Wednesday, February 01, 2012

February 2012 Monthly Visions: Strange Sounds and Showtime

February 2012 Monthly Visions: Strange Sounds and Showtime

There is a definite ‘calm before the storm’ energy in the air right now, with the storm representing a massive shift beyond our current comprehension. You may be experiencing this ‘calm’ as not calm at all, instead feeling a sense of anxiety or even fear, but that is just because what lies ahead is a big unknown.  Others are feeling a buzzing excitement but are not sure what it is they are so excited about. For many people our contracts from the old reality have expired, but it’s not exactly time yet for our new ones to kick in, and so there is a sense of being in limbo, waiting for ‘something’ to happen, but not being able to put your finger on what that something is. 
This in limbo space can manifest as feeling depressed, disillusioned or a “what’s the point of doing anything?” energy coming from lose/lose thoughtforms swirling and gathering around us like “If the Shift doesn’t happen, what was the point of anything, and if it is about to happen, what’s the point of doing anything now?” 
There are so many different energies currently flying around because even though more people than ever feel that ‘something’ is happening, every individual is responding in a different way – and even within each individual we are all experiencing multiple, often conflicting, emotions about what’s going on. Our emotional and nervous systems are on overdrive, revving the car to prepare for mass acceleration, but our minds cannot at all compute what we’re doing, where we’re going or how we’re going to get there.  The Shift is beyond the Mind. It is beyond simply old systems and structures falling away to make way for new, more ethical and harmonious ways of doing things.  New things are replacing old things all the time – that is evolution. What we are in the midst of, and on the cusp of, is an evolutionary quantum leap but just how exactly that will play out in our physical world is the great mystery that no-one knows exactly the answer to. We do feel we’re going to find out very soon, but the suspense is becoming unbearable!
            It is as if we are a cast of actors waiting for the premiere of our new play to start. There is 15 minutes to go until showtime. We have rehearsed our lines inside out and back to front, there is nothing more we can do to prepare. There’s a feeling that if we don’t know our lines now we never will – thus for many on the ‘frontline’ who have been on an awakened path for a long time there is a retreat from having more healings, reading more books or attending more workshops. You have done what you needed to do in this old play, learned what you had to learn, and are now awaiting the signal for your new role to start.  Your new role, whatever it may be, will be one, has to be one, based on mutual empowerment, authenticity and integrity.
The sound and lighting guys have gone through their final checks, and the wardrobe department is ready to go.  Some of us are sitting around nervously drinking tea, wondering: what if no-one shows up? Others are pacing the floor, repeating their lines, hoping they don’t forget what it is they have to remember. We all have butterflies in the tummy, our hearts are racing and adrenalin is pumping. All our hard work and rehearsals have been about preparing for this moment about to come. We sense a wave building toward a climax, and hope that we aren’t in for an anti-climax of things not going the way we’ve hoped.
            Our nerves are at an all time high because as much as we have prepared for this, as ready as we know deep down we are, there is one crucial piece of the puzzle missing: we have no idea what is about to happen!
Up until now one thing has been certain: we are heading into a new reality for humanity and the Earth. We can no longer continue in the way we have been. As the planet shifts into a higher vibrational frequency, so too all living beings, systems and structures on her must also shift – or collapse.  Where the unknown factor lay was in how this shift would play out.  Would it happen gradually or quickly? How many people would be conscious of what was going on as it happened?
My purpose for as long as I can remember has been to help awaken as many people as possible by a certain time. One of the analogies my guides have used to show me what needs to happen is: get as many people across the bridge and onto the ship as possible, before the bridge comes down and the doors to the ship close. The bridge is a metaphor for our awakening process, for shifting into the higher levels of consciousness we need to be in by a certain time. The ship represents our new destination both physically and vibrationally. This includes new ways of living and being that are already being experienced, as well as temporary vibrational/emotional/physical holding spaces keeping us safe until certain personal and collective new ways are ready to be fully created. You may be experiencing these holding spaces as a feeling of being in a bubble, somewhat insulated from the demolition process going on in the old world.  Know that this is a protective bubble and part of a positive process. Misinterpreted, this bubble can be attributed to the feelings of apathy, depression and disillusionment mentioned earlier.
The doors shutting indicate a window of opportunity that is only going to be open for so long.  The feeling is that this time is now upon us. The bridge is coming down and the doors are closing. Apart from a few stragglers running in at the last moment, it really feels like at this point you are either on the ship or you’re not.   This process has happened before in our human history, but it has never happened with so many people living on the planet – and it’s never happened with so many people destined to come along with Mother Earth for the ride.  More people than we realise are on the ship.  Being ‘spiritual’ in the new age sense is not a pre-requisite, so don’t assume that your neighbour Larry will get left behind just because he isn’t into meditation or self help booksJ Our boarding pass has to have one main thing stamped on it: that we are living from our hearts, or that our soul has an authentic desire to do so.
