Tuesday, March 08, 2011

March 2011 Monthly Visions: Sunspots, Solar Flares and Feeling Wired

Having trouble sleeping? Do you constantly feel like you’ve had ten cups of coffee and are running on adrenalin lately? Is your tiredness level set to Extreme Exhaustion but nothing is helping because even while you try to rest, the blood and heart are pumping away at a furious rate?  Welcome to the Sunspot/Solar Flare stage of our process!
            Sunspots are scientifically explained as dark spots that appear and disappear on the Sun’s surface, caused by intense magnetic activity.  According to science, a sunspot by itself has a relatively small affect on the Earth (yet still does have AN affect). When lots of sunspots appear in close proximity to each other it tends to be a pretty good sign that a Solar Flare (solar explosion or release of energy) will happen from that area, which has a relatively big affect on our Earth. 
On an energetic level I see the sunspots as mini-eruptions or releases of the sun’s energy while Solar Flares are mega-eruptions. I tend to receive downloads of information first, and then later receive scientific or other ‘real life’ confirmation, so it’s always exciting to read research that matches exactly how I am being shown things. The way I see Solar Flares, and what actually happens, is that they slam into our Earth’s magnetosphere triggering geo-magnetic storms, which play havoc with our internet, navigation systems, computers, radio waves, television and weather. Yes we have had Solar Flares before on our planet, but we’ve never had the MEGA Solar Flares we are due to experience while we’ve had SO much technology running the planet. As my sister Jel pointed out recently “People have been scared that our future is based on a world where machines rule the planet, but look around, the machines are running the planet now!!” A big solar flare cycle in 1913 is going to have an entirely different affect on us than a big solar flare cycle in 2011-13. Contrary to the fears that this will signify the end of us, this has potential to be a very positive thing, albeit temporarily chaos-creating.
We are being disconnected from our artificial sources of power, which will force us to connect with authentic and natural sources of power. Short term challenge = long term benefit for all. This doesn’t mean we’ll all go back to the horse and cart and have to give up our dependency on Facebook. Rather we will be awakened to the reality of free, natural energy solutions so that we no longer drill the Earth for her oil. People will no longer have to work to spend half their pay cheque on electricity bills and fuel. There ARE free, natural energy alternatives, and it seems more and more likely that one of the reasons the existence of other-planetary life is constantly denied by official military and government sources is that once we finally do make collective conscious contact with these intelligent highly evolved beings we will realise the degree to which we have been denied so much that is easily available to us! The official Denial stance has nothing to do with thinking contactees are crazy nor is it a matter of national security. It has everything to do with the power and money held by a very small group of people, that they will no longer have once the people are free and empowered. The rules of the game are changing right before our eyes because another affect of this major eletro-magnetic action is that it is waking us all up big time. Pretty soon we are not going to have to wait for official disclosure. The truth will be revealed to us because we collectively ask for it. I don’t know exactly how that will play out, but that is the exact sentence I was given to include here for you all today!
Something that scientists don’t really mention (to my knowledge, and I would love to find out if they do) is that as we are made up of electro-magnetic energy all this sunspot and solar flare activity also hits and ‘electrifies’ our energy bodies, affecting our vibration, mental focus, clarity, nervous system and emotions. I also think the sunspots have a greater than we realise affect, acting perhaps more as little ‘pushes’ rather than big ‘slams’. Yet if you have day after day after day of little pushes, it sure starts to feel like you’re being slammed, solar flare or not, and this is what we are experiencing daily in 2011.  
We have just emerged (2008-2010) from a Solar Minimum period. In 2009 for example there were 260 sunspot free days. Even for a Solar Minimum period, this was very strange and scientists were starting to wonder what was happening with the Sun. Some started predicting (in line with ancient predictions) that we were witnessing the calm before the storm, and that such an intense period of quiet would be followed by a very intense period of activity. Cut to 2011 and hello activity!  Do you know how many sunspot free days our Sun has had this year? One. Throw in monthly mega Solar Flares in January and February and a couple already this month (on March 1 and March 7) and you have a planet and a humanity that feels akin to sticking your hand in an electric socket for a few months, with only a one day reprieve in all that time before the hand went in again for another round!
So this first week of March for many people has been INTENSE not only because of the solar flares but because our bodies are still barely recovering from the ones in January and February! It’s a bit hard to rest in between Flares when you have daily sunspot activity continuing to prod you right? Ah, no rest for the unawakened, or that which is unawakened within us.  
So here we come to the point – that which is unawakened within us is being prodded, pushed and slammed awake. The specific theme that is going on right now is one of doors within us collapsing, doors within us opening, and entire rooms expanding to Let the Light In!
Imagine that our energy field is made up of hundreds of little rooms. We have the Power room, the Confidence room, the Freedom room, the Abundance room, the Support room and so on. Imagine we have a room for every possible emotion, quality and energy you can think of, and rooms for things you haven’t even dreamed of.  We ALL have ALL available rooms within us, that’s not a problem. The ‘problem’ is that we all have very interesting beliefs around these rooms, determining which are shut, which are open, and which can only be open if certain others are shut and vice versa. 
Some of us think if the Love room is open, then the Freedom door has to be shut. Others think that if the Freedom room is open then the Support and Abundance doors will close. We have subconsciously made negotiation deals with all of our rooms. “Will give up Honesty to have Harmony, will be okay with no Power as long as I have Happiness.” I have no idea who our Energy Lawyers were, but these negotiation deals are really not working for us anymore! Sure they worked once upon a time. Of course we created all these lovely beliefs and stories because hey if ALL of us was open ALL of the time throughout ALL of our evolutionary process, then ironically we may not have had a chance to evolve in the way we have. What’s the point of being on a 3D free will planet if you can’t throw in some restrictions and limitations to make things a little interesting? So we all get that, ‘it happened for a reason’, blah blah blah.
