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Feb 2010 Monthly Visions: Helping Haiti...and why did it happen?

February 2010: Helping Haiti...and why did it happen?

“What I have been saying for these 20 years is that "water retains information". And the information which affects water the most is people's mind. It functions as if water were the mirror of our heart. I don't think that water deep underground is not an exception, and believe that the state of energy of such water becomes as if it is reflecting the mind of people who live on the ground. What I think is that an earthquake may occur due to the disparity in energy level of water in faults. The greater the disparity is, the stronger the quake may become. There were earthquakes in the Indian Ocean off Sumatra and in the Philippines, and this time in Haiti. If my assumption stated above is correct, I would think that they occurred because the energy level of people who live in those areas, on those grounds, may be low, and that the energy level of economy in such areas may be very low. The way to alleviate the present disastrous situation in Haiti would be monetary donation, because money is the energy that has the same property as water.”Dr Masaru Emoto, Hado.Net Newsletter*

For anyone who is a regular to my Monthly Visions, you’ll have read something I say a lot: we are moving into a new vibration where anything not in alignment with that vibration is now in the process of collapsing or transforming. You cannot take your analogue system with you once the national switchover is made to digital television, so too with our old vibrational reality. So, aside from an increase in natural disasters as a natural result of the Earth's shift, we are particularly seeing the effects in poorer areas first, because all that is vibrating at a low level can no longer be sustained. Out of context, this sounds like a totally heartless Universal mantra so I will elaborate, and stress the following point: I am not suggesting we take on a simplistic, new agey head in the sand attitude like “People in poor areas just need to lift their vibration’. That is certainly part of it, but there is a bigger picture here. ALL that is vibrating at a low level can no longer be sustained. If you keep reading you’ll see that there is a very heart-full higher purpose to these words, simultaneously acting as a warning and a calling, beseeching us all into a higher level of being which includes a higher standard of truth, accountability, responsibility, use of power and care for Earth and humanity. The obvious situation is that Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti has collapsed, however something even bigger is being called to collapse and transform: the international conditions that allowed a country to collapse in such a tragic way and allowed it to live in such an inhumane way for so long. The vibration of everything has to increase from individuals to international relations and everything in between. All of it.

Neither consciousness without action eg ‘lift your vibration people!’ or action without consciousness ‘here have some money people’ on their own are going to work as sustainable solutions. The two have to work hand in hand. While ultimately we are all responsible for our own level of consciousness and vibration, and thus responsible for the contribution we make to the consciousness and vibration of our family, home, country and world, it works the other way around as well. The collective consciousness of our world, country, home and family, influences our personal level of consciousness and thus the ease in which we can rise up...or not.

Many on the spiritual path have a detached attitude of non-interference when it comes to political and global issues, using old karmic perspectives like: “They must be in that situation for a reason”. While individual consciousness is certainly a factor, ie every one is being called to lift their vibration right now, poverty consciousness cannot exist where we are going, we also have to take into account the responsibility of our collective consciousness. That is, what are we doing to help people rise above poverty consciousness and conditions, and more importantly what are we doing that is actually keeping them down on that low level? Can someone rise above a certain level of consciousness and conditions if there are governments or organisations at work deliberately repressing them just like a lid being pushed down on a pot of water? The water WILL rise eventually, but at what cost???

Okay, everything happens for a ‘reason’, but consider that the reason may be to trigger we the people into a vibrant, active consciousness so that we might start asking: “Why in such a wealthy world do we allow people to live like that?” so that we might start demanding and placing pressure on international governments to change the way they treat their neighbours. We have been numbed by media to such an extent that we think it is ‘just the way it is’ that most of the world live in unacceptable conditions, but it doesn’t make sense that they do in light of the available resources.

