Friday, February 04, 2011

Global Internet 'Kill' Switch? I don't think so!

Speaking to the Sydney Morning Herald today, author of The Master Switch Tim Wu believes the days of our 'utopian' internet are numbered. "[The internet is] probably going to go – unless something happens – towards a future more like other media, which is more closed and more controlled unless there is an uprising," he said. Exactly right Mr Wu....and you can bet your digital socks that there will be an uprising if such a thing would happen.  If the Egyptian people are showing us anything right now it is that the people don't have to accept repression. The people don't have to accept censorship. The people are no longer going to blindly accept being kept in the dark while a small number of elite run them from behind a secret curtain!!

Tim Wu says "if history is any guide, that (a government state controlled internet) is where we are going". Ah, see this is where the people are going to surprise governments, just as they surprised President Mubarak. Yes we are letting history be our guide, and what it's showing us is that parts of our history suck. Repression, oppression, dictatorship, the rule of the elite over the poor, huddled masses - we want to repeat that story over and over again? I don't think so.

For too long those in power have assumed their right to rule over the people, rather than rule for the people, with the people. They have under-estimated the power of the people, and they have under-estimated the wrath and rage of a people who have had their power denied them forever. We are entering a time where those in power are going to be asked, no, told, to put the needs of the people first or else get out!

A Global Internet 'Kill' Switch? I don't think so. The Egyptians have just shown us that we the people have our own switch: A Government 'Kill' Switch. Check Mate.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2011 for Evolution Revolution


  1. Damn right Dana.

    The consciousness does not allow it any longer. Unfortunately for them,

    We are more conscious then they are.

    That being said; we should not look at them in judgement for the role they have been playing. Their role was needed for the game to be played. And now the game ends.

    Be Free, Be You

  2. Hi Simon, Totally true the consciousness doesn't allow it any longer!

    Their role was needed yes, so no judgement, but I am so happy the game is ending and the set changing.

    Sometimes I feel love and lighters can focus almost all our energy on sending love and light to all, not judging, seeing the bigger picture etc, but there is a certain passionate deliciousness in giving a big WOOHOO to the overwhelming majority of Humanity who just want to be free and are finally going for it!! And there is a great release to be had in allowing oneself to have a good "RAAHH enough already, step off!" to anyone who's been in the way (even though yes we asked them to do that, I know!)

    It's like at the end of a movie when the down and out basketball side isn't expected to win, then all of a sudden with 5 min to go they rise up and do one slam dunk after another! I am loving humanity right now:)

  3. lol yes that is a nice way of putting it. I bet the elite didn't see that final slam dunk coming.

    Me too, the more I feel and experience myself, the more I feel love for all of humanity and our planet.

    Lets rock this place!