Thursday, September 02, 2010

Sep Monthly Visions: Life is but a Dream - and You are the Architect!

September 2010 Monthly Visions: Life is but a Dream –  and You are the Architect!
"What if you slept? And what if, in your sleep, you went to heaven and there plucked a strange and beautiful flower? And what if when you awoke, you had the flower in your hand? Ah, what then?” – Samuel Taylor Coleridge
I saw the movie Inception last week. I loved it because it so fantastically reminded me of the increasingly blurry lines between our current reality and dream reality. In the movie Leonardo di Caprio plays the role of a ‘dream architect’ whose job it is to ‘insert’ an idea into a person’s subconscious, with the goal being the person is influenced to do something in his waking life that he otherwise wouldn’t have. The ‘dream architect’ can insert - or steal - ideas by creating and entering a shared dreamspace.  The ‘dream’ feels so real, that all the people working on the job carry with them a small totem that will tell them whether they are in a dream reality or in their usual reality. For example di Caprio has a spinning top that spins without toppling over if he is in a dreamworld.
            While watching the movie, I thought of something my guides tell me all the time ‘reality is whatever you think it is.’  On its simplest level this means that your perception determines whether you think an experience is great or hard or transformative or abundant or lacking. We all have numerous layers of mental and emotional energy influencing our perception, and that’s why no two people are ever truly living in the same reality even if they are sharing an experience. On a more physically tangible level it means exactly what it says; reality is whatever you think it is. Your life today is exactly a snapshot of what you at one point thought, felt and believed.  Your health, bank account, home, relationships and work are direct physical representations showing you really clearly the focus and flavour of your dominating thoughts, feelings and beliefs. The exciting thing is, we are all now waking up to the realisation that we are creating as we go! We are consciously creating as opposed to subconsciously creating.
What does this mean? It means that the state of your health or bank account today doesn’t have anything to do with how those things are going to look tomorrow – unless you want them to. They are simply a result of what you were predominantly focusing on whilst in your ‘dream architect’ chair in the days, months and years up until now.  You are living your own personal movie. You are living, and creating, your own personal dream. The only reason we repeat scenes is because no-one taught us that we don’t have to! No-one taught us that we are the writers of our own script, we are the architects of our own dream, and we can design our reality in the way that we want.
We have been taught that our vibrational energy reality is our dream world, and our physical reality is our real world, when quite the opposite seems to be true. Our vibrational energy reality is more our real world, as that is where our true power to create lies. That is where our tools of thought, belief and feeling lie. That is where our sabotaging issues and old patterns lie. If we want to change anything in our life, we have to go into our vibrational energy fields because that’s where everything originates! Energy is the play-doh of the universe. You can mould it and tweak it and use it any way you like. It will show up in your life in exactly the way you think it will. Our physical reality is simply a result of our energetic play.
Our higher self predominantly exists in the higher vibrational energy fields, so for anyone reading thinking, well we can’t override our soul’s higher need to experience something we wouldn’t necessarily consciously choose for the purposes of growth, or we shouldn’t be trying to manifest something that isn’t in alignment with our authentic desire, I’m not suggesting that in connecting to our ‘dream architect’ we turn into ego control freaks. I don’t recommend putting our ego in charge of our dream architecture. Ideally, we want to step into our ‘dream architect’ role in alignment with our authentic and higher self. Remembering your ‘dream architect’ role is a gift to be used wisely.  It is a positive and exciting sign that millions of people around the world are remembering this gift, because it is a sign I believe that collectively we are entering the maturity level required to consciously and responsibly use it.
Many people are now finding themselves awakening from the illusion that our physical world is the more ‘real’ world or the only world, and rubbing sleep from their eyes to see that there is another, greater world available to them. This can actually feel quite confusing, shocking and even disorientating at first. It reminds me of Jim Carrey’s character in The Truman Show, finding out that his whole life has been one big reality show, and after years of thinking life had to be one way, finding out that life is running on a whole other ballgame of rules now.