‘Globally, the annual military expenditure stands at 780 billion dollars. The total amount required to provide global health care, eliminate starvation and malnutrition, provide clean water and shelter for all, remove land mines, eliminate nuclear weapons, stop deforestation, prevent global warming, ozone depletion and acid rain, retire the paralysing debt of developing nations, prevent soil erosion, produce safe, clean energy, stop overpopulation and eliminate illiteracy is only one third that amount – 237.5 billion dollars.” – Dr Helen Caldicott, The New Nuclear Danger (2001)

As the media shines its microscopic lens into Port-au-Prince we are not just seeing the victims of an earthquake. We are seeing the victims of a world that doesn’t share its wealth, that doesn’t look after it’s brothers and sisters, that doesn’t provide access to (or even awareness of) many available resources and technologies. We have not seen that this world has had every opportunity and ability to do so, but has chosen not to. This is not limited to the world’s treatment of Haiti, but extends to its treatment of all those in need, both within developing and developed countries. When I refer above to the ‘world’, really I am talking about the world’s power elite, an old paradigm group mentality that has got to be voted off the island already.

As I watched the Haiti tragedy unfolding on television, I caught myself thinking: “Why is it that the worst natural disasters seem to hit the countries (or cities in the case of New Orleans) that are already suffering the most? Does an earthquake or tsunami have a ‘poverty magnet’ and decide “Now, who shall I target next? I know! How about the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere? Haiti!” Yet strong quakes occur in wealthy cities and countries too. Just a couple of weeks before the 7.0 Haiti quake, a 6.5 magnitude quake happened off the coast of California. No major damage or injuries were reported aside from the popping out of a few windows and smashed bottles that fell off shelves in liquor stores and supermarkets. In July 2008 a 5.4 quake had its epicentre only 30 miles east of Los Angeles. “No serious injuries or major structural damage” there aside from “rocking tall buildings and rattling nerves” (Whitcomb, Reuters). In the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Los Angeles was “very lucky”. Lucky is one way to look at it. Structurally sound, at least in comparison to Haiti, thanks to an abundance of financial support is another.

'We will be judged by how we treat the least among us' – attributed to Jesus

Compare this with Haiti where, according to the mayor of Port-au-Prince, 60% of buildings were shoddily built and unsafe in normal circumstances. 80% of Haitians live under the poverty line on less than $2 a day. (Associated Press). We can safely say that while natural disasters certainly aren’t limited to poorer countries, they definitely have more catastrophic consequences.

International governments are now sending aid but the question has to be asked: Where have you been???? Was it their job to help out countries like Haiti while they were busy with their own countries? Yes actually it was! In 1970 the United Nations set as a target that the world’s ‘rich nations’ contribute 0.70% of their Gross National Income (GNI) to Official Development Assistance. With the exception of Sweden, Norway, Luxembourg, Denmark and The Netherlands, the ‘rich nations’ are not meeting this target. When I included this fact in my book A New Chapter I noted that the US’s contribution in 2005 was only .22% of their GNI ($27.5 billion) yet they managed to find $420 billion that year for military spending. Out of interest today I went to to see if the US has improved since then. Sadly they’ve got worse. Their Development Assistance figure as at April 2009 had gone below the .2% mark, although that would have reflected the last year of the outgoing administration. I only hope that the Obama administration is rectifying that situation asap, among the other hundred things on their to do list.

The United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals were agreed on in 2000, to be reached by 2015. They included 8 urgent issues including the eradication of extreme poverty. Kofi Annan at the time said that the ‘rich nations’ had to double their efforts with global development assistance if they had any hope of reaching these goals. They haven’t done that, perhaps thinking there isn’t anyone to hold them accountable. Who can force the most powerful countries in the world to uphold their promises? They clearly don’t have the New Reality manual, otherwise they’d know someone is holding them accountable. Universal Law, Energy and Vibration are holding them accountable. Earth is holding them accountable. She is moving into a higher vibration and poverty cannot exist in a higher vibration. Corruption, greed and abuse of power cannot exist in a higher vibration. We are experiencing a ‘revealing’ of those energies that have had the majority of this world living on shaky ground. The people of Haiti are suffering, but they are suffering more than they had to.

