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January 2010 Monthly Visions: Breaking Free!

January 2010: Breaking Free!

Welcome to 2010! This is the year of owning your Power and Being who you really are. I would like to invite you now to take a moment to commit to doing that. Set your intention clearly for the coming year. See yourself as owning your power and being who you really are. You may not know what that looks like, or how you will get there. Doesn’t matter. Your intention is everything. A heartfelt prayer, along with a deep willingness to let it in, will show you the way.

In fact, the less of an idea we have of what ‘owning our power’ and ‘being who we really are’ looks like the better. We have so many false ideas and beliefs around what this is supposed to look like for us, that may be totally off track as far as our true self and highest potential is concerned. Oprah has this saying that I love “God has a bigger dream for you than you could ever possibly dream for yourself”. Our conceptions of what is possible for us are like glass ceilings bumping up against our heads, causing us to feel frustrated even whilst we are convinced we are striving to reach our greatest heights. We are so much greater than we allow ourselves to believe. Likewise, our ambitions of what is desirable may be based on old and outdated versions of who we once were, or thought we were, or were told we were, leading us on a golden-plated brick road: looks good on the surface but is fake underneath.

When we have a strong intention to own our power and be who we really are, surrendering the how to God/the Universe, following the moment by moment cookie crumbs, we will find our bliss. We will find our bliss every day along the journey, and we will find it within our various destinations. Our destinations may match our goals and dreams exactly or far surpass them or look nothing like them, only better. Let life surprise you!

People often ask how to ‘follow the moment by moment cookie crumbs’, feeling they have trouble tuning in to their intuition. Firstly, let’s get clear on what intuition is. It is how your true/higher/authentic self communicates with you. It is with you ALL the time, voicing itself via your daily feelings and inspirations. What do you feel now? What do you want to do now? If you want to know what your intuition is saying at any given moment, answer those two questions honestly and you’ll know. If your answers feel complex and multi-layered it helps to write it out. What started out as “I feel totally bored and frustrated!’ is your intuition saying something like “I want a different kind of work” or “I love my work but I want more business” or “I want to work less and play more”. Give it a chance to speak and it will definitely come out on the page!

I think that most of us have no problem tuning in to our intuition, only we don’t realise that’s what it is. Our problem is not that we can’t hear it, our problem is that we chronically ignore it, fight it, over-ride it and talk ourselves out of it. Then we wonder why we aren’t getting to where we want to go.

Our intuition (frustration) says: “It is time to leave this marriage, it is emotionally and physically unhealthy for you. You will be so much happier when you set yourself free.” Our fear says: “You can’t live alone, you’ll never make it. How will you survive?”

Our intuition (passion) says: “I would love to change career and study something new.” Our doubt says: “You’re too old. You’ll never find another job. You have a mortgage to pay. Stay here.”

Our intuition (inner guidance) says: “Give me ten minutes to tell you something in a meditation or in your journal and you’ll have so much more clarity about this.” Our stressed mind says: “I’m too busy. I don’t have time.”

We all have intuition, but too often we don’t follow it. We like how it feels – it definitely feels better than the critical, negative alternate thoughts – but we have this strange problem trusting good thoughts and feelings. Maybe we think we don’t deserve good things? Maybe we feel life can’t be that easy? Bottom line is, most people believe in their doubts and fears, more than they believe in their intuition. Yet when we follow our own inner promptings, they will never let us down. We have to learn to trust our intuition, more than we trust our doubts and fears. We don’t trust it because it often asks us to do something that is beyond our comfort zone. Whether it’s a huge thing like leaving a job or marriage, or stopping our busy-ness for 10 minutes to have some meditation or journaling time, we are wired to look at the risks of doing so. We have developed this really unhealthy human mantra “I can’t, because ...”

Following our intuition often requires making a leap into the unknown, which can be scary, but it is also feels exhilarating, exciting and expansive to our soul.

We are all being called now to make a great leap in consciousness, and thus great leaps in our daily lives, great leaps into the unknown, and are being challenged on every level. With any leap to a higher vibration, it is the way of energy that anything not in alignment with the new vibration is brought to our attention. When you commit to a new level of success, health, love or abundance, you can be sure that all your old beliefs, habits and patterns will rear their heads! In setting our intention to own our power and be who we really are, all we engage in that contradicts our intention, within ourselves and externally, will be made known.

On the one hand this is great. The louder and more obvious a belief or pattern is, the easier to clear it right? However, sometimes this can feel downright disheartening. Depending on factors like our history, level of consciousness and emotional state we can feel like a force beyond our control is trying to keep us down when every bone in our body is trying to rise up and shift forward. Making a quantum leap isn’t easy – if it were, we’d be doing it every day in every way – and sometimes it can feel easier to stay in the old, familiar mould you’re used to. However when we are designed to reach our highest potential, as I believe we all are, we have to find a way to break free of our old moulds or risk living a life that feels lacking in life. Breaking free has two components: 1) Don’t under-estimate how strong your old mould is. There is power in acknowledging it and it’s affect on everything from who you believe yourself to be, to what you create/attract in your life. 2) Don’t under-estimate your ability to break free of the mould, nor your strength to do so. You are stronger than the mould. The mould is not you. The mould is that which has been covering you.

