Monday, June 04, 2012

Monthly Visions June 2012: Alignments and Eclipses and Transits oh my!

Monthly Visions June 2012: Alignments and Eclipses and Transits oh my!

We are in the midst of back to back planetary alignments right now that are simultaneously propelling us into a whirlwind of unprecedented evolutionary acceleration and leaving many of us on our backs literally thanks to the resulting clearing process. This clearing process is happening faster and on a deeper level than any we’ve experienced so far. It doesn’t involve pages of journaling or taking yourself off to the nearest healer. It is happening naturally to every aspect of our energy bodies, our physical body, our cells, our DNA and our lives whether we are conscious of it or not, ready or not.  
This is all happening due to a ‘perfect storm’ of alignments, as prophesised to be occurring now by the Mayans, Native Americans and other ancient and modern wisdom keepers. This ‘storm’ is an extremely positive phase of our evolution, yet it is also challenging in the same way that any major leap from one phase of your life to another can be. It requires a new level of maturity, a new level of responsibility and a new level of awareness, triggered by our ascent into a new level of consciousness for the purpose of experiencing a new level of reality.
As Earth experiences one alignment after another this year, it is like the ball in a pinball machine going ping, ping, ping, ping – with each alignment/contact a doorway or portal opens, allowing a rush of cosmic/galactic energy to flood onto our planet, energy that we haven’t had access to for at least 26,000 years if not longer. Just like a poker machine, sometimes you are lucky enough to get a few apples in the same row, or even a few going diagonally or vertically. This ‘perfect storm’ is akin to the apple landing in every space in all directions! Ding ding ding ding ding!! It is the jackpot of all jackpots, so huge in fact that we can’t even possibly conceive right now what it will mean for us.
Imagine a massive king wave that rushes into shore, dragging back out into the ocean loads of debris. It whooshes in and out over and over again, repeating the process, until eventually it stops and there is stillness. As we look around only that which is strong, true and real remains. We are experiencing these waves now, only they are not ocean waves, they are galactic waves and solar waves brought to us thanks to these alignments.  
These waves are clearing our planet, and us, of debris. For those who are feeling completely depressed right now about the state of the world, we are witnessing the uprising of a massive load of debris that was always there only now we are seeing the heightened, amplified, intensified version. As the clearing process happens, this debris is in our face which is an uncomfortable thing, but a good thing. How can we create a new reality if we don’t know what we are dealing with to start with? If there is rubbish hidden under the carpet, it is important to know about it before you go around re-decorating your home.
            This debris is being cleared on all levels: personal, social, global.  These clearings have left many of us literally on our backs over the last couple of weeks, recurring again in these days prior to the Lunar Eclipse and Venus Transit, manifesting as cold and flu symptoms when you haven’t been sick in years, extreme tiredness, body aches and pains and generally low in energy. Clearing can happen easier when we are sleeping or resting, so sometimes we are forced to nap or take it easy (by way of not feeling well) so that whatever energetic work needs to happen can happen without us getting in the way. 
With this current lot of clearings however, only some of it is our personal stuff, and some of it belongs to other people who aren’t owning their own personal clearing process. We are now in the times of needing to be 100% aligned with our higher energies and that can be really difficult for those who haven’t addressed major issues within themselves. The debris some are having to face right now is a bit like a dump truck dumping decades worth of rubbish at their front door. People who’ve been on this path for a long time tend to have a ‘healer’ personality, so subconsciously send out vibes saying “Don’t worry! I’ll help you! I’ll take some of it on for you!”  This is a big no no right now! It is not helping that person, and it is not helping you. Going through our rubbish has strengthened us, it has allowed us to know ourselves, it has been a vital part of our evolutionary process. ‘Saving’ someone from their rubbish is denying them the gold that they will find there.  We are specifically talking about processing other people’s emotional stuff for them. We do this when we judge others, when we feel ‘bad’ for someone, when we get angry that they are doing xyz instead of abc. Let it go.
How do you know whether your aches and pains or tiredness is your stuff or another person’s stuff? Personal clearing ultimately feels nurturing, even if you are stuck in bed with ten boxes of tissues next to you, you deep down know “My body needed this.” You feel like you are letting something flow through you, even if it’s a tad uncomfortable. When you are clearing on behalf of other people it ultimately feels draining and there is a niggling feeling that something doesn’t feel right. It feels like you are resisting something that is trying to flow. If you are not sure at any time, it’s a good idea to ask “if this is not mine please leave/please go back to your rightful owner”. (repeat 100 times if you need to!) It is also good to affirm “I am 100% ...your name...nothing more, nothing less.”

