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January 2012 Monthly Visions: The Year of Expansion, Integrity and Authenticity

January 2012:  Expect More
The Year of Expansion Integrity and Authenticity

So here we are in the long awaited year of 2012.  You may have found that you went on a big spring clean of your life in the days and weeks leading up to the new year, feeling like you didn’t want to take any baggage, job, relationship, living situation or other circumstance into 2012 unless it truly felt right and  good for you – even if it meant jumping into the unknown having no idea what’s waiting for you.  While this can be true on one level for any new year, this year there is a stronger sense of urgency: that now is the time to act, to change, to shift, to let go. We are reaching deeper into our souls for all the courage and strength we can muster to do what we know we have to do. Whereas in past years circumstances may not have ‘allowed’ us to make changes, this year we are saying “Hang the circumstances, I have to make this change/go for my dreams/follow the call of my heart and soul even if I have no clue as to how it’s going to happen or work out.”
For some, this may mean you’re travelling pretty light right now having let go of a lot, but that’s okay – all the more room to start fresh with new situations that are totally in alignment with who you really are.  This total alignment pull will be like a magnet steering us in the right direction. Much like a radio dial needing to be exactly on the right station for a clear signal, so too we are all going to be pulled into our exact right stations – anything different just won’t feel right. Again while this has been happening our whole life to a degree, this year it will take on a completely new level. Where we meandered, took detours and procrastinated, this will be no longer.  We are hitting the highway and moving directly straight ahead!  Some will experience this as feeling very excited and even if you have no clear sense of what exactly you’re doing or where exactly you’re going, you absolutely know you are heading in the right direction simply because you know you are no longer heading in the wrong direction!
Others might temporarily experience this as being in limbo – you’ve let go of whatever you had to let go of, yet you aren’t moving forward in the way you’d like. Know that while you might feel like you are standing still, a lot is happening energetically within you and in front of you. Your ‘future’ self is sweeping the broom along the road ahead clearing the path for you, so even if you aren’t feeling movement things are progressing and happening.  Rather than feeling frustrated, it is helpful to ask yourself: why am I choosing my current situation? Get out your pen and journal and start writing and see what comes through. If you are doing all you can to move forward but aren’t there is likely something still serving you (or you believe it is still serving you) about your present circumstances. The more clear you are about what that is, the faster you can move to a space of feeling a sense of appreciation and calm about your NOW, and the easier you can shift into the path that has been prepared for you.
This spring cleaning energy will stay with us throughout the year as we will continually be called to move into greater authenticity, shedding anything that existed primarily due to fears based in the old illusion reality. This year integrity and authenticity override fear. This is such a strong theme that it is worth repeating: this year integrity and authenticity override fear. This is true on both a personal and global level. Our new ‘real’ reality is overriding the old ‘illusion’ reality, therefore many of us are actioning change we’ve wanted to make for years but have always been too scared, or didn’t know how to do it, or even know if it was possible. For those leaving ‘secure’ well paying jobs, long term relationships or established homes/locations to follow your dreams and hearts, (more numbers of you than ever did this leading up to this new year), well meaning friends and family may be saying “What are you going to do?? You’re crazy!” You find yourself replying “I can’t do it anymore, I just can’t”.  
Bills to pay may be looming yet deep down you are not worried and feel a great peace emanating from somewhere inside you. You know that you will be taken care of and that whenever you follow your heart the universe will always support you. This is the year of walking our talk, and living what we know to be true.  That is another sentence worth repeating so read it again and really inhale it. This is the year that we show the world that our ‘crazy’ ways actually work, and that in fact the old ways of working is what’s crazy!  It is the year that many conscious souls who have not been able to find their place in the mainstream will come out of hiding as if an inner alarm has gone off saying ‘get out there’. More people will be asking for, and needing, assistance to understand the higher energies that are coming in and the resulting changes occurring to them and around them. You will be shining your light brighter than ever before, but this won’t be coming anymore from a ‘I have to save the world’ mentality. As you shine your light, you will help others find their own light. It’s like being in a dark forest with a huge torch, so that others can look down and find their own torch that has been on them (in them) the whole time.  One has to enter the new reality from a space of self-empowerment, but that doesn’t mean we are on our own – support is available for anyone who asks in whatever form they need it. Looking down on humanity from above, it’s going to look like the scene when you fly over a city just as sun sets – millions of little lights all sparking up one at a time.  It is beautiful and magical.
            In many ways it will seem like a year of contradictions.  Every day we will be immersed in more and more high frequency energy, giving us more support than ever before to embody our true, divine natures, create magical lives and co-create a magnificent world. At the same time there is less and less energy supporting the ways of the old world, and so we will witness a lot of collapsing systems and structures that will be experienced as either cause for celebration or cause for despair, depending on which side of the reality coin you predominantly reside in.  The two realities are like a sticker peeling away from a piece of paper. They have co-existed for a long time but now that the peeling away has begun there is no turning back, there is no ‘sticking it back together’. As the sticker peels further away from the paper, we may experience it as a feeling of disconnection and detachment from the old reality, and those still residing there. It can at times feel like there is a movie playing somewhere, but you know it isn’t real and if you don’t want to watch it you simply don’t tune in to that channel.  This doesn’t mean we ignore people’s genuine suffering and hardship – quite conversely we may find ourselves more and more wanting to be out there on the ground working actively toward social reform and assisting with humanitarian efforts. Rather, we will feel no connection to people engaging in old dramas, and we will see right through the facade of news broadcasts, political speeches and perspectives given to us by the media. It will feel like we are watching a fictitious movie because in reality we are.
Much of the discomfort, chaos and difficulty we’ll see experienced this year by mainstream society is directly proportional to the degree of individual and collective resistance toward letting go of the old (illusion) and allowing the new (reality).  It is important to know that the new reality isn’t something we all collectively are going to wake up to during some mysterious big bang event aka the rapture. Ascension is not about all of us suddenly being beamed up into the sky – ascension is an ascent into a higher dimension/frequency/vibration. Dimensional shifting is about opening your awareness to other potentials, perspectives and realities, it is not necessarily about being in a different physical/geographical space. The new reality is here right now, co-existing with the old,  yet back to the sticker analogy the two realities are moving further and further apart. There is an energetic bridge between the two, on which one must travel to shift realities. Those in the new reality can go back to the old anytime they want to assist those travelling over, but it will be increasingly more uncomfortable to do so. It all sounds a bit woo woo science fiction movie, but if you are living predominantly in the new already you’ll know what I’m talking about.