So we’ve been trucking along, having fun (or not) with our personal stories, when someone upstairs decided it’s time to start turning the lights on – more specifically, it’s time to open all the doors, and let the light in to all of our rooms. Just in case we didn’t get our personal wake up call, Mr Galactic Centre is now working in partnership with Mr Sun and Mother Earth and blasting us with megawatts of Light on a daily basis. It’s like having a giant helicopter hovering over your mansion with a massive spotlight, with someone on a loudspeaker shouting “OPEN YOUR DOORS!!!”
You will know that the light is honing in on a closed door because it will feel somewhat like you are being squeezed between two vices to keep that door closed. It doesn’t feel good AT ALL!! Say that you have your ‘Assertive’ door shut, and you are used to saying “Oh it’s okay, that doesn’t matter, it’s all good.” Well you might have noticed that if you have said that this week it feels like you are speaking and punching yourself in the stomach at the same time. Or, perhaps you had the realisation it would infuriate you to say those words one more time and out of nowhere you stood up for yourself and said “That is not okay, it does matter, this is what I want, and this is what I will have!”
It’s not always a simple open and shut case, pardon the pun.  You might have a belief that automatically slams the Assertive Door shut when the Asking for what you Want door is open, but the Assertive Door is wide open when the Helping Others door is open.  So this tells us there is nothing wrong with our Assertive room or door, we have just had a trip wire activating it open or shut depending on the situation.
In what life areas do you feel restricted right now? Your living situation? Finances? A health issue? What story are you telling yourself to justify that restriction? Eg, “I don’t earn much but it’s because I am doing what I love. I could have lots of money if I joined the rat race but I don’t want to.” Why can’t you earn what you truly want while doing what you love? Why can’t you have BOTH those rooms open? You can of course, you just have that trip wire set up making it up until now impossible! Others may have “I am not happy in my job but I have to pay the bills.” Hmm.....So if you had the “Happy in my Job” door open, you couldn’t have the “I can pay the bills” door open too? Who says? They say, I know. Forget what they say. Open both doors right now! Open them energetically, open them mentally, open them emotionally, then they will eventually open physically – they have to!
This week has triggered a heightened awareness of where you may be boxing yourself in to express a limited version of your self and life.  Jelena (artist and art therapist, check her out at www.jelenamrkich.com) recommended I do some artwork to help shift some energy, and I pass that recommendation on to you. All you need is a box of crayons, a big sheet of paper and a life area that is feeling stuck, restricted or frustrating in any way.  What I found was that three drawings emerged. The first symbolised how restricted part of me felt when in a particular situation. The second was a drawing of me being free, but it seemed to be a pseudo or fake freedom, because it came at the expense of pushing the other part of my life to the background – something I didn’t really want to do.  I saw how I had a pattern of see-sawing between the two, ultimately fulfilling one aspect of me to the denial of the other. My soul wanted both aspects to be fulfilled, in complementary harmony with each other.  This led to drawing number three, which was all about wholeness – allowing all aspects to be fulfilled, meeting my needs and the needs of others in a balanced way, in all life areas.  So get out your crayons because the images that emerge on paper really make you see so clearly what story your energy has been playing out.  The third ‘ultimate outcome’ drawing is perfect to hang on your wall, symbolizing what you would like to embody and how you would most like to feel.
The frustrated eruptions of this week and month are ultimately leading to our expansion, to a wider perspective when it comes to who we are and who we can be. Any trade-offs of “Well if I am this I can’t be that” will tend to feel literally like you are cutting off your circulation or flow, you might feel a tightening in your chest or a feeling of pressure bearing down on you. The universe is shouting “Stop it!” at any sign of self-restriction or self-limitation. I can hear people saying ‘If I didn’t restrict my eating I’d put on weight in a second! Restriction can be good.” Ideally, a healthy, fit person isn’t coming from a place of self-restriction – rather coming from a place of eating healthily and wanting to feel good, and when you come from that place you naturally choose foods that are good for you and naturally don’t over-indulge because it doesn’t feel good.  Restriction in it’s literal sense, say in the form of a strict diet, rarely works in the long term because our bodies will always rebel against being told no. Our bodies will very happily move toward what we are saying yes to.
So the universe is also asking us right now to know why we are doing what we are doing?  Do you want that fast car to give you a feeling of freedom, a feeling you don’t feel in your home? If so, you need to stop and check in with your Freedom door and ask why you feel it is shut when you are at home.  Is it a perception issue from childhood or a past life, or is it a real issue? If you are craving something, let’s use the example of Success, chances are you haven’t connected with it fully within. That is, you keep shutting the Success door when certain other doors are open. What are those other doors? We can’t escape whatever it is we are running from. We have to face all unowned aspects of ourselves, otherwise they will eventually catch up to us, usually in a way we didn’t want or expect.
So what’s the big deal, why not just have the fast car and use that wonderful freedom feeling to avoid the whole home situation? Well remember that spotlight on top of your mansion? It’s not going away anytime soon.  You can still have the fast car, but you can’t use it to avoid connecting with what it is really wanting you to connect to which might be your Inner Authentic Freedom or Inner Authentic Success or Inner Authentic need for True Love or Emotional Intimacy or whatever it is.
We are no longer being allowed to use external things to feel restricted, or feel expanded. We are undoing the restrictions from the inside, and expanding from the inside, so that when we do connect with things external to us we are doing so not out of an unmet need or not for an escape or not out of obligation, but out of the pure desire to be, do or have that certain something as a natural extension and expression of the authentic inner connection. The extension and expression leads to inner expansion, and as your inner expands so too will your outer and on it goes as an ever-evolving spiral. 
On a final note, I’ve had a certain car on my vision board for years. A few weeks ago I woke up thinking what am I waiting for? I'm going to buy myself this car for my birthday! (March 11). Well I bought it this past weekend and guess what, the registration is my birthday and the girl I bought it from has my birthday! Magic happens once we finally get up the courage to say I'm going to do this NOW! What have you been waiting to do or have, that is waiting for you to say "I'm ready now"?  There is a tonne of energy washing over you right now – use it!

