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March 2010 Monthly Visions: Mother Earth in Labour

March Monthly Visions: Mother Earth in Labour

I had a very vivid, insightful dream the other night. I was hovering above the Earth, watching as light started pulsing onto and all over our planet, coming out from the centre of the Galaxy. Mother Earth was adjusting herself this way and that, turning and twisting to absorb as much as possible, ensuring every part of her got the light. In the process things were getting a bit shaken up down here, but she had to get the light. Not just for herself, but for all of us. Like any mother, she was doing what was best for her children, even though from the children’s perspective it doesn’t seem like a good thing at all!

The dream continued. People were getting angry at Earth. They felt she was punishing us or that we were somehow being punished along with her. They were yelling about the impact all this adjusting, turning and movement was having on the people. They felt like it was a battle between the people and the Earth (and the Earth changes). Mother Earth was hurting that no-one understood what was happening. She wanted everyone to know “I am doing this for you. I am doing this to help you. This light is here to help you. It is here to awaken you.” She knows that in adjusting and turning to get the maximum light there are going to be side effects. But to not receive this light as it flows to us is not possible, nor preferable. As intense and shaky as it is to have this amount of light flooding us – and having Earth move herself about to absorb it to the fullest potential – the alternative would be to press pause on cosmic movement and stay stuck where we are. There is no way around this shift, there is only a way through.

It takes Earth 26 000 years to go through this particular cycle we are now in. Consider it a 26 000 year pregnancy. Every 26 000 years our Sun aligns with the Equator of our Galaxy, and from a visual perspective it looks like we are aligning with the centre of the Galaxy. The Mayans called this point the ‘spiritual rebirth’ point, so it makes sense that the closer we get to this point the more intensely we feel what is essentially Mother Earth in labour. According to ancient cultures this point heralds a challenging time for humanity, yet also offers an unprecedented opportunity for a mass shift in consciousness and ultimately positive change. From emergency comes emergence. Our breakdowns will lead to breakthroughs.

Whether you are a scientist measuring the current and coming amount of electro-magnetic energy pouring down onto us, or a spiritually minded person calling it light, it’s really the same thing. The good news is it doesn’t mark the end of the world. The Mayans refer to their cycles as a ‘world’ eg we are now witnessing the end of the 5th world and the beginning of the 6th world. On Dec 21 2012, the 26 000 year Long Count Calendar resets to Zero Point, and a new cycle/world begins. As you can imagine with such a long cycle, the transitional stage as we shift from one cycle to another isn’t a one day event. We have been in the window of ‘era-2012’ since 1980 and it will continue through to 2016. I came across a wonderful cartoon last week in Aluna Joy’s newsletter ( that showed a Mayan standing there with the calendar saying ‘I only had enough room to go up to 2012’ with his mate laughing say “That’s really going to freak someone out one day.”

Humanity are freaked out now, but I strongly believe it is not the shift itself that is creating the panic. It is the ‘not knowing’ that triggers fear. The majority of people associate 2012 with the end of the world, and the Chilean earthquake on the weekend, so close to the Haiti quake, triggered that fear even more. People are starting to wonder if the prophecies are true, without realising that the mainstream and Hollywood versions of the prophecies are born of fear and lack of accurate information.

We have to remember that this is the end of a cycle, not the end of the world, and the shifts we are experiencing within us and around us are part of the process. As much as we would love to go from pregnancy to birth with one quick easy and graceful movement, the fact is that most labours are intense and challenging. I’ve heard more than one mother say that at some point she was saying “I want to go home now, I can’t do this!” Yet all the mothers did do it, their bodies ultimately knew what to do even if their conscious mind was freaking out. Likewise, the body of our Mother Earth knows what she’s doing. Our bodies too know what to do in these times. While we can’t all get a manual and itinerary telling us what’s going to happen when, we can learn to trust our bodies, trust our instincts, and trust that we will be exactly where we need to be in each moment and we will know what to do. It’s not until you are in the middle of a crisis that abilities and qualities you never knew you had surge to the surface. This doesn’t mean we all have to experience a crisis, it just means that we are all better equipped to handle crises than we give ourselves credit for.

