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August 2010 Visioning the Dream Awake

August 2010

So much is happening!!! Sit down and relax with a cup of tea or coffee and be inspired with the abundance of new articles, monthly visions, audio meditation and video clips in this month's newsletter!

What's New this Month!

- Monthly Visions: All Aboard the Gravy Train - unless you really like Gravel?

- Video Clips: Soul Sessions Cafe Talk and Star Knowledge Conference Post-Event Update

- Articles: Meditation can make you Younger and Why your Manifestations may not be Manifesting!

- Upcoming Talks: Spiritual Connections, Central Coast, NSW Australia

Every Month:

- Soul Sessions: In Person back in Sydney, Phone, Skype & Email as always

- Create a Life you Love E-Course: Pay what you Want

- Message Boards: Shifting into your New Reality

August 2010 Monthly Visions: All Aboard the Gravy Train - unless you really like Gravel?

On August 6-7 we are facing quite the wammy of astrological squares and oppositions with a grand cardinal cross featuring all the major planets. The astrologer Susan Miller wrote that she can't find anything like it within 500 years either side of us. Interestingly enough, on August 1 a few days ago the Sun had a massive Solar Flare (like an eruption) triggering a huge Solar Tsunami hurling itself toward Earth. Essentially this affects our weather and electro-magnetic energy so things like communication devices and navigational equipment go a bit haywire but we are also made up of electro-magnetic energy so we may be feeling like we are going a little haywire this week too!! Either one of these events are HUGE, so for them to happen as if by synchronicity offers a big opportunity for major shifting. This is a week when anything that has been stuck is going to explode with unstuckness in a big way. Pay attention to anything that bursts forth this week, whether it's creativity, anger, an old emotional pattern, frustration or dormant dreams, because it is a sign that something is wanting to birth, something that was stuck doesn't want to be stuck anymore. Anything that has felt imprisoned, passive or repressed will want freedom and expression. It's the week your soul might instigate a mighty rebellion and say enough is enough, take the needle of this record, get out of this particular classroom, and stop dragging me across gravel!!!

Read Full Monthly Visions here:


Video Clips and Star Knowledge Conference Post-Event Update

Soul Sessions Cafe Talk: Wake Up and Smell 2012

6 Min Edited Version of the 1 hour talk:

Star Knowledge Conference

The Star Knowledge Conference was a fun and powerful 3 days of passionate, insightful speakers, many Native, Mayan and Hawaiian elders, sharing their messages about these 'era-2012' times. The predominant messages were around Stepping into your Power, and Unity. There is no 'this is going to happen' prophecy detailing how it will all unfold aka a Hollywood movie. Rather, the prophecies are a heads up warning, wisely letting us know that we are now in a 'if you do this, then this will likely happen, and if you continue to do that, then the other will probably happen' time of choosing. We are smack-bang in the middle of the transitional point, choosing with every millisecond which direction we want to go in as a humanity. We choose. We decide. We choose with every thought, belief, prayer, visualisation and action. Don't wait for the media and government to decide to change. We have to lift our vibration from within, and as we do we will naturally create a new reality outside ourselves - because our energy will expect it, and thus demand it, and thus play it's part in making it happen.

Very loud and clear came the message that this is a team effort. You are an important piece of the puzzle. It is time for you to remember who you are, and do what you came here to do (which you automatically do, simply by being your true self).

I had so much fun doing my talk there. If you'd like to see it, and also watch other the other speakers, the organisers are gradually putting up each and every talk on You Tube. I will send an email when my talk is up, but for now you can keep track of the videos here: or subscribe to their channel on You Tube:



Can Meditation Make You Younger? Includes free 10 min audio guided meditation!

Lifestyle You

Why isn't this Manifesting Stuff Working for Me?

Living Now


Upcoming Talks

Spiritual Connections

Saturday, 4 September, 1pm, $10

St Fiacre Distillery, 25 Portsmouth Rd, Erina (formerly The Fragrant Gardens)

Follow the Central Coast Hwy to the junction of Terrigal Drive (This is a major intersection), turn into Terrigal Drive (right if coming from the South) and Portsmouth Rd is on the left a few km along Terrigal Drive.

Come along for some inspirational and empowering info about 'era-2012'. These are exciting times, providing an unprecedented opportunity for personal and global transformation!

After the talk, join us in the garden for gathering and conversation. Spiritual Connections provide home baked gluten free cakes etc, herbal teas, coffees for a donation ($2-3).


Soul Sessions with Dana

In Person Sessions in Sydney are available again on the Northern Beaches. Please email to enquire about a session time.

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Create a Life you Love E-Course: Pay what you Want

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Message Boards: Shifting into your New Reality

Relax with a cup of tea and read what people are saying about their current journey or share your story and questions. The Message Boards are a place to give and receive support, inspiration, insights and connection.


Happy August!



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