Some people believe that the analogy of a ship is a literal one alluding to huge starships that will beam us off the planet during any upheaval, (who knows, they may – woohoo how fun!) but don’t hold your breath because the purpose of our star brothers and sisters is not to save us. We need to save ourselves, and we will do that from within via our own abilities to access our higher levels of consciousness and wisdom, and live in an authentic way in alignment with our hearts. So, during any upheaval our safe holding spaces will more than likely be our states of consciousness and less likely be the ‘beam me up Scotty’ kind.  Having said that there are a lot of daily ufo/starship sightings happening all around the world, increasing in number every day, so mainstream awareness of our galactic heritage and family is only a matter of time, but it has to be at a time when we are neither in a space of mass fear nor mass worship toward them.  Owning our autonomy and taking responsibility for ourselves and the lives/world we create is an important part of the graduation process prior to becoming ‘galactic’ citizens.
A lot of people ask “What about the people who don’t shift?”  It feels like one of two pathways will open up for them: a) Their souls will choose to move on to another place and space, continuing their particular evolutionary journey elsewhere. This does NOT mean they ‘failed’  - every soul has a higher plan and it is not necessarily in everyone’s plan to continue living in what will be a new world here on Earth.  Thus, just because someone has passed prior to the Shift, doesn’t mean they weren’t ‘conscious’ enough or didn’t do their soul work. It simply means they finished whatever they had pre-intended to do on this planet, and may well continue to work for our humanity and planet from another realm. Or do something else entirely. Their choice. The second pathway b) Some will stay here with a newly revealed awareness of how reality really works and will need support to deal with the shock and other emotional consequences of the unveiling of many truths. (Remember, the meaning of the word Apocalypse is ‘that which is hidden to be revealed’). 
Life can no longer continue as the mouse on a wheel game humanity have been on for so long, but as tedious as that life was it was the comfort zone for the majority.  While our new lives will be based on joy and freedom, many will need time to adjust to the loss of what they thought was real, time to adjust to discovering how deeply we’ve been lied to and used for the gain of others.  Imagine finding out you’ve spent your whole life working twelve hours a day digging ditches with a shovel, meanwhile just over the hill they’ve had bulldozers that do in five minutes what has taken you a lifetime to accomplish – time you could have spent doing what you love. While there will be cause for celebration as we regain our right to be autonomous beings, there will also be cause for much sadness and grief, some of which is already being felt right now. 
Most of the conscious community have been aware for some time that we are on the cusp of a quantum leap in consciousness and reality.  Many of us agree on what our new reality will look like (watch the movie Thrive for a wonderful description) but we can’t seem to get any consensus or clarity on how exactly we’ll get there. As we’ve moved through the first few weeks of 2012, a lot of people can feel something major is about to happen connected to our quantum leap, yet no-one can quite put their finger on what that will be. It feels like something that is beyond our current level of comprehension. The message I get is it would be like trying to explain the colour blue to someone who has never seen blue before.  You know how you just can’t explain certain things to someone that isn’t awake no matter how hard you try? Well this feels kind of like that, except this time we’re the ones who aren’t yet able to get it.  The show starts in a cosmic clock 15 minutes, not a moment before, and until then all we can do is sip our tea and ponder on our various theories about what could possibly shake humanity up so much as to trigger such a quantum leap.  
Strange sounds are being heard all over the planet, which surely hold a piece of the puzzle to our burning questions. These sounds were heard in 2010 by people I know personally but as of January 2012 a massive increase in recordings are being posted on You Tube daily from countries all over the world including Chile, Costa Rica, Canada, Australia, Norway, Ireland, the U.S and the Ukraine. To hear them for yourself go to YouTube and search Strange Sounds. Please note, some are copycat videos and are fakes or end with a hoax funny gag, but just like the crop circles don’t let a few man-made ones distract you from the fact that a whole bunch are real.
There are several different sounds, and all of them seem at first to be coming from the sky although the sounds could easily be coming from the Earth with the echo bouncing off our atmosphere back down to us.  Some sound like a giant hammer, banging down on a piece of iron. Others are more of a groaning, kind of like a steel bar being bent over. Scientists have offered their theories, including the impact of the Solar Flares and an intensification of the transitional phase of our Earth’s Core.  What is very exciting is that the ancient prophecies are coming together now with current, tangible happenings.
As I finish this month’s monthly visions I am hearing the following phrase being repeated over again: “Round' and 'round she goes, and where she stops, nobody knows”. Sounding familiar I looked up where this phrase comes from, and apparently it was used on a show called ‘The Original Amateur Hour’ while they spun the Wheel of Fortune – which in the Tarot Deck represents a turning point, moving in a different direction with a sense of destiny.  We are ready!