There is a lot of fear and panic energy flying around now, with people feeling like they have no control over what is going on. This puts us in victim mode, where the shift is happening ‘to’ us. If we can look at it like the shift is happening ‘for’ us, we can experience it in a more empowered way. We can ask, if it is happening ‘for’ us, why is it happening? If it is truly happening to usher in a new era, a new consciousness, a new reality, then what do we want that new reality to look like? Sitting in fear we ask “what’s going to happen?” thinking the worst. Standing in empowerment we can start asking “What do we want to have happen?” and start visioning a new world. It is true that when you have been “shaken like a giant for a minute and a half” as those in Chile experienced over the weekend, and are now surrounded by chaos and destruction, the fact is most people’s thoughts will be on immediate survival mode. It is during these events that those of us who are able to be as conscious as possible, whether we are in the affected area or halfway across the world, continue to be so, in order to help in as clear and constructive a way as possible.

Why is the knowledge that we are the creators of our reality suddenly in the mainstream consciousness?? Surely not because the world is about to end, that would make no sense! “Hey everyone, here’s the Law of Attraction knowledge! It’s time to remember you get to create the reality you want. You can use this for your own life and to change the world! Oh, p.s, you’ve only got 3 years to play with this Law and then it’s game over. Enjoy!” I don’t think so!! Doesn’t it make more sense that perhaps we are remembering and being given this knowledge now because it is the very tool we need to help make our way through the shift? Doesn’t it make sense that it is the very tool we need to start creating the world we want to live in?

We are waiting to find out what will happen beyond 2012. Meanwhile the creative energies of evolution and consciousness that exist beyond 2012, that have already arrived here now, are awaiting us. They are awaiting instruction. They are awaiting our imaginings. The buildings are awaiting the builder. The creations are awaiting the creators. We don’t have time to waste on fearing the worst. The Earth is going to go through whatever she needs to go through. When things happen we can pray and assist however we can, but going into panic or resistance is not going to help anybody. We can go into despair and overwhelm (and with so many people suffering or dying it is human nature to want to do so), or we can do something productive. The best use of our energy now is to ask: What can I do? From there trust that whatever you do is good be it sending prayers, helping bandage someone right in front of you, visualising everyone in new, self-sustainable homes, being kind to people, loving yourself, contributing to a humanitarian project, growing your own garden, hugging a friend, it all counts. People have mocked energetic support as having no use, but at the same time ‘spiritual’ people have not wanted to participate in physical support thinking ‘it must be their karma to be going through that’. We have to let all those old ideas go.

Spiritual/energetic support is just as powerful as physical support. Physical support is just as important as spiritual/energetic support. There is no set ‘right thing to do’. The only ‘right thing to do’ is to follow your own feelings and instincts from one moment to the next. Don’t assume that the right thing for you to be doing is right for everyone, and let’s not judge each other’s ‘right thing to do’. Also, don’t assume that your ‘right thing’ isn’t effective enough or that one person doesn’t count. Have you ever seen a jigsaw puzzle with one piece missing? Every piece counts. We all have a piece of the puzzle, so really there are 7 billion ‘right things to do’. It’s time to go do yours. Earth and humanity need you.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2010

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  1. Hi Dana, thank you for this uplifting post, and especially for your words about how we can support each other - both spiritually and physically through the exciting transition to the 6th world. Blessings,Denise

  2. Wow, I am so glad I found this post in the WWW ether. I was seeking out something to give me comfort in these times of breakdown/breakthrough. I will literally wake up one day and feel completely illuminated and connected the entire day only to have a major meltdown the next day. It sounds like those birth contractions you spoke of. I'm now starting to realize that the breakdowns (as much as the breakthroughs) are proof that something is happening NOW--not on that exact date December 21, 2012. We're already in the eye of the storm.

    I created a little vid on my friend Carl Calleman's book on the Mayan Calendar and evolution that kind of connects to what you're saying, if you're interested:

    Cheers and be well.