May 20/21 Solar Eclipse
This Solar Eclipse was a once in 26,000 year event as the Earth, Sun and Moon aligned with Alcyone, our Central Sun in the Pleiadian Star System. Aligning with this super high-vibrational star is like turning the dial on a safe and hearing that click as you get the right code and the door opens. This stardoor is taking us to our next level personally and collectively, flooding our bodies and our planet with the energy of Alcyone - which for many here is the energy of Home.
            During the eclipse, and now anytime after it, you may feel your cells tingling and something within you coming alive and awakening. The Alcyone alignment is like someone pressing the right pin code to activate our next phase of remembering. If you have been feeling ‘on hold’, like your old work is gone or on pause but the new is yet to start, you may start receiving strong feelings about what you are supposed to do next, and what you can best do to support our planet and humanity as we turn the corner into a new evolutionary chapter. For some their new mission will not start till 2013, so while that seems forever away knowing this will help any feelings of frustration. This is true for many who have spent years serving others. This is a year of making sure everything is in balance so if you feel you have been given a time out from your work ask yourself: Do I need to serve myself a bit more? Do I need to take care of my Self a bit more? This doesn’t mean more self-help, it more refers to allowing yourself to enjoy life on this planet: have more fun, more time in nature, more time with friends and family, more time doing grounded things like cooking and gardening and creative pursuits for the sheer joy of it. As a result of this alignment we will also start to actively experience more of our multi-dimensional abilities including telepathy, magical synchronicity, heightened intuition, a clearer connection with loved ones who have passed on as well as with our non-physical star families and more conscious awareness of why things are how they are.

June 5/6 Venus Transit
By now everyone will know that on June 5/6 we are going to experience the second half of a once in 114 year Venus transit. They come in pairs eight years apart – the first was in 2004. Venus transits on their own, just like eclipses on their own, aren’t responsible for shifting the entire consciousness of a planet. However, when we experience a ‘perfect storm’ of alignments – an Alycone eclipse, a Venus transit, alignment with the Galactic Centre to name a few – this sets up the conditions that led the ancients to foresee that these times would herald great change upon this planet, a great awakening.  If the Alcyone eclipse was about our souls’ awakening, the pair of Venus transits is about the Divine Feminine awakening. This awakening doesn’t just apply to women. It is about the Divine Feminine in all of us. So much of that which is ruled by the Divine Feminine – intuition, feelings, creativity, birth, the healing arts and living from the Heart – has been repressed for so long. We have collectively been living with an unbalanced Feminine, and a dominating, unbalanced Masculine energy. The process of addressing this balance has already started but after the June 5/6 Transit we will see it accelerate. You can see it now most obviously in arenas like politics where the people are taking a stand against controlling dictators and dishonest, corrupt government representatives. For too long we have shrugged our shoulders with a kind of ‘that’s just how it is in politics’ mentality, but a surge of empowerment is filling humanity, reminding us that this may be how it has been, but it is not how it is supposed to be.  People are looking for honesty and transparency in their leaders, and want someone who speaks and acts from the heart. The old ways of working just aren’t going to work anymore, and this will leave many of the old guard confused because they’ll wonder why people aren’t responding to them as they used to!
            On a personal level, the Venus transit is happening during a Venus Retrograde so it’s a doubly whammy message to ask yourself: What are you worth? How do you treat yourself? How do you allow yourself to be treated? What do you value? Do you spend time on things/people you value, or have you been distracted by the old Masculine energy that came from the head? Note: there is nothing wrong with Masculine energy or using our minds! What is changing now however is the way we related to our (out of balance) Masculine energy that put sole or primary focus on the mind/logic, ignoring our feelings and intuition about what we really want to do.
            2013 and beyond will be about what we really want to do – rather than what we feel we should do, or are supposed to do, or ‘have a mission’ to do. This has obviously already started for everyone who has left jobs, relationships and geographical locations to follow their heart into the great unknown.
            Experiencing all of these alignments can feel a bit like you are standing in front of a giant tunnel with the wind blowing 1000 miles an hour at you - exhilarating yet at the same time it's all you can do to hang on without collapsing. During the Alcyone eclipse they clarified this to say – moving toward your centre feels like 1000 mile an hour winds, moving away from your centre feels like 1000 mile an hour winds, but IN your centre is where you will find your zero point; the stillness, the quiet, the clarity, the uncongested connection to Source. Being in our centre, in our truth, in our authenticity, in our WHOLEness whatever that includes and whatever that looks like, is our sanctuary right now.

 (c) Dana Mrkich 2012. Permission is granted to share this article freely on the condition that the author is credited, and the URL is included. Dana Mrkich is an Energy Intuitive, Writer, Speaker, Teacher and Author of A New Chapter.  Follow Dana on Facebook:


  1. Excellent synopsis, Dana! Being an intuitive, I have been feeling all of these energies of which you are speaking. The Eclipse on May 20th affected me very strongly for a week prior. Today's June 4th (USA time)Eclipse also was "feelable", but not as intense.
    I especially like you comments about requiring others to dig through their own garbage. Wonderful.
    Over the past month, I have been learning to keep my mouth shut when it comes to others. Not getting unnecessarily involved is wonderful.

  2. Brilliant, as usual!! Thank you, Dana!! Wish I could be in Australia to hear you speak at the conference with Lee Harris. I hope it goes up on YouTube!
    Cheers from Calif., ~Dany

  3. Your writing is beautifully clear Dana, and with perfect clarity you have intuited the essence of the period very well. I'm also happy you wrote about the process for gold - allowing other's to go through their own garbage. I've also had the instinct to keep silent.
    It's definitely part of my healer lessons. Not necessarily refusing to assist, but now the heat has turned up a notch (or ten), ALL have to make a HUGE effort for their own passage.
    Allowance for the Universe to do the work has often the best result at times of change and crisis. Hard for some who work with energy though as most like our loved one's to be on the same page.
    I have felt something else very strongly with these eclipse's Dana... and that is to travel, to go abroad, to get into the global village. That possibly there is more yet to explore and learn. More to do in a different way than we've been doing it. Not sure what. Cheers, Mel