Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fresh February Energy!

A powerful surge of energy has been swirling throughout the planet since February 11 - the beginning of a new, and final, Mayan Calendar cycle. Notice what you are being called to expand right now. What parts of your life/work/play are feeling super fulfilling and abundant? What new projects or actions are you feeling to set into motion? The pursuits that are giving you energy right now are a big sign from your soul "Yes yes more of that please!". Vice versa, the pursuits and habits that feel draining and downright painful are a big sign "Enough already, please stop doing this now."

Whether it's planting a garden or starting a revolution, the predominant feeling is one of flow, joy, freedom and expansion! Yes we are stepping out of our comfort zones, but essentially it feels GOOD! Desire from our soul is fuelling us now, rather than effort. The force of our collective river is literally pulling us to more, more, more of who we really are. To go against this tide will literally feel hard, physically and emotionally, because when we push against it we are essentially going against the flow of our own soul's awakening and emergence process.

If you feel resistance, ask "What am I resisting? What have I become so used to holding on to? (Lack mentality? Victim mentality? Struggle mentality?) Your head is being turned by the universe right now. The whole universe is calling us "Look over here, this way, this is who you are, this is who you came here to be, these are the energies that are divinely yours: limitlessness, creation, freedom, expansion, joy, abundance, support, connection and love."

Let go. We know the saying to 'fall in love' right? So too, let yourself fall into the light, fall into the love, fall into freedom, fall into expansion, fall into abundance, fall into creativity, fall into limitlessness. Just let go. It's okay to let go. Our reality was an illusion. Our dreams are actually the reality.

You are not alone.
You are surrounded by a team of soul family, physical and non-physical.
We are all in this together.
You are loved.
You are being supported all the way.
- From the Collective Guides

(C) Dana Mrkich 2011

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