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Visioning the Dream Awake: February 2010

February 2010

What's New this Month!

- February 27: Speaking at the Love & Serendipity Expo

- March 6: 3 hour workshop, Central Coast, Australia

- Monthly Visions: Helping Haiti…and why did it happen?

Every Month:

- Create a Life you Love E-Course (formerly Your New Chapter): Pay what you Want

- Message Boards: Shifting into your New Reality

- Soul Sessions

February 27, 11.05am: 45 min talk at the Love & Serendipity Expo, Gosford, NSW Australia

If you live on the Central Coast, or want to drive up for the day from Sydney (or down for Newcastle readers), come along to the Love & Serendipity Expo. This year’s Expo theme is Let the Journey Begin!

I will be speaking about Shifting into Your New Reality: Find out about the current and coming energies, what’s happening, why, how we’re being affected personally and globally, and ways to work with and move through these times!

Love & Serendipity Expo Details

Love & Serendipity Community & Wellbeing Centre, 297 Mann St, Gosford (only 200m walk from Gosford Railway Station)

Lectures – Readings – Alternative Therapies - Entertainment – Stalls

Sat 27 and Sun 28 Feb: 10am-5pm

Dana’s Talk: February 27 – 11.05am for 45 minutes

Half Price Vouchers for Expo Entry are available on Print your Discount Voucher to enter the Expo for only $6!


March 6: 3 hour workshop, Central Coast, Australia

I will be running a workshop at the Love & Serendipity Centre on Saturday March 6, from 1pm-4pm. This is going to be an exciting 3 hours, expanding on the topics covered in my talk. Together we’ll discuss issues that may be coming up as you jump from your Old to New Reality. Get to the root of any blocks that are holding you back from stepping into more of who you really are in any life area. Learn more about how you are creating your reality, discover ways to connect with your Inner GPS (intuition) and find out about your Vibrational Reality - it is affecting every single element of your life and is what the Law of Attraction is responding to!

Price: $75

To Book your Place Phone Love & Serendipity: (02) 4322 9175


February 2010 Monthly Visions: Helping Haiti…and why did it happen?

For anyone who is a regular to my Monthly Visions, you’ll have read something I say a lot: we are moving into a new vibration where anything not in alignment with that vibration is now in the process of collapsing or transforming. You cannot take your analogue system with you once the national switchover is made to digital television, so too with our old vibrational reality. So, aside from an increase in natural disasters as a natural result of the Earth's shift, we are particularly seeing the effects in poorer areas first, because all that is vibrating at a low level can no longer be sustained. Out of context, this sounds like a totally heartless Universal mantra so I will elaborate, and stress the following point....Read more here:


Create a Life you Love E-Course (formerly Your New Chapter): Pay what you Want

Be guided step by step with my 7 week e-course to find out why you have the reality you have, and how to create the reality you want. Read about this course and book here:


Message Boards: Shifting into your New Reality

Relax with a cup of tea and read what people are saying about their current journey or share your story and questions. The Message Boards are a place to give and receive support, inspiration, insights and connection.


Soul Sessions with Dana

Clear the way to move into who you really are! Soul Sessions are available in-person in Sydney Australia, or via Email, Phone or Skype.

Book here:


Have a fabulous February!

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