The Shift of the Ages
Imagine a piano accordion (squeezebox) that has gradually been coming in to close over many thousands of years.  Used as an analogy for our reality, the accordion is a symbol of our evolutionary journey in this current great cycle that is now drawing to a close. This cycle has been rich and perfect and has served us well, but it has also now served its purpose. Once something has served its purpose, where it was once essential for our growth it conversely becomes a block to our growth, and at that point we have to let it go.  The closer a piano accordion gets to being fully closed, the less space there is between the pleated layers and thus less air.  So too, the closer we get to the close of a great cycle, the less energy there is to support that cycle and thus the more suffocating and restrictive our experience is of that ending reality. Even though this doesn’t always feel pleasant, it actively helps the letting go process because we start to consciously recognise that things need to change, that what was once comfortable now no longer fits who we have become and who we aspire to be.  For the minority who were using (and abusing) the old illusion to gain power over the majority, this letting go will feel intolerable and inconceivable. They underestimated humanity and our innate destiny to go toward, and grow toward, the light and thus one day fully recognise and own our inner power. That day is now here.
The accordion analogy is also akin to what ancient yogi’s call ‘the Breath of Brahma’ -  it is said that one cycle of creation is caused by the out breath of the Great Creator while the next is caused by the in breath. The Out breath, during which we moved away from the Creator, forgot our true divine, natures and experienced ourselves as separate, is ending now. The new Mayan/Galactic cycle is now ushering in the In breath, bringing us closer to Source Energy, homeward bound toward unity consciousness and remembering who we really are.
Traditionally the Out Breath is associated with Expansion as the Universal Breath moves outward toward getting to know different aspects of itself, while the In Breath is associated with Contraction, moving back inward toward itself.  However, as far as our current level of soul memory is concerned we certainly experienced the Out Breath as a contraction (limiting even though in reality we were growing/expanding) and similarly we will experience the homeward bound In Breath as an Expansion of reality and potential, thanks to our awakening consciousness, awareness and memory of who we already are.  With that, we start a new phase of evolution for Earth and Humanity.

