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March 2010 Visioning the Dream Awake Newsletter

March 2010

What's New this Month!

- Shifting into Your New Reality Talk: Now on You Tube

- Shifting into Your New Reality Workshop: On the Central Coast or ask me to come to your area!

- Monthly Visions: Mother Earth in Labour

Every Month:

- Create a Life you Love E-Course (formerly Your New Chapter): Pay what you Want

- Message Boards: Shifting into your New Reality

- Soul Sessions

Shifting into Your New Reality: Talk now on You Tube

My talk Shifting into Your New Reality is now on You Tube, filmed at the Love & Serendipity Expo in Gosford Australia this past weekend. It explains the 2012 shift we are now in, how we are being affected personally and globally, and ways to move through it. Enjoy! If you would like me to speak at a venue in your area please email me:

Shifting into Your New Reality Workshop: Invite me to come to your area

Discuss issues that are coming up as you jump from your Old to New Reality. Get to the root of any blocks that are holding you back from stepping into more of who you really are in any life area. Learn more about how you are creating your reality, and find out about your Vibrational Reality - it is affecting every single element of your life and is what the Law of Attraction is responding to!

Price: $75

Date: A workshop will be held at Love & Serendipity, Gosford on a date TBA. Please email to be put on the interest list:

If you would like a workshop to be held in your area, please email me.


March 2010 Monthly Visions:

I had a very vivid, insightful dream the other night. I was hovering above the Earth, watching as light started pulsing onto and all over our planet, coming out from the centre of the Galaxy. Mother Earth was adjusting herself this way and that, turning and twisting to absorb as much as possible, ensuring every part of her got the light. In the process things were getting a bit shaken up down here, but she had to get the light. Not just for herself, but for all of us. Like any mother, she was doing what was best for her children, even though from the children's perspective it doesn't seem like a good thing at all!


Create a Life you Love E-Course (formerly Your New Chapter): Pay what you Want

Be guided step by step with my 7 week e-course to find out why you have the reality you have, and how to create the reality you want. Read about this course and book


Message Boards: Shifting into your New Reality

Relax with a cup of tea and read what people are saying about their current journey or share your story and questions. The Message Boards are a place to give and receive support, inspiration, insights and connection.


Soul Sessions with Dana

Clear the way to move into who you really are! Soul Sessions are available in-person in Sydney Australia, or via Email, Phone or Skype.

Book here:


Have a magical March!

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