(c) Dana Mrkich 2011. Permission is granted to share this article freely on the condition that the author is credited, and the URL www.danamrkich.com is included


  1. Great message, Dana, thank you!
    I can relate to much of what you describe, as I have been staying up much later than I ever have and still waking up early (although I am sleeping well), BUT I am feeling very tired. I was telling someone the other day that I feel as if I have aged 10 years in the past 2 months. Fortunately, I've also been able to make art several times a week since Jan Ist, so I am sure that is somehow helping.
    I am now going to create that painting of how I want my life to be.
    all the best.

  2. Love your perceptions Dana...certainly gives one alot to look at, but hey, the way things are speeding up, why not look at the lot and go for broke (( or abundance > which I prefer :-)
    Look forward to the next chapter of life...thank you

  3. amazing! i am conscious of expanding. trying to remain trusting of the process. and wondering why at times i felt anxious and sleepless in the middle of the night. thank you so much for the "heads up"! many blessings, angelique

  4. Great message, Dana, thank you!
    I can relate to much of what you describe, as I have been staying up much later than I ever have and still waking up early (although I am sleeping well), BUT I am feeling very tired. I was telling someone the other day that I feel as if I have aged 10 years in the past 2 months. Fortunately, I've also been able to make art several times a week since Jan Ist, so I am sure that is somehow helping.
    I am now going to create that painting of how I want my life to be.
    all the best.

  5. Thank you soooo much for writing this, Dana, at the right moment for me!

    I had just e-mailed a friend about my frustrations towards others disregarding my authentic self. I then went on to read your blog to hopefully be enlightened & inspired (and I was!)! I am certain I was being directed to you immediately so I can know that I am not alone and to keep going, and funky solar stuff is going on -- oh, and my life will be authentic again!




    Many blessings to you, Dana!!

  6. Happy Birthday for March 11, Dana! Hope you are enjoying your new car! I am so grateful for online assistance from powerful people like yourself. Thank you so much. Like the previous comment, I am ready to be authentic self. peace

  7. This is wonderful! I enjoyed it immensely! Thank you!!!


  8. How wonderful to come across your blog, Dana! I was looking up "Mother Earth in labor" and yours come up first. You have explained it so beautifully! I will pass this on and on!

  9. I finally finished the painting inspired by this post, and I am very happy with it. Hoping it will manifest!