Friday, August 13, 2010

A Return to Natural Time

I wrote this article in 2004, but as we drew near to 2012 and celebrate the Feminine and the Natural Cycles today on this special Friday the 13th I thought it timely to re-post!

ONCE UPON A TIME most people lived in harmony with the cycles of nature. They were in tune with the flows of the earth and the cosmos, and walked in step with this natural rhythm.

They looked up at the stars and used the sky as a map, knowing that we are one part of a universal family who share a spiritual home. They understood the connection and influence between each part of this family and worked in synergy with the movements of the sun, the moon and the planets.

They were in touch with the earth and treated her with a sacred reverence. They saw her as the great mother who guides us and provides for us, and knew that in her we share a physical home. They followed the turn of the seasons and honoured the elements that sustain us.

The people lived in alignment with the natural order of things, and thus maintained balance. Energy flowed freely between their inner and outer worlds, and in between the earth and the cosmos. The way was clear for smooth synchronicity and telepathy between people and pathways.

Their connection to the spiritual allowed them to use the physical with wisdom, respect and appreciation. Their connection to the physical allowed them to use the spiritual in a tangible way, moulding and manifesting dreams into reality.

The power and potential of the people was strong and, knowingly or not, they were gradually moving towards creating heaven on earth. Not all of the people used their power for the highest good. Some desired only to gain more and more power for themselves by taking it from others.

Julius Ceasar was an ambitious man and he knew that one way to take the power from the people was to disconnect them from their source of power. He saw their intense connection to the natural cycles and sought to end it. Around 46BC he imposed his Julian Calendar on people who were previously working with a 13-moon, 28-day calendar system. This natural calendar was based on the cycles of the moon, and was also in sync with the menstrual cycles of women.

The Julian Calendar was a calendar of conquest, more based on manipulative power and ego than on any sense of natural flow. Months are sliced into 30 or 31 days, except February with its 28, taking people out of sync with the lunar cycles. Essentially, Ceasar immersed people into a false sense of time for his own motives. An error of calculation meant that it ran too fast, giving us almost six extra hours a year left over. An updated version was established by Pope Gregory of Rome in 1582, commonly used as today’s Gregorian Calendar. He introduced an extra day every four years in an attempt to eliminate the error.

Not all people followed this unnatural calendar, and many indigenous and tribal cultures, keepers of knowledge and wise people remained connected to the natural cycles. However, slowly over time many people did adopt it and by the early 1900s it was accepted as the world standard.

This disconnection to cosmic and natural cycles has influenced us tremendously. We have learned to look to governments, media, and other aspects of society for leadership. We have been taught to disregard the connections we have to the earth and the cosmos, and to dismiss and distrust the voice of knowing inside us. We were told to deny a path that was strongly tied to the cyclic, nurturing and creation-oriented feminine energy, setting a pattern of dishonouring feminine energy ever since.

It is time now to lead ourselves and our planet back into a state of balance and harmony. By reconnecting to the natural cycles we can awaken to our full, true power. Attuning ourselves to the flow and order of the universe realigns us with our natural power and destiny. As we re-enter the natural flow we open our cells of receptivity. Our intuition is heightened. Our innate sense of knowing is stimulated so that we may remember who we really are and why we are here.

The Mayans were masters of time and of cosmic and natural cycles. They created a calendar that has been described as the most accurate of any culture. The Mayan Calendar was based on their knowing that we are part of a galactic community. It was calculated using the cycles of the Pleiades star system, which they believed was the home of their ancestors. The Mayan Calendar continues to this day to be a powerful tool for all those who wish to align with these cycles.

December 21, 2012 marks the end of a 104,000 year cycle in the Mayan Calendar, and what lies beyond that date has been the subject of much speculation. The Mayan prophecies speak of the end of time. The Mayan elders feel this ancient wisdom has been greatly misunderstood by modern western society. Contrary to what the doomsdayers are predicting the Mayans say it is only the end of time as we know it.

The Mayans foresee not our demise here on earth, only the collapse of all structures that are not in alignment with natural flow, including the collapse of man-made time. They foresee our transformation and rebirth as we return to a more natural state of being. As we rapidly approach a brand new cycle we are being asked to remember our connectedness with our natural sources of wisdom. We are being called to align ourselves with the cosmic rhythms of the universe and the heartbeat of mother earth.

We are now in a profound process of awakening as we prepare for this new cycle. It is time now to open ourselves up to a new ‘time’ where harmony, unity, love and truth form the foundation stones of a new world. 

(c) Dana Mrkich 2004

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