For more info about the Strange Sounds including a video compilation of some of the most recent ones:

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  1. Dear Dana,
    Everything you've just posted resonates with me, and my guides gave me a message that confirms it.
    (now if I'd written it down I could tell you), but I recall it being about how happy I'm going to be very soon. Kind of vague I know, - it was short and to the point, but nothing specific, and I don't require dates - that is pointless. Love and light, Coreen

  2. Well this just about covers all the bases of what I AM consciously experiencing.
    It's like >> ready to take the "leap" yet "knowing" it's just not time yet.
    Thank You Dana for putting together all the bits that I have been going through.
    Blessings of Love....Kathleen

  3. WOW. I literally began reading your post while in tears of frustration and fear about what is happening to me. I used to be such a joyful, uplifting person - a "lightworker". However, lately I feel so often hopeless and defeated as I acknowledge this ridiculous con game we've all been bamboozled into playing. I definitely feel like one of the ditch diggers who just discovered the bulldozers. The sense of betrayal is devastating and I don't know what to do with the feelings which have ultimately become a sense of depression.

    Thank you for your post. It gives me a sense of hope for the future. and the strength to make it through one more day.

  4. Yes, WOW! I feel exactly the same as idrockstar above, can also add anger to the combination of feelings :)

    Thanks guys for your posts.

  5. The Ancient Books are complete. Devotion to Love is built to last, the feeling...Eternal Bliss. If every human personally devoted their self to Love, and this is what we are made to do naturally, the garden would florish again.

  6. Hi, Dana - this is EXACTLY how I have been feeling. Sending you such gratitude for articulating my experience and giving me a context to keep on going.

    (from Scotland)

  7. Hi Dana!
    I have been feeling with no direction in my life. I do not kwow what my mission is and I feel anxions and with fearful but at the same time exited and some times I feel butterflies in my beely. What you have describe is very much what I feel! thank you so much for your insigths!

    Rebeca from Mexico city

  8. David Letourneau9:35 am GMT+11

    Hi Dana, in response about knowing when things are going to take off, I have just watched a video from Steve Rother and the 'Group' monthly message. Look for it on Lightworker. They talk about the Sun as a portal, sending through enormous amounts of energy from the Galaxy and the Cosmos. This will take place throughout this year, and will transform us and Mother Earth. The energy is intense and behooves us to understand how to adapt to it.

  9. Just Another Anonymous Human7:51 pm GMT+11

    Well Dana, you nailed it again. You certainly have your thumb on the pulse.

    Yes, I am as done as done can be with this level of existence. I don't care to put much energy into anything here as most of what we see "out there" is collapsing and it needs to. I don't even care to learn about what is BEYOND the veil THROUGH the veil. I'm just ready to go live it and I know this old mind and body haven't got what it takes to take that new perspective in anyway. So, I cool my heels and let things unfold.

    Some say that in the higher realms this is already a done deal. We're just waiting for it to manifest outwardly. I certainly concur. Nothing more to do. I watched the Oscars tonight, which I never do, but hey, it may be the last opportunity to do so. I feel that way about a lot of things.

  10. Just Another Anonymous Human6:11 pm GMT+11

    Sweet emotion.

    Today I thought of the movie "Always", which is one of my favorites. I looked it up to see if it would be on TV soon and, yes, next week. The description given: "... this unashamedly emotional offering..." I am quite familiar with this movie and have always appreciated Holly Hunter and John Goodman. I watched the trailer and couldn't get half-way through before I was bawling big time.

    Tonight, the person I'm staying with was watching "The Voice." When Christina Aguilera selected her last team member, who sang a very Christina-like song, Christina got up and sang with her. I told my friend, "That woman Christina is singing with must have goosebumps because I know I do."

    My friend said I reminded them... and retrieved a copy of the Wall Street Journal that had an article called "Anatomy of a Tear-Jerker" about why Adele's song "Someone Like You" solicits tears and goosebumps in people.
    One major factor involved in the techniques in songs that cause such a response... is surprise. I've heard the same about humor - the joke turning a different direction than you expected is what brings your laughter.

    The article went on about why a person would keep listening to something that made them sad. Bottom line - emotionally intense music releases dopamine in the pleasure and reward centers of the brain. I told my friend that the angle this article came from (wondering why someone would listen to a moving song that was sad) demonstrated the "old ways" that the mass of humans have gotten far too used to. Barbara Marciniak's Pleiadian friends had said that human emotion was like the keys on a piano... that's two miles long. We ARE emotional creatures / creators. That is the most significant thing that makes humans so very unique in the multi-verse. And many humans have gotten so conditioned to squelch those wonderful emotions and to put labels of "good" or "bad" on them.

    Anyone who has been through the ascension process understands having their limits blown wide open. No longer do we feel a need to "color within the lines" of thoughts, ideas, creations... and emotions. I've always talked about having "rich, deep, full experiences" and the ascension process, in these very intense times, on this very intense and diverse planet has certainly given us that.

    As I thought of this, the emotions welled up inside of me, swelled in my throat and poured down my cheeks as I know that Life itself is about to give many of my fellow humans the surprise of their lives. My tears were from eons of mixed emotions, but most certainly ended on a joyful note. I am so happy for my fellow human to finally be awakened... and happy for myself to bear witness to such a grand event. A world full of emotional limits is about to be blown wide open! This is it. This is the place and the time to be. How fortunate we all are to already be awake. I doubt we'll be having any less of an emotional response than our presently sleeping counterparts. We'll just know to enjoy it.