I got to thinking about this when I was looking at the way the new sunflowers are growing, that I recently helped my sister Jelena and her partner Danny plant outside the house. They all started as identical seeds with identical potential, however external conditions have definitely moulded them differently. Those sunflowers that receive the most light due to their optimum position are the tallest and look the strongest. Those by the wall that receive a few hours less of direct sunlight a day are much shorter, and seem more delicate. I mentioned this to Jel, wondering if the smaller sunflowers would catch up to the bigger ones. She told me about their corn.

Jel and Danny planted their corn seeds into individual pots. As the first shoots began to show, they re-planted about half into the ground. They re-planted the other half a couple of weeks later. The corn that had gone into the ground first shot up, and ended up about 5 feet tall. The second lot of corn, that had spent more time in the individual pots before having the freedom to grow in the ground without limitations, was less than half the size. It didn’t catch up to its larger brothers and sisters.

I thought about how we humans are like that too. If we receive all we need to grow, it is much easier to be the successful, healthy, prosperous ‘sunflower’. When we don’t receive all we need, especially in childhood, we tend to emerge into adulthood with issues like low self-worth, self-doubt and lack of self-love. Strive as we might to become the tall sunflower, we repeat the story of our childhood over and over again sabotaging our movement forward. Even while we desire to change, it is like we are somehow programmed to live within certain restricted conditions bouncing back into our box each time our head gets too close to the ceiling. Whilst some people have been raised to think “I can do whatever I want” others were taught the exact opposite. Thus the mould begins.

Two-thirds of prisoners re-offend and end up living more of their lives in prison than outside it. When restriction becomes our comfort zone, we don’t even know how to be in freedom. Whether it is literal freedom, or the freedom of a new level of income, success, health, love, power or authenticity, that which we most desire can also be that which we most fear. It is new and unknown, and if we’ve never truly had it then it can feel like the scariest thing in the world to move into it. Our doubts and fears have a field-day letting us know why we can’t, while our intuition is in each moment showing us how we can.

Whether we are conscious of it or not, growth and evolution is our natural state of being. In a state of non-conscious evolution, when we aren’t aware of things like our intuition or how to use it, we spend our lives bouncing around between banging our head on the ceiling, and slumped on the floor with exhaustion and frustration wondering what we’re doing wrong. Worse, we may not even realise there is a higher level above us to which we can aspire. In a state of conscious evolution we are aware of that higher level and are equipped with more tools to guide our way there, like the acknowledgement of our intuition, yet still it has been my professional observation, and personal experience, that consciousness alone will not get us there.

We need a fuel, a rocket-launcher, to literally propel us from one level to another, to help us make our quantum leaps. There may be many, but one rocket-launcher is definitely Focused Intention and an unwavering Commitment to follow it’s trajectory no matter what. Too often we don’t get lift-off because we set our intention, the doubts and old beliefs invariably come up, yet instead of dismissing them with a simple ‘Yes I thought you might show up, well goodbye, I’m off to higher ground’ we let ourselves get pulled down by them. We analyse them, we explore them, we try to understand them, we try to heal and release them. We give them attention and focus, and we all know: you end up where your focus is. So back in the box we remain.

People often ask me about the role of action in our leaps of consciousness. Surely we have to DO something to get from here to there if we have a goal? Well yes, having set your intention, and committed to following your moment by moment cookie crumbs, follow the answers you get to your 2 important questions: What do I feel now? What do I want to do now?

Finally, another action that I’ve found to be very powerful, literally propelling the rocket up, up and away, is the action of saying no to all those doubts and beliefs that crop up once you’ve set your intention. Whether they come from within, or are mirrored to you by external circumstances or the opinions and behaviours of those around you, they will come, guaranteed. Your job is not to wonder “Now why have I attracted all this negative re-inforcement? I must not be ready.” Your job is to smile and say “Yes yes I was expecting as much. Well can’t stay and chat, I have greener pastures to head to” and keep your intention on your focus.

When we do this we are over-riding our old mould program, and allowing ourselves to break free into the Universal program that has no limits. In this program, whatever you think about tends to manifest quite rapidly so it’s a good thing we really don’t break free into it before we’re ready. However you are now ready. We have had our training, and we are ready for rocket-launch!

Start the New Year by setting your intention. If you know you need help with certain things ask the Universe/Creator to help you. You don’t have to do this alone, and we aren’t meant to do it alone. The Universal forces are all around you, just waiting to help you whether you want to embody more calm and patience, abundance, empowerment, self-worth or joy. Ask and you shall receive.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2010

Dana Mrkich is an internationally known expert, leader and visionary in the field of Personal Transformation, Conscious Evolution and Vibrational/Energy Reality. She is a naturally gifted Energy Intuitive, Author of A New Chapter, Radio Host and creator/teacher of e-course Create a Life You Love. She offers her empowering Soul Sessions via email, phone and Skype to clients all around the world, and in-person in Sydney, Australia, containing the guidance and healing insights you most need as you step further into your true self and new reality. Ask Dana your general questions about these changing times, or share your stories, on her new Message Boards. Subscribe to Dana's Monthly Newsletter or please visit: You can follow Dana on Twitter or become a Fan on Facebook.

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