Even those of us who have felt pretty awake for a long time can find it hard to let go of the mind’s grip on the old reality, on the ego’s insistence that ‘Some things just have to be hard’ or ‘It takes money to live and I can’t make money doing what I love’.  As Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you will always be right.” Watch your thoughts now more than ever.  Do you ever think ‘that’s just the way it has to be’ or is there anything you think would be impossible to achieve? Do you have a dream or goal that you keep repressing because you just can’t imagine how it could happen? What if you started imagining it happening? What if you decided to play with this idea of being your own ‘dream architect’? What would your dream look like? What would you dream into being? If you could create your dreamscape, your world, with no limits, what would it look like?
“There is no use trying, said Alice; one can’t believe impossible things.”
“I dare say you haven’t had much practice,” said the Queen. “When I was your age, I always did it for half an hour a day. Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”
- Lewis Carroll
Our biggest obstacle is our own mind’s lack of belief in the reality and validity of the  ‘dream’ world and our ego’s lack of belief in anything that it can’t see, hear, touch, taste or smell with its five senses.  The ‘dream world’ exists on a higher vibration, and so of course the mind can’t logically understand it nor can the ego perceive it! It’s like someone with access to only 5 public television stations refusing rigidly to accept that there are literally thousands of other shows available out there to the many people hooked up to satellite!
Sometimes it isn’t our refusal to believe that stops us from fully opening to our dream reality, it’s a lack of a frame of reference – we simply have never had this great new experience before. I’ve been seeing a lot of clients lately who’ve made the quantum leap from being in unhappy marriages to meeting their soulmate, from existing in unfulfilling jobs to suddenly find themselves retrenched and free to finally do what they’ve always wanted to do.  Others are receiving unexpected travel invitations or financial gifts. It’s as if someone is tearing down the veils and gleefully shouting “Welcome to Fairy-tale Land where all your dreams come true! Come in, come in, there’s so much to see and even more to do!” What do most of us do when this happens? We nervously hang out by the curtain, only daring to take a little peek at this mysterious up-until-now elusive Fairy-tale Land.  I mean, meeting soulmates and doing what you love for a living only happens in fairytales, and fairytales aren’t real are they? Well guess what? They are meant to be real!
Our fairytale life was always meant to be our real life. Many of us are awakening to that life now, but we have struggled for so long in the old dream, that we came to believe the old dream was our reality and are finding it hard to let go! On top of that, others try to convince you that you are dreaming for believing in Fairytale Land and ask you to wake up and get real and get back into the real world, which is actually the old dream world that you came here to wake up from!!!
I’m passionate about using our awakening not just for our personal lives, but seeing our personal awakening as an integral part of a bigger picture: the awakening of a new, more empowered humanity and Earth. So, I don’t want to insensitively insinuate that in our new world there are no problems and everything is perfect and that somehow we have no more people living in poverty or poor health or that we have no responsibility to those still living that reality. (Although I’m pretty sure that in time our future will look more and more balanced and wonderful for more and more people). Rather, our newly constructed world is a place and space from which we can use our consciousness more, well, consciously! We can use it to move through our problems, be they personal or international, in a more harmonious way. We can use it to help our brothers and sisters in a more practical, useful way. We can use it to interact with our Earth in a more considerate way. Again, there is a big difference between being a dream architect from your ego self, or a dream architect from your authentic and higher self.
So step into your Dream Architect self and start constructing! Your tools are your thoughts, beliefs and feelings. Your power cord is your connection to Source Energy which very handily also provides you with a trusty GPS that appears as your intuition and synchronicity.  Your tools, power cord and GPS will naturally lead you to the actions and opportunities that will help your dreamscape materialise in the physical. Construct with the attitude that nothing is impossible and everything is possible. It happens in your dreams all the time ‘I was sitting on a horse and it turned into a car and then suddenly I was in Paris’. So, if it can happen in your dreams, it can happen in your physical life, because on some level of consciousness it happened!!
When our mind and ego thinks we’re just playing or imagining or dreaming, the defences go down. So, get out your journal and have a play with this: “If life was a dream ........” Include information about every area of your life, and even extend it to information about how you see your ideal greater world.  Particularly include things that make you feel happy, because it’s the ‘feeling happy’ tool that is one of the most powerful in your construction kit. Have fun!!

(c) Dana Mrkich 2010. Permission is granted to share this article freely on the condition that the author is credited, and the URL is included.