Expect More
What does this new phase mean for us in 2012?  The theme of the year feels to be Expect More, as in it is time to expect more out of our reality. It is time to raise the bar. It is time to expect a better, more harmonious, peaceful, abundant world for all who desire it. To expect something you have to believe it is possible, you have to feel you deserve it, you have to know that you have a right to receive it.  When we expect something, we can create it but our major problem has been that up until recently the quantity of energy available on Earth supporting this higher expectation, was vastly less than the quantity of energy not supporting it. This quantity of energy is not necessarily determined by numbers of people, rather by the strength of our individual expectations which in turn is determined by where we are located on both our personal and collective evolutionary timeline.
We have been located in the Out Breath, thus the Universal Energy itself was not available to us in the same way that it will now be available to us as we become immersed by the In Breath. What seemed impossible just a few short years or even months or weeks ago, will increasingly not only look possible but will actually start to materialise in our physical reality.  This will be a process. We aren’t going to wake up tomorrow to a global utopia where we all teleport to our next holiday destination, but we have definitely set our train tracks toward it. Sounds idealistic? Like science fiction? Another theme of 2012 and beyond is that what has previously been dismissed as idealistic, utopian or science fiction is actually reality; reality that has been hidden from us. 
The numbers of those not supporting a better reality for humanity have been tiny (the so called 1%) yet clearly where they were tiny in numbers they were giants when it came to power.  It served them to keep us in the dark, and on a higher level it served us too. Remember that. This time is not about engaging into an us against them battle. Our power will come from acknowledging our part in the whole play: We learned a lot but now it’s time for a new play. We don’t need those old devious characters anymore, we don’t need to be puppets or victims anymore, so it’s time for the curtain to close on that story. See ya!
Now that it is time to re-enter the light, a lot of people will be shocked by the amount of deception and restriction humanity has endured. We will witness one revelation after the other across all areas including politics, health, science, religion, economy, energy and other-planetary beings. It will be hard for many people to digest the fact that the minority have held knowledge about free energy technology and health cures for decades, have deliberately created wars and repressed truth simply because it benefitted them to do so despite the detrimental effect on others. For a heart-centred person, which most of humanity are, it is inconceivable to think that someone with a cure for cancer for example or the ability to ensure all people have access to electricity and running water, would repress this information for the sake of making more money or gaining more power, yet we’ll discover that there are such people. We will also (eventually) discover that this minority were being used in the same way they were using us by some of the less nice other planetary beings, being promised untold power in exchange for selling out earth and humanity. However it is not our destiny to be sold in this way, and thus those beings also have underestimated both us and those who protect us (benevolent other planetary beings – our Star Family and other good Star People.
The so called Arab Spring and Occupy Movement are not random events, they are the beginnings of something we will see increase: the uprising of a humanity who have had enough. We are all now active participants in an evolution revolution triggered by our growing awareness that something is very wrong and needs to be put right, and triggered by the awakening of our true selves and authentic power.  The world is not ending in 2012, the illusion is ending. In its place a new reality will be revealed, a new humanity will emerge and a new world will be born. These are truly special times.

What you can do to maximise the energies of 2012
*Follow your heart: do what you feel called to do even if your logical mind, fears or well meaning people are trying to sway you otherwise.
*Trust your intuition: if something doesn’t feel right or true for you it probably isn’t.
*Believe in yourself: you are your own best teacher and source of guidance. You are the only person who truly knows who you are and what you came here to do.
*Let go of judging yourself and others: know that everything you have done was for a reason, and that others have a reason for what they do too.
*Expect more from your life and from reality. If you were to write a list of dreams for your ideal life and reality for humanity and the planet, make it as amazing as possible. Realise where your personal ceilings and limits are and lift them. Then lift them some more. If you were to use your imagination to write a magical book you would have no limits right? So expect the same from your life because it is our imaginations now that are in the driver's seat! Play your part in creating a magical world for us all.

 (c) Dana Mrkich 2011. Permission is granted to share this article freely on the condition that the author is credited, and the URL is included. Dana Mrkich is an Energy Intuitive, Writer, Speaker, Teacher and Author of A New Chapter.


