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March 2012 Monthly Visions: The Foreignness of Freedom

March 2012 Monthly Visions: The Foreignness of Freedom       

Earth is much like a racing car right now, foot down on the accelerator, moving forward at breakneck speed into more and more of the higher vibrational light showering down on us.  The light, and the speed with which we are entering it, is throwing off our veils and shackles faster than you can say ‘We’re not in Kansas anymore Toto’.  Sometimes the light makes us feel overwhelmingly peaceful and blissful, when no matter what is seemingly going on in the outside world all is well in our inner domain. Other times, like the days leading up to March, we feel like hapless passengers holding onto our seatbelts for dear life, knuckles white and tight. Sticking our heads out the window for some air brings no relief – we are met by 500 miles per hour winds flapping into our faces.  We look over to the driver – one Ms Mother Earth, who has a surprisingly lead foot for a woman several billion years old, hoping the harried look in our eyes might make her take pity on us and slow down.  No such luck. She looks over to us with a wild gleam in her eyes and shouts out “Don’t ya love the feeling of freedom!”.  Errr, that’s what this is?
                   Yes folks. The knot in your stomach, the fear gripping you and the panicked hyperventilating is a result of waking up every day to more and more energetic freedom, thus paving the way for more freedom in our physical, materialised lives.  We don’t have to play the same old roles anymore. We don’t have to repeat the same old stories anymore. Old beliefs?  In the trash. Jobs and relationships that aren’t working for you anymore? Tribal council has spoken – you can vote them off the island.  Surely this sounds like paradise? Isn’t that what our new reality is supposed to feel like? A blissful, wondrous, paradise?  Somehow we forgot to read the fine print in our ‘Come to Earth in the midst of the greatest Shift ever!’ contracts: Freedom may feel slightly terrifying and completely disorientating after lifetimes of general repression and limitation.
                   The energies of Freedom are well and truly upon us, and March is stepping it up a notch or thousand. While our Soul is sitting on top of the race car grinning like a jockey about to win the Kentucky Derby, our ego/mind/old self is the one having a hard time below us.  “You want to do what? Leave your job? Are you crazy? You’re never going to survive financially. What are you going to do?  You think there’s a soulmate out there for you? You think you’re going to change your life with your new positive thoughts/positive goals/positive whatever? Yeh right, it will last a few days like everything else, who do you think you are? You have what you say? Needs?? You have your own needs? And you want them met? Hahahaha very funny, get back to work.”
We are facing a period of up and down energy as we undergo a major paradigm transition. The need to creatively and authentically express our true selves is fiercely burning through us. We know that there can be no more compromises. No more procrastination. No more broken promises to ourselves. Enough already with delaying being who we really are, delaying doing what we know we want or need to do. Yet while this feels exciting and exhilarating on one level, it is also triggering every last nook and cranny of self-sabotage patterns within us – and these patterns are being mirrored via situations or people outside us that seem to be blocking us as well as our own critical inner voices.  Seem being the operative word because there is only one self-sabotageour in the building. Guess who?
                   So all this freedom can actually feel quite heavy and sad at first, with us feeling disappointed and disillusioned about ourselves, our lives, our dreams, our world. Every cell in our body wants whatever it is we want, and now more than ever we truly know that we can’t possibly keep moving forward in our lives being less than who we truly know ourselves to be. We just can’t keep doing what we used to do, we can’t go back to, or stay in, what energetically we have already moved on from. We have to go do what we need to do, and there is a strong ‘it’s now or never’ feeling to this urge. Yet there is all this stuff within us and around us telling us we can’t do it, can’t have it, it’s not going to happen, it’s impossible. So we are spending a lot of time feeling stuck and confused. Not wanting to stay where we are or go back to where we came from, yet not knowing quite how to move forward.
                   We are feeling this way because the concept, and reality, of limitless freedom feels totally foreign to us. Limitless freedom is of course not foreign to us, it is our natural state of being. However we have been without it for so long, or at least we have been in the illusion that we are without it for so long, that we have almost forgotten what to do with it and how to use it.  We are like prisoners who have just been set free from years in darkened isolation. The light of an open sun-filled sky can be blinding, and it is an actual fact that two-thirds of prisoners re-offend upon release because they don’t know how to function in a healthy, empowered way as free adults. Prison becomes the comfort zone.
                   We cannot allow our old reality to be our comfort zone because as you know, it’s really not all that comfortable. Yes aspects of it may have provided us with something we needed – financial security for example – so another reason we are finding it so hard to let go of the old and jump head first alongside Mother Earth into the new is we fear that the new won’t provide us with those things we need. The irony is, the new has the potential to not only provide us with what we need but also open doorways to experiences and opportunities we never even thought to ask for.  These doorways are usually not visible from the perspective of our old lives, so as much as we love to have guarantees before we make any drastic changes, it’s often only when we finally commit to the new that our new doorways appear. 