  1. Dear Dana,
    As always you are right on! I am reading a wonderful book by James Van Praagh "Reaching to heaven" When I started reading this book I thought do I want to read about dieing and what happens to us when we do die, well I put the book down and a year has past, I then picked it up again and I am so glad I did it relates to what you wrote,and much more.Thank you always for sharing your wonderful gift.

  2. Hmmm...some more info on how to practically create this reality would be helpful. Sitting around daydreaming hasn't helped me in the past unfortunately, my reality is still the same!

  3. Thanks Marie:)

    Anonymous, that's a great action. As mentioned in the post our 'tools', (our thoughts, beliefs, intuition and synchronicity for example) lead us to the actions and opportunities that allow our dreams to materialise in the physical. Having said that, if someone believes that sitting around daydreaming will help to create their reality, then it actually will. Our reality is truly whatever we think it is. I'll give you a couple of examples of both methods of 'creating our reality'.

    One time my partner and I really wanted to go on a particular travel trip but didn't have the money needed. Yet we really really really felt we were going to go and even set the date of departure in our heads and determined how long we'd go for. Well out of the blue we received an unexpected amount of money that allowed us to go! This could be put down to a 'happened by chance' occurrence, but things like that have happened in my life many times, and also to friends, family and clients.

    On a more practical level of reality creation, once we have got our focus anchored in on some particular dream or desire our intuition will always guide us toward it - yes with practical action steps - but the problem is that we so often argue with, override and ignore our intuition with the logic of our mind. Our mind says 'I can't because' when we know in our gut it's time to leave a job or relationship or go take a trip somewhere or do a certain course or seminar. Our mind uses all kind of excuses, but at the end of the day it is really like having loud static overriding the perfect guidance of your natural gps system! We would never let this happen in our car because we'd fear getting lost, but we do it all the time in our own lives.

  4. Sometimes we get to our dream with lots of 'following your intuition' steps over many years and sometimes it's a faster process. Totally depend on the dream, and very much depends on divine timing and your own higher self's timing. Sometimes we want something to happen right now but for whatever reason it's not meant to happen just yet. Sometimes our conscious dream isn't actually in alignment with our soul's dream, and so no matter what we do to try to get to x or y destination, it doesn't work, because really we're meant to be over at a or b. The best way to stay connected as much as possible to our higher self/authentic self/true essence/soul/whatever you want to call it is to be present, meditate, journal, do artwork, all these things help to stay connected to who you really are, and when you are connected to who you really are she will tell you via intuitive nudges 'go this way' or 'do this thing'.

    Another challenge is that the intuition doesn't give us a clear 20 step plan to follow, it usually gives guidance step by step. So again, our mind just can't understand how doing this particular thing will lead to what I really want, and so it doesn't do it. To the mind it's not logical, but to the intuition it makes all the sense in the world and if only we trust it and follow it it will always take us where we most want to go. I'll give another example. Many years ago I'd had enough of procrastinating about teaching courses. So I called up the local council to find out about hiring halls. I found out that I would need a senior first aid certificate to hire a venue, and the woman I spoke to let me know that I could find out about first aid course dates in the local community college brochure. So I picked one up, found the first aid course ad, and right next to it was an ad for a weekend workshop at our local radio station which would allow you to have your own show! Having my own radio show had also been on my dream list but I had had no idea how to go about having one! So I did the first aid workshop AND the radio workshop and not only finally started teaching my first course but also started my first radio show.

    So really when it comes to practical action I would suggest absolutely act on your intuitive nudges to do something and take things one step at a time.

  5. Ha, at the beginning of my reply to Anonymous I meant to write that's a great question (not that's a great action) but funnily enough a question is a great action, so there you go!:)

  6. That's very helpful, thank you. I wish I'd learned all this stuff 10 years ago...I feel so behind now. I can see times where I've gotten totally off track and I feel like I'm now having to really put pedal to the metal to catch up to my dream reality or I'll run out of steam! Haha.

  7. There's always something new to learn - I'm sure in a generation's time we'll all be learning from our children and grandchildren who think it's normal to speak telepathically or teleport themselves 'i wish we'd known that 10 years ago!' All the best to you xo