Geologists presented a paper in 2008 concluding that Port-au-Prince, which hadn’t had a major seismic event since 1751, could face a 7.2 earthquake that would be catastrophic given the overall shoddy construction of the city. (Reuters). One can’t help but wonder, if the ‘rich nations’ actually fulfilled their promises, could we have prevented the 100, 000 deaths in Haiti plus the 2 million + people there right now urgently in need of water, food, power and medical aid? Millions around the world are in that same urgent need, and they didn’t even have an earthquake. They just live like that all the time. Do they have to attract an earthquake or tsunami too before we give them any attention??

Natural disasters force governments to help, and trigger all kinds of celebrity driven Hope for Humanity telethons and concerts, and an upswell of individual giving which is wonderful, but it’s sad it takes a natural disaster to do that and at the same time we can’t be lulled into thinking this is a one-off unavoidable tragedy, donate $10 and go back to our normal lives. Haiti was in trouble for a long time before this quake, and many other countries are in trouble right now whether it’s lack of clean water or rising sea levels threatening the survival of their people.

We are led to believe that our rich countries are stretched to the limit, and absolutely are doing all they can. In actual fact, international governments have promised to do a whole lot more, and have been breaking these promises in a big way for at least forty years.

This isn’t about picking up the financial slack where our governments have failed. Of course help however you can, but what we really need is a mass awakening from apathy to anger, and from anger will come the passion and demand for governments to change the way they are running our world. The media has to start giving more productive, fact-based (not fear based) information, and stop repressing and ignoring information that we have a right to know. If there’s only one new thing you do this week, it is to become conscious of the degree to which you personally demand greater justice and balance for this world and to lift it up a notch. Consciousness is not immediately physically visible, but consciousness counts. It is our growing collective consciousness around the kind of Earth and Humanity we want to have, and the guidances you will naturally receive around what you personally can do, that will ultimately create it. Wherever a higher consciousness exists, a lower consciousness cannot, and that is how we can literally squeeze out the lies, corruption and abuse of power too many people have been suffocated by for too long.

The international governments can’t keep pressing their eyes shut, hoping much like children playing hide and seek that if they don’t actually look at the world, the world won’t be able to see them and thus they won’t have to do anything about its condition. The Earth is moving into a higher vibration, but too many of the power elite are still desperately trying to hold on to their old ways thinking no-one will notice. Events like the Haiti earthquake are making people aware of previously ignored human brothers and sisters. We are noticing perhaps for the first time the conditions in which they were living, before the quake. Yet it is not enough to look at Haiti and think ‘poor people, they didn’t have a chance.’ I wish that international leaders would be more honest about their broken promises and say “Those people did have a chance. We were supposed to give them a chance. We just chose not to.”

“I am a firm believer in the power of small steps – a lot of people doing a little and having this add up. This is the essence of “piti piti na rive,” my favorite Haitian saying – little by little we will arrive.” Margaret Trost, What If? Foundation Founder

Things you can do:

• Visit:  to help with food and water, and read on the ground news

• Visit: to help with shelter and sustainable housing planning

• Spend 10 min a day in meditation, focusing on your breath, connecting with your heart, feeling yourself as part of All that Is. When you do this regularly, this state of being becomes more and more familiar to you, making it easier to sustain during the day. This connected state is a higher state of consciousness. You can do a lot of good from this state, and will more easily be guided to the best ways in which you can help others.

• Gravitate to positive, empowering sources of information and media.

• Find a way every day to do something good, kind or giving. Call a friend you haven’t talked to in a while, cook a meal for someone who is super busy or super stressed, smile more, tell your partner you love and appreciate them, hug your kids.

• Visualise what you would like your world to look like – your home, your work, your community, your country, your Earth.

• Tell yourself every day: I can make a difference, conscious action counts!

(c) Dana Mrkich 2010

* The Hado.Net newsletter was forwarded to me by Barbara Harris Whitfield. Read her blog about her experiences with Haitian refugees here:

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