both parties. In Person Sessions are available in Sydney (Northern Beaches), for appointments please email: dana@danamrkich.com

• Christmas Gift certificates are available. A great way to inspire a friend or family member as we move out of 2009 and into 2010!

For more info and to make a booking: http://www.danamrkich.com/readings/index.html

The Natural Soul: Near Death Experiences

Due to a slight change of plans The Natural Soul wasn't immediately available when I let you know about its upcoming launch in the Oct newsletter. Happily, all is now back on track! So if you were interested and couldn't wait to get a hold of this book you can now order it here: www.barbarawhitfield.com

Everyone is fascinated by the topic of Near Death Experiences. What happens when we pass? My friend Barbara Whitfield, an expert, therapist and near-death experiencer, has appeared on Oprah talking about this subject. Barbara's latest book The Natural Soul contains a wealth of research and real life experiences. The predominant message is that we are eternally alive: our Souls have life before, during and after this incarnation. While our physical bodies may have an expiration date, we, the WE that we really are, don't ever die. I was honoured to write an endorsement for the book, as follows:

The soul is limitless Life and Love Being, and the stories shared in The Natural Soul left me with a profound understanding of this truth. Barbara writes that our Soul is who we are right now - not some kind of Spiritual concept or higher part of us 'out there'. It is who we really are if we only take a moment to look at and feel our real self. It is who we are before life, during life, and after life. Indeed, our soul is life itself; eternal, unbreakable, and in every moment connected to all those we love regardless of distance or on which side of the veil we or they reside. - Dana Mrkich, Author of A New Chapter , Sydney, Australia.

To watch a short beautiful trailer about it go here: http://www.cbwhit.com/naturalsoul.html




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