                   How does this work in real life with bills to pay and children to support? Ask to be shown a bridge from the old to the new that will help you get there in an easeful way. ‘Just trust’ does work but it’s easier said than done for lots of people. So if ‘just trust’ sounds a bit lala for you, ask for a bridge. Don’t ask with your arms crossed in a ‘fine if I’m meant to change, prove it, bring me a bridge’ way. The universe is not going to do the work for you and your belief that change it not really possible will override your genuine desire to attract it. It will meet you more than halfway if you take the first step, but you have to take the first step. The bridge is for those of you who genuinely in your heart of hearts know it is time to make a change in one or more aspect of your lives, but just don’t know how to get from here to there. From your heart, ask for a bridge.
                   Another reason we are feeling stuck as we transition from ‘here to there’ is that our true power has become just as foreign to us as our freedom.  We are hearing the voice of our dreams and desires calling to us ever louder, but our inner voices and beliefs telling us we can’t do it have been way louder for a long time. We have become used to setting our dreams, our needs and our true desires aside, and as a result our inner power feels more like an inner deflated balloon.  
                   There are hundreds of healing tools available now for addressing our issues with not owning our power and freedom, but something you can do right now is simply decide enough’s enough. Tell yourself “Lack, I don’t believe in you anymore...Limitation, I don’t believe in you anymore....The part of me that says I can’t do it, I don’t believe in you anymore.”  Visualise your Power and right to Freedom as if they are long lost friends. Embrace them and say “It’s been a long time, and I can’t really remember how to use you or how this all works, but I’m ready to remember. Please show me. Please guide me.” Another thing that may help is something I say daily:  “I am aligned with my best possible self, best possible reality and best possible movement forward.”
                   What is your desired dream? What is it that you keep putting off or telling yourself you can’t do yet because...? What do you feel you’d be letting go of by following your heart?  Why do you feel that your desired dream can’t meet whatever needs were being met in your old life? What is it about your desired dream that you’ve used as an excuse to not go for it and create/attract it? Take some time to answer these questions if you are ready to embrace your freedom, as foreign as it may seem.
                   Usually selfless people are awakening to their own needs right now, and this too feels foreign after a lifetime of putting others first.  This doesn’t mean we are becoming selfish and inconsiderate, rather we are realising that at times we have not considered ourselves and it is time now to do so. Lines in the sand are being drawn all over the place, boundaries are being strengthened and we are learning that sometimes we have to say no to others to say yes to ourselves. We can no longer serve others from a position of not serving ourselves – our true selves. Make the embodiment of your true self your first priority right now, and that in itself will work as a compass and magnet for you to create and attract right relationships, right work, right service and right lots of things in your life. This embodiment will ensure that you are always in the right place at the right time (something that lots of people are concerned about right now), and also guide you to do the most good for the most amount of people in the best way possible for all (including yourself). To help this embodiment process affirm “My thoughts, words and actions are aligned with my true self.”  
                   Our authentic power is being reclaimed and it can be shocking to realise just how much of it we have given away by not believing in ourselves, not standing up for ourselves, not being true to ourselves and not loving ourselves. Those days are over. We are entering the age of Light and of Love. Not in a fluffy new agey way, but in a real, practical, walk our talk kind of way.  The kinds of fear-based and ego-based decisions we have seen made by our governments, media, big business and banking institutions were ultimately a result of a lack of light (awareness of truth) and a lack of love, especially self-love which manifests as a lack of love and consideration to others. Those days are ending. They cannot exist out the other side of this shift, no more than darkness can exist once you have turned on the light in your house.
                   It is time to believe in the Light and in Love more than you believe in the lack of it, and believe in its ability to transform our world – inner and outer. As you see and feel the chaos, and all renovation projects are preceded by some chaos, trust in this ability. Trust in your own ability, no make that your own destiny, to be a powerful part of the process.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2012. Permission is granted to share this article freely on the condition that the author is credited, and the URL is included. Dana Mrkich is an Energy Intuitive, Writer, Speaker, Teacher and Author of A New Chapter.


  1. Thank you Dana..I love your humor!
    Love and peace Cindy

  2. Thank you Dana this is so very true for me in every way at this moment. I and my newly found soulmate moved to "Bridge street" in December, and now am looking into getting a Pub to lease too start a very special kind of new restaurant. I am into my third job this year and am finding every day grueling and unbearable working under "bad management". So i hope this is going to come through soon.
    Love and Light
    Chris cx

  3. Funny how my friend and I were talking about how we seem to be going back and forth between bliss and depression... not too sure what is happening, I kept telling her maybe it's all the good things that is coming... for a change:-)

  4. Raise the Vibration!6:47 pm GMT+11

    you are such a wonderful galactic goddess light of the sweetest medicine of empowerment! i love your soul ** thank you ~ namaste beauty whisperer! x

  5. Brenda Harley4:54 am GMT+11

    Spot on! Thank YOU for putting it so eloquently. I AM saying "yes" to life in a new way and discovering that I AM the NEW as I do :-) Thank YOU for this fabulously enjoyable read...YES!