Monday, September 13, 2010

Urgent Call to help Native American Teacher have Surgery

Urgent Call to help Native American Sundance Chief, Speaker, Teacher, Artist and Friend Sherwyn Zephier

Surgery Scheduled for September 30: $15 000 needs to be raised
Please donate if you can! Prayers are also appreciated.

Please pass this email on to anyone you feel would be interested in helping. Thank you.

Hello all,

Our good friend Sherwyn Zephier, They-Came-And-Blessed-His-Pipe-Man (Ta Canupa Yuwakanpi Wicasa), Yankton Sioux Sundance Chief (Ihunktowan Oyate) is in urgent need of an important surgery. He was scheduled to have it a couple of weeks ago, when the IHS (Indian Health Services) informed him that they had run out of money, and that he would have to pay for the procedure himself! The cost is $15, 000 USD.

Sherwyn is an incredible, humble and extremely positive, very high vibration man. Christian and I spent a lot of time with him and his brother Chief Golden Light Eagle on our recent trip to the US. They put all their heart and soul into creating the Star Knowledge Conferences, teaching and speaking all over Turtle Island (the U.S) to help awaken our brothers and sisters. You can watch Sherwyn's talk at the conference here:

If you feel called to assist and are able to donate big or small, please go here and scroll down to the Help Uncle Sherwyn donation button:

Your prayers are also appreciated.

Sherwyn has written a letter to explain his current situation. Here is an excerpt:


I normally don't ask for help for myself for anything, but I have an emergency health situation.

I would like to make a request to all relatives of Love, Light, Peace, Unity, Harmony, Truth, Freedom and participants of the Sacred Altars of Mother Earth for financial help to complete my healing process.
If you can, there is a donation button at for those who can help. This is my plea to all who have Loving, Sacred Open Hearts and can afford to assist me with some healing help. I welcome your Prayers, Love and Light as well. You are all Healers.

I pray that those who know that this is an important time of Mother Earth. It is a time of Dreams, Dream a Dream. It is a time of Visions, Seek a Vision. The need is out there for help for worthy causes to those who walk with Spirit to do all that they can to help one another in any way possible. This will not only help to raise your own vibration and Spiritual Evolution, but also that of Mother Earth. I pray that all the Angels of Creation hear my prayer and plea for healing help. In Love & Light.

They Came And Blessed His Pipe Man,

Sherwyn Zephier

You can read the letter in full here, it includes specifics of the surgery:

Many thanks and blessings,

Mitakuye Oyasin,


Please pass this email on to anyone you feel would be interested in helping. Thank you.


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