  1. Beautiful, amazing, thank you for sharing your vision . . .

  2. Wow Dana thank you and here's to 2012. The magic continues. Kx

  3. Thank you Dana!
    This is the best I have read so far !! It explaines everthing so well!
    Everything you said is what I have been getting...I just don't have the gift you have to put it into words....Thanks for shareing your amazing talent!
    I am grateful for you
    Love and peace Cindy

  4. Ah! I suddenly ended what was a perfectly good and beautiful relationship last week because it 'didn't feel right'. I was feeling 'overwhelmed'. Everyone thinks I'm crazy (including me sometimes!)... But as you said... I just couldn't anymore. I've battled with feeling like it was the right thing to do and with 'OMG, what have I done?!'. For some reason though, I've held my ground. I don't feel peaceful about it now, but I have the strongest sense that it's the best for the path ahead. Reading your blog has just clarified some of that. Thanks :-)

  5. Thank you - I will remember this and start expecting and creating BIG - The way of the heart!

  6. Thanks Dana, you truly inspired me with this article. I wish you and all of us a magical year were we all make dreams come true!


  7. Such beautiful words, thank you Dana. I have felt the buzz of excitement building and am excitedly embracing 2012 like no other year. For once I can feel a remarkable peace about some things in my life that I wish for and hope for and, instead of any anxiety that they aren't yet in place, there is a calm knowing that that is exactly how things will soon be, because they are simply meant to. I feel the rumble of positive change, and can't wait to welcome it.

  8. Lovely, Dana. Every word ringing perfectly true to my ear. Thank you!

  9. Thank you so much for your beautiful words of spiritual wisdom. You touched me deeply and inspired me to move ahead fearlessly and confidently with my dreams; dreams that seemed impossible a few years ago due to limitations that I had placed on myself. We appreciate you :-) Namaste

  10. Just Another Anonymous Human9:09 pm GMT+11

    Dana, I agree with all of what you say, but with some added caution on a few points. You basically tell people to expect more and to not limit themselves in any way. Absolutely.

    You say this:

    "It is important to know that the new reality isn’t something we all collectively are going to wake up to during some mysterious big bang event aka the rapture."


    "This will be a process. We aren’t going to wake up tomorrow to a global utopia where we all teleport to our next holiday destination, but we have definitely set our train tracks toward it."

    Strictly speaking, exactly as you worded this, I cannot disagree. I would caution though NOT to apply "...we all collectively... " and "... global utopia..." to ALL individuals. Yes, ascension is a process. No, not everyone is ready for such a leap.

    But! Will some individuals actually make a pronounced leap between dimensions? Yes. Some people are VERY far along in the process, so much so that if this were an individual ascension process, that did not include assisting the planet and collective, some would have already made that leap.

    Due to service to the collective, they stayed behind. In so doing, they are preparing for more than just the bare minimum of ascension to 5D. Some people absolutely will make a very quick and significant leap, which yes, will include such things as teleportation, telepathy, transmogrification and instant manifestation. They will do this with their own "inner technology". They'll demonstrate to others what humans are capable of.

    For the general masses headed towards the 5D path, they will have teleportation devices, and other "outer technology", introduced to them later this year, through the assistance of recently ascended masters and also ETs, to essentially wean them off of transportation dependent on petroleum and other harmful technologies. They may not be far enough along in their personal process by the end of this year to teleport using their own "inner technology", but eventually they will be.

    Each individual needs to reconnect with their Divine Self and attend to their own personal ascension process as it is presented to them. It may not be exactly like or at the same pace as others. Regardless of how "done" you are, just be present and attend to what is presented to you to work on, clear or transmute. Trust and flow and have faith.

    Some people in the general masses have been in denial about the power structure in this world and the manipulation they have been influenced by and they also have to "see to believe." Some others know that "believing is seeing" as they consciously work towards creating a new world and will be happy to demonstrate to others what is possible.

    This is not a race or a competition, but it is realistic to acknowledge that we are not all in the same place in the process... and that's ok. This is most certainly a collective effort and yet each individual is responsible for their own part. It would have been nice for more people to have awakened sooner and yet those who didn't held down the fort of the old, while others blazed a trail and established a New Earth. It has been a very dynamic collective process that has involved delays and changes of plans and yet is looking like we are and will continue to pull it off.

    The number of people involved in some parts of this collective effort have been comparatively small and yet it's been enough. Earth herself is well established in 5D. Her processes are not totally complete, but inertia is on her side and nothing will stop her forward progress now.

    Now, it's up to the individuals in the general masses to make their choices and do their work as the dimensional split becomes more and more pronounced.

    Thanks for your messages Dana.

  11. By the way her book is one of the best I ever read.
    Happy 2012 everyone
    Love and Light Kees